Stream the Olympics opening ceremony for free

How to Watch the PyeongChang Olympics Opening Ceremony for Free
To watch the Olympics online, you'll need to identify the network with broadcasting rights in your country, then access coverage through that network's website or through a subscription app. In addition to competition, coverage will also include athlete features, segments on the host city and country, and interviews with newsmakers and medal-winning athletes. Sling TV is only available in select urban areas. In , however, the NBC broadcast and streaming was in sync for the first time in history, and will be the same. You can also use your cable subscription login to use the NBC Sports app. Your broadcaster may delay the coverage for some events, so it's best to check with the broadcaster's schedule for your time zone.

Watch on TV

All you need is your television, a good television antenna, and a little patience to adjust the antenna for optimum reception. If you really want to geek out, you can build your own DVR to record the Olympics, then remove the commercials automatically. And very few events are broadcast live, with NBC preferring to stick the premier events in prime time slots regardless of when they actually happen. But even with these flaws, an HD antenna gives you the best picture possible without costing you a dime.

For more information about using an antenna to pull in over-the-air broadcasts, check out our full guide here. NBC broadcasts most of the big events on its network TV station, broadcasts something from the Olympics pretty much constantly on NBCSN, and occasionally pads out its broadcasts on a few other stations it owns: Access to all of these channels will let you watch pretty much whatever you want, and with most services you can pad things out with the NBC Sports app.

The best bang for your buck here is probably Sling TV, but most of these services will do the job. If you want to watch all the Olympics, this is probably your best option, because the next one is a lot more technical. It leaves you in a position where you need to border hop, digitally speaking, to a land with less restrictive Olympic viewing.

Olympic coverage is buried under mountains of bureaucracy and advertising agreements, in countries like Canada and England, the Olympics are broadcast on public television stations, the CBC and the BBC, respectively. Fortunately for you, us, and everyone else who just wants to get some good wholesome and free! You should fully expect to pay for a service that is reliable and fast enough to support continuous streaming of a foreign streaming source, however.

If you and your wife, for example, wanted to watch your favorite Olympic coverage on your separate laptops, you could either configure each laptop to connect to the VPN service, or you could configure your home router to route all your home network traffic through the VPN.

Keep that in mind as we discuss your options. This technique is so effective because as far as the remote server is concerned, all the traffic to and from your connection is coming from the remote exit point. Selecting and setting up a VPN is beyond the scope of this article, but our favorite premium solution is StrongVPN you can see other recommendations in our guide to selecting the best VPN.

While a VPN captures your whole internet connection and routes it through an encrypted tunnel, proxies work on a per-application basis. If you want to take a more in depth look at the matter you can read our in depth look at the differences here. Proxies are a massive mixed bag when it comes to quality. In other words, entirely unwatchable unless you enjoy buffering every 5 seconds.

More importantly and quite relevant to our goal as Olympic event watchers , Proxmate has tweaked their entire design and user experience specifically to be optimized for watching streaming sources from around the globe.

The state-of-the-art beach studio will feature two sets; one indoor and one outdoor, a main anchor desk, an interview area, and a news update desk, all positioned to capture the panoramic views of the beach, Sugarloaf Mountain, and the Rio coastline. In addition to basketball and soccer, coverage will include track and field, archery, boxing, cycling, fencing, field hockey, judo, open water swimming, rugby, shooting, soccer, synchronized swimming, table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling and more.

In total, Golf Channel will provide nearly hours dedicated to Olympic programming in August. Additionally, NBC will feature live look-ins, highlights and updates on the golf competition throughout the Games.

Bravo will once again serve as the home of Olympic tennis, televising For each of the first five days, Bravo will televise Olympic tennis for more than 12 hours, from 9: ET until 10 p. The final four days will each consist of eight hours of coverage, from 11 a.

This will be the third time that Bravo has hosted Olympic coverage and ET, after it concludes its traditional business and financial programming. The network will showcase elimination-round coverage of basketball and volleyball, as well as archery, beach volleyball, cycling, rugby, water polo, wrestling, and many more sports.

MSNBC will carry As with CNBC, this will be the ninth consecutive Olympics in which the network has provided coverage, every Games since Coverage begins on Saturday, August 6, and concludes on Saturday, August This will be the sixth time the network has carried Olympic programming , , , , and

Watch the Olympics opening ceremony live online

How To Watch Winter Olympics Online On BBC And CBC — Free, No Cable Needed. You have two great alternatives to NBC to watch Winter Olympics online: the BBC in the UK and CBC in Canada. These channels are both free, but US viewers are geographically restricted from accessing the live streams. Watch live action from the PyeongChang Olympic Games, check event schedules and set alerts on hawaiianlion.gq Olympic Live Streams & Schedule | NBC Olympics Skip to main content. How to Watch or Stream the Olympics Online (Without Cable) Jason Fitzpatrick @jasonfitzpatric February 9th, Despite advances in streaming technology over the years, watching the Olympics on anything but a TV with a cable subscription is still a .