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So unfortunately it seems you wont be able to get a copy of that exercise video Shane. A VPN is an important tool that not everyone is aware of. But do not worry. Archived from the original on September 23, As many of the students waste their time on YouTube in watching UN-necessary videos. How do I download videos from an app called kingschat?? It could also be accessed in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone , and specific hotels.

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You can get it free, just read on the steps. I think you have already hear about Proxy. Steps to Unblock YouTube Videos. You do not need to follow any traditional way. Choose any of the above method. By going through above link you can easily Unblock youtube videos. Thanks for coming to this blog, hope you have got some good helpful hand from our side. So I am sure that now you are able to unblock youtube video easily. If you are getting any issue, then feel free to let me know.

Please do not forget to share this post with your friends. Happy YouTube Video Watching: In that method we have also discussed some of the unblockyoutube website. So here I am going to write a complete review on unblockyoutube.

I will give you each and every small things in my review. In this post, I have also provided the tutorial on how to unblockyoutube? So here I am going to telling you what is unblockyoutube?

As We know www. Where You can unblock YouTube easily. This site provides YouTube Unblocking everywhere as well as all around the world in every country. Here I am going to provides you the features if the unblockyoutube. Yes, I have listed here, each and every features. The user interface this website is very easy and simple. The site is very interactive. You can unblock youtube at single click.

So that you can Unblock all these famous website easily. Now I will not take your more time, so without wasting time here I am going to provide you the tutorial how to unblockyoutube by using. It is fast and secure website to unblock YouTube. So you may through this website without any hesitation. So here I will provide you a complete tutorial on How to unblockyoutube videos? Yes, this is a very easy and simple tutorial to unblock youtube using youtube unblocker.

So for unblock Youtube Videos follow the simple following steps. Now scroll down, you will see an Input URL box. Now click on Go. Finally, You have unblocked YouTube easily. So here the tutorials end up. Hope you have learnet how to unblock Youtube using unblockyoutube websites.

Now the question is unblockyoutube. So I have provided you each and every features. Now decide by yourself. It is best or not? According to me it is one of the good YouTube unblocker. Thank you so much for being on this post about unblockyoutube. Here in this post, I have provided each and every features of the youtubeunblock. So I have provided you also a tutorial to how to unblockyoutube.

Hope you have liked my post, so feel free to share this post in social media. If you have any doubt then feel free to ask in comment section. Hope you have liked my previous post. In this post, you will get to know about the steps, methods, and resources, which I used to unblocked YouTube at School, Colleges and office.

If you are Regular Reader of the Youtubeunblocked. I do live in the hostel. My School authority has been blocked YouTube at school so that I was unable to watch YouTube videos in my school's hostel.

This is a very big problem I was facing at my school. By doing some simple things and following some simple steps I have done YouTube unblocked at School. As we already discussed YouTube, that what is YouTube? So YouTube is world No.

YouTube is owned by Google. Which provides quality videos online. So YouTube is an important website for the students. Why YouTube Blocked at School? Do you know, Why YouTube is Blocked at school? There may be many reasons so that they higher authority blocks the YouTube and other sites.

School's Administration wanted that our student should be productive, they do not waste their time anywhere. As many of the students waste their time on YouTube in watching UN-necessary videos.

YouTube Unblocked at School. So here is the method which, I used to watch blocked youtube videos at my school.

So you can also use this method. This method is very easy and effective. Yes, by using YouTube unblocker, I was able to watch youtube videos at my hostel. A YouTube unblocker helps to unblockyoutube Videos.

There are many youtube unblocker available on the internet. This unblockyoutube website is very easy and secure to use. You can use this YouTube unblocker website. Just follow the step to unblocked youtube at school. You will see an input URL box. In input URL box, type http: Finally, in 3 simple step, you have unblocked YouTube. Thank you so much for being on this post about Unblocked YouTube in School.

To be honest, I have not use any rocket science to unblock YouTube at my school. So you can also do YouTube Unblocking. Hope you have liked my post. Feel free to share this post in social media, along with your friends. While surfing on YouTube, are you getting some sort of silly errors that stop you from accessing video, website, or link of your choice?

Here, you will come across the list of some free YouTube proxy sites that let you easily unblock all sites that you want. Before sharing the getting into details, we want you to have a brief knowledge of YouTube proxy site, for what they are meant, and what proxy YouTube sites can do for you?

When YouTube proxy unblocker is required? Well, YouTube is one among the biggest names that need no introduction. If you are still confused, then ask following questions to yourself, and find out whether you want YouTube unblock proxy or not.

Simply connect to YouTube unblocker proxy in order to stream your favorite, oldest, or newest videos of your choice over YouTube. How YouTube proxy servers will help? YouTube unblocker proxy plays an important role in maintaining privacy parameters.

Hypothetically, it simply acts as a strong wall between the internet and the end user. Users can easily open all sorts of videos, links, and websites that are of restricted use by YouTube proxy free online facilities.

No for sure, YouTube proxy unblocker is additionally used to enhance performance as well as security parameters. Moreover, a proxy for YouTube is one among the most trending keyword nowadays that people look for. Most of the tech geeks even search for xvideo. If you are one among those individuals, then simply have a look at the list of top free YouTube proxy servers that let you enjoy your time on YouTube without any restriction.

Top Free Proxy Server List for is as follow: Unlock My Web — http: Proxy Site — https: Hide My Ass — https: Free YouTube Proxy — http: England Proxy — https: Fast USA Proxy — http: New IP Now — http: Hidden Digital Info — http: Anony Mizer — https: K Proxy — http: Working Proxy — https: Proxy — http: Prox Me Call Me Names — http: Rapid Proxy — https: Ninja Cloak — http: Quick Proxy — http: Free Proxy Server — https: Free You Proxy Tube — https: The Best Proxy — https: VPN Browse — http: Just Proxy — http: Extreme Proxy — https: Fast School Proxy — https: Remove Filters — https: Monster Proxy — https: Hide Me Ass — https: The desktop version lets you queue videos for download from multiple sources and automatically download new videos as they become available.

These tools let you record whatever is playing on your computer, making them a good solution when you have exhausted all other possibilities. OBS studio is unquestionably the best free screen recorder app on the web. We covered these two tools in much more detail when we discussed the best three screencasting tools for Windows Show, Don't Tell! A screencast, also known Remember, all the tools listed in this article are for creating recordings of free online videos for personal use.

They should not be used to save and distribute copyrighted material; doing so could get you in serious trouble with the law. You have been warned! Which sites and apps do you use when you want to save a video to your hard drive? Which would you recommend to your fellow MakeUseOf readers? Please leave your tips and suggestions in the comments below. Read More from these websites:. Your email address will not be published. Videograbby didnt worked for me.

How do I download videos from an app called kingschat?? It's web page doesn't show the videos the app shows so no room for downloading it. Thanks, Dan, but I've got a better solution for all that issues in downloading videos off the internet.

Hey Alex, Do you know A new free video downloader which making buzz now? I hope you would like it. You guys definitely have to try the easiest of them all to download from YouTube. Ummy Video Downloader let's you download videos in any resolution and it can also convert to MP3 if you eh want the audio. Another solution is the always trusty and really fast JDownloader. I also found a good solution for Twitter http: Good to know these video download tools and thanks for the sharing. I'd also recommend Acethinker Video Downloader which I have used for many years.

It is a free cloud based software to download videos without install any software in your device. Many configurations possible, also mass downloading. All other downloaders cannot do mass downloads. The best and most easy to use is videoder. You can download from facebook, youtube and other 8 major sites. So, now it's October and I'm now seeing this article and glad of it. Anyway, I am looking for video download software and I'm grateful for this old article.

Yes, many changes happened since , but is that a surprise to anyone? There are good leads and I'm not willing to download freeware just because it's mentioned here, but at least I know what software to check out. Did you bother to test any of these before you unleashed them on your readers who trust you? Freecorder was blocked by my security software ESET. I did it anyway because I trusted that Makeuseof wouldn't post malware.

But alas, it's a scam. All it does it install pop ups into your browser and if you try to actually download a video, it tries to get you to download some other file to do it. Now I have to waste my day trying to figure out how to get rid of this thing.

Please wrhite to my e-maile adress Ever hear of kodi? You can watch just about any movie free. Can be added to pc tv box ]cell phone etc. To whomever it may concern: My previous comment as well as this one was left by automated spamming software. I just took a look at some of the sites that it hit and I see that it seems to have left comments in inappropriate places that made the comments themselves seem pretty damn insensitive.

I just wanted to clear up the fact that I never actually read any of the posts and I'm really not a horrible person - It was all done automatically by a robot that left a comment on a bunch of blog posts that contained the phrase "my life sucks". I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone - I'm just a spammer who was trying to get links to his site.

If you haven't already, you should probably delete the original comment, along with this one. This is really helpful, thank you! Can you tell me which of these would convert to mp4 with the most clarity? I'm using zamzar right now, but the quality of the finished product is a little sub-par. Download helper is an awesome F. I love it and highly recommend it. Video files will usually end in. Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer can download it. These websites will allow you to view movies right from the website, and stream them to the computer.

Another very effective way of downloading and viewing the best movies is using torrents and or newsgroups. Torrents come from sites like http: Both of these have excellent content. The downside is that you must be careful when you're looking through the content, and to only download content that's been shared, and has posts saying that it's ok to download.

Check this out to learn more about it. It attaches a great ebook about downloading content from torrents. The other method is newsgroups. I recommend newsgroups because they are the safest and fastest way to download content that I've found. I don't have a guide for this one, but someone may be able to find one. Only downside, is it costs money to purchase a "news reader". If someone would like me to elaborate more on this method, I can! I tried the video with Realplayer SP which supports most formats and even that player isnt able to download the video.

Some content owners protect their video with DRM digital rights management to prevent anybody from recording the content. So unfortunately it seems you wont be able to get a copy of that exercise video. This is an awesome article, but I have a problem that remains unsolved. I have tried every method and every Site that I have come across to download this exercise video - but no luck to date.

The video is here: One more is missing. Just add "download-" to the video you are watching and it will download it. I like this simple web application for download videos from youtube, It only need a copy and paste of the videos urls: D Thanks for share this list. I wanted to download this video vanityfair. You doesn't need a software to download YouTube Videos from http: Can some1 tell me which 1 is the correct source url?

Does anyone know of a downloader for Pandora??? I really want 2 watch this: I don't know if I have the url wrong I have tried numerous ways to get this video off this website.

I have tried using the Apple-Option-A, I have tried various website and nothing has worked. The apple shortcut came up saying forbidden on a few of the links which I assumed to be the videos. Is there anyway I can get a video off this website? I just tried all the links and none of them work. I guess the URL doesn't show up as a video. Anyone know how to help? How do i download movies off Legalmovies. Great site and list of resources. The only problem with many of these sites is that the quality of video is not going to be the greatest.

However, there are other sites out there that you can download videos that are DVD quality. Is there anything out there that will download anything playing on JustinTV? Thats what I'm really looking for It may be that you have deleted the links but not the program. If revo can't find it then go to your main drive and find the programs file look in there for neodownloader this is where orbit is hidden! But most need to pay for it. Video Flash to Encode: It is powerful utility to convert video to flash, create stunning flash video easily and keep all the originals of video.

Video to Flash Convertor: Flash Text Effects Animator: Turbine Video Encoder 2. More than converting video to the universal Flash format, TVE can bring magic into your video with beautiful and sophisticated Flash video players, stunning visual FX, useful captioning and audio mixing capabilities.

It downloads from almost any site, and immediately converts it into several forms of video and audio. An added bonus for the video downloads, is an option of the ratio you want the video in such as 4: You all are trying to do this the hard way by downloading.

Just get a TV card for your computer and record what you are watching right on to a dvd or tape. Can do the same on a vcr if you like to be that old-time. Just start it and go about your business. Maybe a little too technical for ya? Ray, your follow up comment continues to illustrate the fact that you did not grasp the meaning of the original post, and further illustrates that your first comment was off the mark.

Hey can somebody help me out? Im trying to find a free software that can convert my files. The problem is that my video camera records in MOV. Do you realise how much CPU power that is likely to take up on your computer? It's better to do a few at a time.

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UnblockedTube- Best place to enjoy free unblocked YouTube online, Use our video proxy to unlock YouTube and get free access to all videos. Unblock YouTube in seconds with the best free & Fast proxy server, watch youtube videos online or unblock any other site easily. A free online web-proxy used to bypass Internet censorship and to unblock videos from popular video sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion.