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Only one tracker under Trackers. I only count 6 search engines I ran a virus scan and Im running Spybot too… do you think that could be it? Obviously theirs advertisers like any site today hello even this one. March 6, at 3: Katcr available in 31 languages and 18 millions of US visitors use this website to download torrents. March 21, at 4:


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Deze zoekmachine wordt beheerd door de oprichter van het BitTorrent protocol, Brad Cohen. De site mist een indexopgave en slaat de meeste torrents niet op hun eigen servers op. Waarschijnlijk komt dit doordat hun bedrijf in de Verenigde Staten ligt en dat ze zo proberen illegale activiteiten te vermijden.

Verder was tijdens onze testperiode de site een paar keer offline dus daar verliezen ze ook punten mee. Ik was verbaasd toen ik erachter kwam dat deze twee sites dezelfde database en beheerder met elkaar deelden. De database is vrij groot met zeer flexibele en makkelijke zoekopties. De eerste zoekresultaten waren meestal wel goed maar tegen het einde van de lijst zaten er een paar irrelevante tussen.

De zoekmachine biedt uitgebreide functies voor je zoekopdracht door je de mogelijkheid te geven om ze te combineren met OF of EN. TorrentReactor heeft duidelijk afgerekend met de advertenties, maar bevat wel pop-ups. Deze site is tot stand gekomen aan het begin van en begon aan een opmars dankzij de opheffing van Suprnova. De meeste torrents in hun database bleken binnen een week actief te zijn. De opties van de zoekmachine kun je zelf instellen aan de hand van een syntax vergelijkbaar met die van Google.

De index zit een beetje vreemd in elkaar; hij is gesplitst in een sectie met isoHunt releases en een sectie met webreleases. De pagina is erg gebruikersvriendelijk en zit vol met JavaScript. IsoHunt staat tegenwoordig op de derde plek van meest populaire BitTorrent sites Een vrij eenvoudige site vol met UseNext-advertenties. Snelheid, kwaliteit en eenvoud, dat is waar Mininova haar gebruikers tevreden mee houdt. Pirate Bay is de grootste BitTorrent tracker in de wereld.

Bekend door hun onverschillige houding jegens intellectuele eigendomsrechten, zijn ze een lichtend voorbeeld voor het neutrale internet. Torrent Portal staat bekend om hun grote publiek van trouwe uploaders. De site is overladen met advertenties die minder worden als je lid wordt. Daarnaast biedt de zoekmachine handige opties voor zijn gebruikers. TorrentSpy is de populairste BitTorrent site. Op de belangrijkste punten scoorden ze het laagst met slechts een gemiddelde van nieuwe torrents per dag.

De site heeft geavanceerde identificaties voor torrents zoals taal en ondertiteling die door de gebruikers zelf ingesteld zijn. Ook kunnen gebruikers torrents aangeven die bestanden bevatten waar een wachtwoord op zit. De site heeft behoorlijk wat advertenties en pop-ups.

I would like to know when you mean reinstalling the network card, does that applies to a wireless network card? So what I did is uninstall the AVG, download a wininet. If anyone can offer some pointers, i have tryed everything on the above list also. Glad to hear it Orqan. I have done all of the above solutions, and none of them have fixed this error.

I live on MSN msger, so yeah. My msn has not been working for a while now but i really want it back. I have tryed everything suggested above but none of them seem to work. Do you have any ideas of what i can do thanks. Dude, that removing proxy settings thing totally worked out..

I could not log on MSN messenger anymore as wel as log in to my email account. I tried everything mentioned here and all have failed. What happened was a trojan horse wich had corrupted this. Run full system scan can take a while , and let spysweeper take care of your problems. Next step is to replace the corrupted. It might be a problem to erase the corrupted file as windows uses this dll and u cannot delete it easely.

I had to rename it and place the new. I have tried everything but nothing works.. I cant get on msn. And lately i couldnt get on my hotmail. I was on msn earlier and its signed me out and now its saying something is wrong with the key ports. I did step 2 and 7 and it still doesnt work. I dont know how to do the other solutions…help pls!! I did solution 1 correcting LANS settings and it worked…however, the next day it was back to the key port problem. Neither do I know how to uninstall the network card and reinstalling.

Is that something to do with the. Can anyone do a step by step for simpletons so that I can sort out this problem? I am going insane! My other computer lost not only my msn connection but my A. I can not access any sites on firefox or Internet Explorer. How can I restore my internet connection? I tried repairing the connection with the Local Area Connection but it did nothing.

I also tried all of the steps here because my MSN troubleshooter is telling me that the problem exists in the key ports. I had the same problem. So I tried this free Norton removal tool: It completely removed eveything to do with Norton and MSN started working again.

Other logins on same PC worked. No Norton on the PC this time. I dont actually think this is a problem with MSN itsself, but my computer, but i am posting in this messanger forum as MSN has given me the best feed back as to what the problem is, i have contacted my ISP, but they were little to no help, as they said it was most likey a problem with my PC, and didnt offer any solutions. Windows live messenger error code extended error code This will work for sure. I had the same problem KEY PORT, then i uninstall norton and now my hotmail is working again, thanks to everybody to help me resolve this problem.

Had a problem with new laptop that came with Norton Internet Security It seems that whenever the protection definitions are out of date it blocks all activity for IE, MSN etc and gives error message cant detect dns setting in IE. Run live update and restart and all access regained. Comments on this page were helpful. Pretty much any web based email or web based sign in it will not allow.

I need this fixed as I use these features daily for my business. Hey My Windows Live Messenger doesnt work i can run the old crappy version that doesnt even have a display picture!! Please help me and make it simple im not good with computers but i need msn to work HELP a girl out please!! I have 5 comps on netwrok and 3 can connect 2 cant the 2 can connect to windows messenger but not to live messenger which the kids really want so they can use the webcams and it is their two that wont connect any help appreciated.

I tried all the above and was getting nowhere. Messenger worked without my router, but not with. MSN checks checks the device that is connecting to the Internet… i. There are two laptops in the house. Anyway, I thought the problem is on mine only. I found this page and several others and I tried every solution listed here and other pages. When the errors started, I was using Messenger 7. I still have the same errors.

I tried the clock change, I am certain of my proxy settings, and I always test with Norton Security disabled. I have registered the DLLs. I also checked my host file, tried using the wired connection to my D-Link instead of wireless, etc.

Here is the first strange thing: Yesterday afternoon, that 2nd laptop had been running messenger without a problem while it was connected at an office network. I ignored that for the moment and tried a few more things, including uninstalling my wireless card driver and reinstalling. Well, to my surprise, MSN messenger suddenly worked! I just left the situation as is and I did not care since everything was working again.

That was last night. Well, this morning … both laptops were back with the same errors. I decided to change the MTU to I also adjusted the clock on the router, just to be sure. It did not work. By the way, I went to http: Uninstalled and then reinstalled it, now it crashes on opening, as does Outlook Express. Ok guys I had the same problem with the Messenger errors and key port and the only thing that worked for me was to uninstall my antivirus!

Give it a try. Their post has a extensive coverage on all the rest of solutions you ever need to know. I figured out what it was on mine. First I did Solution 2 and then I checked up on the norton thing. There is a little icon on the bottom thats greenish on the top and bluish in the bottom almost in the shape of a ball. Right click it and disable and I was all good. That was very useful and it worked as u explained. I really appreciate it.

THis happened on a friends computer. In the end I had to boot into safe mode, and do a controlled lobotomy of anything norton.

THen it worked fine. Thanks a bunch and good luck to everyone else who is still strugling. Can you please take me through the steps of reinstalling my network card. Ive tryed all the other solutions and they wont work.

I was on Windows Live Messenger this morning, I went and had a shower, and now my Messenger doesnt work. Please help me out. Ive tried all of those solutions and none of them work. If you are having troubles signing in…before you start messing around with your settings…. NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in.

Please try again later. Got that from checking messenger live key ports error extended error , I desided to check their server status…. They upgrade them to work then all of a sudden, Vista has another bug to correct then all the servers will have to be serviced again lol. I changed the MTU but it doesnT work and the other strange thing is that I was having another message instead of troubleshooting..

But suddenly it worked.. I had this same problem and finally i figured out what it was. I took away the router and connected the pc directly onto the incoming UTP cable. So the people who have this problem and are using a router should try taking the router out of the network and connecting the pc directly to your modem.

If this solves the MSN error, then you can do the following:. That did the trick for me! Ok It should work but each PC is individual with individual problems. Open Internet explorer Example here is for IE7 goto tools, then internet options then advanced. Then scroll down and uncheck if checked check for server certificate revocation. Then scroll a bit more to see if SSL 2. Also use SSL 3.

Check date and time now. Hi I had the same trouble but not just with msn , also yahoo and AIM , im desperate i uninstalled norton, and installed kaspersky, i checked for all kind of malware and nothing, I think my trouble is a virus , cause when I use Firefox everything is ok and when i start the machine on the Admin session only on safe mode, i dont have the trouble, but when i go to my session even on safe mode, i have this problem and my home page on internet explorer is redirected to a crazy chinese site, please if anyone can avoid me to format and reintall windows please tell me Im getting crazy.

I have Nortons and it expired a couple of months ago. I realise that it is probably Nortons that is causing the problem, however, i cannot uninstall it because i do not know my password, the program came previously installed with my computer. Also my computer will not let me access any of the symantec websites. Is there any other possible way i can uninstall Nortons or fix my msn. Or will i have to renew my subscription to Nortons?

If i do so will it definaltely eliminate the key ports problem? Please get back to me soon thank you, Meridiana xx. I just recently upgraded to windows vista however, this problem precedes the recent upgrade. I do not run Norton or McCafee. For some odd reason, I think that my modem has something to do with it. Does anyone have this problem? I also run Firefox latest version and have everything updated. I tried every single thing mentioned on the MSN help section regarding this problem, but nothing seemed to work.

Maybe someone with more of a technical background can figure out why it works that way. Something to do with the registry maybe? Only because my network card in installed inside of my computer and was installed with the assembly of my laptop. Hey A few days ago, my MSN refused s to work. Also, my Internet Explorer is missing! But whats a network card! Why thats a problem too! If I knew what it was maybe I can fix my computer. Help me and my computer! I have just download window live messenger and it wont sign me in and none og my other msn messenger is working.

I need help with Kaspersky and MSN. This only happens to my computer when somethings really bad goes on because, if someone has been looking at dirty sites or something like that. I know this for a fact because someone came to my house and I saw them looking at stuff on my computer and then later when I wanted to sign into my MSN account, it would not let me.

Those are my only problems, none of your solutions have worked. By the way im using zone alarm. Does this mean i need to reboot my whole computer? I got the same problem yesterday. Finally I found why the problem is:.

Because I installed Norton , I turned off the windows firewall. What I do was uncheck both of them and run MSN again, everything back to normal.

It seems that this is the problem in my case. For me internet AND msn doesnt work… and for msn its key ports problem and sumtimes dsn but that is usally easilly fixed by repairing the connection… at the same time rainlender says my internet is connected and there is usually some activity for dl and ul.

Oook, i have tried every-single-thing on every-single-website and nothing is working. I cant sign in hotmail, my facebook. Here are some other things i have noticed. I dont have a firewall thing, never did. When i go into control panel and open up the add or remove box… there isnt anything there! Im about to wipe the whole thing, is that my only option. I checked my time and date and everything..

Thank you so much, solution number two fixed it my provider had some auto proxy going and it fucked up everything that was MSN. Hi I had this problem after I uninstalled norton and I contacted help desk staff.

Apparently it is an issue with norton What I did was IE settings advanced options and then first. I unchecked the second one and then msn worked bingo!

Not sure why it works, u can recheck the boxes after apparently as well. Just some weird quirk I suppose. I have tried to reset internet setting but it could not work for me. Actually my anti Virus whish is Kaspersky was blocking MSN messanger i just disabled it for a moment and messenger got loged-in.

I use kaspersky and windows firewall, all I did was delete the old entries and had them re initiate notifications to allow the messenger. For some strange reason my starter page works when I open Mozilla Firefox and also I can search things on Google at a fast speed.

But when I try to go to links or type in addresses everything goes incredibly slow! I have a wireless internet if that helps. Why do some write this as help when i cant even log in.. COM its a free online msn but works with these problems pls i have tryed all the advice in this forum non have worked for me.

Been like this for about a month now…getting old. Try testing your email first; my email was fine right off the bat, but Messenger took a few minutes to come around.

Restart Messenger — and that worked for me. I tested this camera for a client. The battery lasted approximately 6 hours before recharging. The LCD, however, had a few dead pixels — never saw this before. Tried returning for exchange and had to put up quite a fight. Anyone else seen this? Most other sites are out of stock and even when they are in stock they have the black battery door which looks like crap.

Try setting MTU on the router. I use Kaspersky security and have had this problem for a while. Tried the above solutions. Now my Msn keeps logging into hasdoneitdeletedyou. Sorry but i think MSN should pull their finger out and get this sorted. Looking back over peoples posts, they are two years old and MSN still have not resolved this problem. Hey Guys, Im having the same problem , to make the matter worse my boyfriend has recently moved away to america , the only way for us to keep contact is through msn , and just my luck..

I miss my boyfriend Thankyou for your help guys , hopefully it will work! S it worked but i dont remember how to do it… any help?? Hi having problems with MSN its driving me mad. Ive tried evrything to fix this problem the funny thing is it was working yesturday and today no luck i have MSN on 2 other computers both on wired and wireless connections to the net and they are working just fine yet my laptop is being a pain.

Heaps better and that antivirus picks up … are still stuck with the error and cannot … http: Could it be because I use Firefox and not IE? However I managed to solve it with luck. Here it is listed below: Uninstalled all the MSN related program.

Hope it work for u guys. AIM still works though. I ran a virus scan and Im running Spybot too… do you think that could be it? Did you go through the solution list? Have you tried checking your system clock?

What about Norton, do you have it installed? Thanks, Now my msn is back up. Ha, All I needed too do was change the time. I run the trouble shooter and it comes up with hosts file error — your hosts file contains windows live related material which may interfer with name resolution — and key ports error.

I go into Tools, Options, Connection, and it says I am currently not connected to the. It keep saying that firewall is blocking msn. But i have turned firewall off, and the keyports aswell. I realy really want msn!!!! I also having the same problem. I can finally log in now. I was shut out from Msn for several days.

It talked about the time and date needing updating but that was for WinXP only and that was all. The other strange part was the other programs relate to Windows Live messenger mail etc continued to work correctly. I hope this will be of some help to others as this seems to be affecting different computers differently.

NET Messenger Service if i turn northon on it says something like: I think the problem is that the windows is in save mode or safe or whatever!

Thanks sooo much Chris. Now, all is in order. Hi i have tried everything that you suggested but nothing seems to work! Do you have any other ideas?

Please for windows live messenger? Full solution with screenshots is at: Recommend against Solution 9. I tried option 7 because it seemed the quickest and lucky me — that one worked perfectly! Hello Everyone out there having this problem! After that I normally turned on windows firewall, and I set configuration to default in configuration of firewall.

If people want to find more facts about this good post, they would order pre written essay or buy essays with the help of the essay writing service. This fixed mine and it wasnt a solution up here had a hard time figuring it out on my own I think norton messed mine up tryed to uninstall and never fixed it so I did this.

I tried so many options and after 3 hours i got success. Hi ppl i have tried every option and stil no solution!!! I was having problems signing in to msn so un-installed it, when i have went to reinstall it says its cant download as im not connected to internet, however i am as i can download other stuff and get onto other websites!

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I have this error as well from time to time and will try your solutions. I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect. Listening to music has become a very popular way for most people to kill time. To enjoy better music, you need better headphones.

Actually, I have an experience with this kind of error at MSN. Thank you for your effort of having posting those solutions here. I can now back to MSN to have call with my friends.

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