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If you are still sure that you want to post your own, personal, tech question, then please ensure that you first, either.. Most people only need a small block. We were spending a fortune all this time paying for a static IP so that the client can connect to the server. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I am trying to set up my security cameras in my store and I was told I need a static IP

okay, let's do it!

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Get an even better deal with one of our great offers! Our Sites Freeola Home. What is a Static IP Address? Because you and other internet users will always know your computer's 'location' on the internet, you can enjoy some powerful possibilities: Create a server for web pages or files Because your computer's location on the internet doesn't change, it is simple to access your machine to serve HTML pages or other types of file.

Create a PC game server Many PC games now have an important online element, some with huge followings for competitive or co-operative gaming. Secure access to work or other remote networks Many people running private networks will not allow external computers to access their systems for security reasons, even if they are password protected. Access your PC from anywhere You can use your Static IP Address with remote desktop software to log-in and use your machine from anywhere in the world.

Use with software applications Many programs offer advanced functionality with a dedicated IP address. Give us a call on 55 60 View our Customer Testimonials. Sign Up to the Mailing List. Tell us what you think! Live Chat is offline Live Chat is available: In other words, unless you reconnect, or have a problem with disconnecting, or the router isn't setup correctly, your external IP should remain the same. What does your router log say? Is there something causing it to reconnect every few minutes?

Many routers, by default, will "connect on demand" i. Have you checked that your router is instead set to STAY connected? If not, do that. Mine is a dynamic connexion but I often have the same IP address for weeks. Setting a local static IP for your machine has no effect here.

Only the external IP address matters to your hosts. The one your router gets from the ISP. Check your router first - there may be something obvious there causing you to keep reconnecting. I recommend you create logical "blocks" for your various devices, and another block for dynamic addresses.

Most people only need a small block. I worked for an organization where you could leave office "A" and enter office "B" in different city and by rejoining the office wifi were RElinked to every other office as if still at desk in office "A" all network drives and peripheral devices work, no log in required.

Just join the wifi in "organizations" office. Over four locations this is a big bump in cost from my ISP to make this seamless transition for staff? But I'm no computer guru and don't want to pay for what I don't have to Not that I want to pay what my ISP wants for this added convenience! I think there just trying to get me to "pay" for my future free tech-support I assume that you were logged in to some sort of VPN.

And it sounds like the VPN in your new company is not so modern or sophisticated as the one in the old company. Or perhaps your new employer sees this as a security "feature". Your secure VPN login should be enough if it is secure. I would ask them if there is a way to get their system "upgraded". Peter Vella - I have a large hard drive which I access from a remote server.

I use at the moment FileZilla. When the IP changes then of course FileZilla stops functioning. I need a fixed IP. I am willing to make a payment for a solution. Peter Vella No need to pay though donations are always welcome!

I'm trying to set up a older cisco router and not sure what to put on the interface. And what about the gateway for the route? How can I find that? The address that comes up when I do the whatsmyipaddress. Not sure what the subnet mask would be - maybe My ISP does not seem to know or want give it out. Just keep in mind that an IP address doesn't travel with you. If you took your laptop to a coffee shop and used their wireless network, that IP address would be different.

But at home, it would always be the same if it's the static type. Generally, a static IP address is assigned by request and for a fee by an IT administrator at work, or by you at home. And remember, if for some reason you wanted a different IP address at home, you wouldn't be able to get one—although there are ways to "mask" any IP address using a Virtual Private Network VPN.

You'll read most everywhere that a dynamic IP address can change "at any time. The fact is, even if you have a dynamic IP address it's possible that it won't change for months on end.

Because ultimately all an IP address does is keep you connected. There are a few more reasons you can feel good about a dynamic IP address:. It all happens in the background. Technically, your computer or device "leases" at no extra charge an IP address to get connected. It's possible that your upload and download speeds would be faster if you had a static IP address, but you'll likely get used to the service and speeds you get.

Besides, you could possibly increase your speed with a plan upgrade. Also, you couldn't set up a reliable server with a changeable IP address. But most of us don't care about that. As you can see, a dynamic IP address is the "standard" for most Internet connections.

I have one setup where my server is already having Static IP address from one of my Internet Service Provider ISP (X). Now ISP (X) service are not good its went for maintenance mode quite frequently. Your external IP address is not something you can change — it is given to you automatically by your Internet provider. You can purchase a static external IP address, but they are incredibly expensive. Some of the larger providers of these services do allow you to have a static IP for a price. In a way it is a hosting service that is hosting the router and not a server.