How to Find Out Who Has Been Accessing My Email Account

How to check the Wi-Fi settings on your Mac

How do I find out what other computer is using the same IP address as my computer at home?
If you click on the activity monitor, you can find even more information about the person who accessed your email account. Click the dropdown menu next to Configure IPv4. If you still see the same message that another device on the network is using your computers IP address, you can turn your Wi-Fi off and on again to reset the system. How satisfied are you with this response? Share Share on Facebook.

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How to Find Out Who is Using My IP Address

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Aug 17,  · original title: Windows 7 Security__ How do I find out what other computer is using the same IP address as my computer at home? I only have one computer. All Internet communications require Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. If a website you visit couldn't see your IP address, it would have no way to send you pages, images, files, and so on. To see how easily a site can see your IP address, visit What Is My IP Address. Or just Google what's my ip address. It's easier to get than your telephone number. How to get a new IP address on your Mac. Once you've made sure your settings are correct, you can get a new IP address to force the router to forget the IP address your Mac is currently using. Click on the Apple icon () in the upper left corner of your screen. Select System Preferences from the dropdown menu.