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I have used many different dns codes and that stuff. March 12, at 9: Cyan Toner The cyan toner cartridge is almost empty. Going to get Rogers on phone to inquire. They have never been given hijacking privileges for their leased access to the Internet Pipelines. Do I have sue them to collect that revenue? December 30, at 6:

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Which they just did obtain. If Rogers did that they are in for a friendly court encounter with VeriSign, not your average broke end-user. Rogers might be setiing up a battle here that it did not very well anticipated.

I almost hope they keep at it. Now they are re-writing DNS protocols….. These guys are ridiculous. Funny part is, the call that they undoubtedly recorded, were it to be analyzed by management, would still not lead them to determined why I dropped them. Some American firm talked them into something, and all they know is that they will get paid because people will be furiously clicking links from their search page!! Better than printing money!!! They are clearly geniuses. Man are these guys smart!

Ok so first they drop newsgroups. The newsgroups went first……. Opt-Out Crap I would almost be willing to accept this horrible opt-out option, if it actually existed. They are slowly taking the internet away while slowly charging me more. I just switched to Open DNS and the problem is magically fixed.

We have no idea what other things they may be breaking by tampering. CCTS [ link ]. In other words, if everybody drops rogers crap servers and start using these university servers, will the universities lock them down? Any references would be a great help. OpenDNS is better than rogers, but I need a DNS server that is reliable, unpoisoned, AND a DNS server that returns a proper error when a site does not exist this used to be not too much to ask, but recently everyone wants to sell traffic…..

If you use ping, telnet, ftp, ssh or other internet applications and mis-type the host name, rogers will return a false result, instead of an invalid host message. If I try to ping someserver.

I am going to try to follow this up with Rogers, starting with a letter to their legal department, as they are returning a rogers IP address masquerading as a server on a domain I own. I have no idea if this sort of subdomain hijacking is legal or not, but I want to see what their response is.

If you have a subdomain, you may want to contact them as well, and ask them to stop masqeruading as servers in your domain. Their mailing address is: Can we fight this? Is there any organized effort to fight back, instead of hundred of individual calls that Rogers will ignore anyway? Its their traffic to handle as they see fit. So, I thought it was letter time! I respectfully request that you investigate this abuse. Simply put, Rogers is stealing and misdirecting traffic intended for other domains.

You can find a recent article and customer reactions on Dr. Geist is a noted author and Canadian expert in IT law. Please see the following link for more details regarding this serious abuse by Rogers: Please advise if you will be taking action with regard to these concerns and thank you kindly for your assistance, in advance. By reviewing your email and the details of your account, we can identify areas for future improvement.

We have forwarded your comments to the appropriate department. We again thank you for the information you have provided and apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. If you have any further questions or comments regarding our service, please fill out the online form on our Customer Support page listed below or contact us by phone at Phone call was laughable.

They are NOT going to be allowed to get away with this. DNS hijack Sally and Suffer! Smart of you to send a time limit.. Very callous and wrong-headed! They ARE internet service Providers …. They have never been given hijacking privileges for their leased access to the Internet Pipelines.

The CRTC will not investigate internet claims of wrongdoing. All major DNS software vendors had been informed and on that day all of them had patches. Attacks on DNS were expected to start within a month.

That tells you something about poor priorities. Since the very dangerous exploit would have symptoms very similar to what Rogers brought out, the immediate reaction was that Rogers DNS had been compromised by malicious hackers.

A more responsible management would have postponed implementation of this feature until the security crisis had been solved. The CBC has picked up the story somewhat: Hopefully this puts some pressure on Rogers to give us our fair and open Internet back! Told them there were 4 easy solutions to the problem.. The call ended with them telling me to take my business elsewhere.

EVER met a company that cared that little for retaining customers? I also emailed the CBC to explain that they have NOT covered the full impact of these changes in their current story and should push it further.

On a brighter note, I now have a great bundle worked out with Bell for TV, internet and phone which will be better than I currently have and will cost me less. I just discovered this today.

I am so pissed that Rogers feels they can easily get away with this. If they really wanted to get into the business of helping people with mistyped domain names, why not put it into their Rogers toolbar, or the other Rogers software that gets installed from the CD? And this opt-out approach is total B. Even there, with a little extra effort, they could have made a solution that would really allow us each subscriber to opt-out of this bogus name resolution of a service. All you have to do is give us one and promise not to invade our privacy, change the way our computers work or do anything else that makes you money based on our standard use of your service.

If you want to please ask us up front for consent and allow us to say no thank you and leave things just as they are. The registry change fixed the issue for me. I now have name resolution when I connect to my office via VPN. Evidence was mounting that the problem was local to my system. My office has other staff who use Rogers from their homes, yet they were able to connect without issues.

As well, the Rogers change did not break name resolution for my husband when he VPNed to his office. Same household, same Rogers connection, different behaviours. I was the odd one out. Net Neutraility This already breaks net neutrality. The redirected page has advertisements on it. This url contains the failed domain name you are looking for. They also get your ip.

They can now track you nothing new here however. It seems NOBODY remembers how rogers removed their private usenet servers, which is why I went with rogers in the first place and used quite heavily. Well, on their website for only a few hours it said that usenet was a safe-haven for child pornographers. Allegedly they removed it after so many complaints.

I wish I had kept a screenshot. Works like a charm! There are built in options in the service to get Root updates. I also care to avoid the possibility that an organization would have information about my web browsing habits.

That said, OpenDNS could be useful to prevent access to sites with naughty bits or Rogers marketing if you have children or seniors. They bowed to pressure many larger companies complaining that their remote workers were affected: Thank you Parkerjon, that info is what we were all waiting for. In the menatime I have learned more about DNS, about dnsmasq and thus have alternatives for the future.

For all of you recommending OpenDns. Instead, use the DNS servers recommended by [ link ]. Their recos worked great with dnsmasq. Keep up the pressure Other than for the hassle of updating computers and routers I would suggest that everyone using Rogers switch over to this new DNS service. In addition to the negative press the DNS redirection changes have wrought upon Rogers it would be justice if they ended up mothballing the redirection DNS service due to lack of use: In light of this: One last word to Rogers: We were totally screwed up when Network Solutions did this to the entire internet.

Fortunately there was such an outcry that it only lasted a week or so. Unfortunately I doubt Rogers will be so responsive. The best way to make this feature go away is to make it worth less than the revenue it generates more costs than benefits. So talk to your friendly Rogers support person about it. It effectively disables the auto-complete and tagging functions of Firefox.

Now it takes me to the Rogers search page. Now I have to go through the pain of bypassing it. DNS redirect Whoever in marketing came up with this stupid idea should be forced to spend a year in customer support listening to our complaints teleworking on an ipvpn.

Now if only Mr. Edward really cared about improving cu cu cusstomer service. Worked like a charm. Thank you for giving me my sanity back! Be aware that they have access to your desktop among other things? Thank you Virtual Machines! I can always access the site immediately via IP address. I get little traffic to my website, its mainly just to hold a photo gallery for friends and thats about it. Some time in mid-july, I started getting the rogers search page in place of my website.

Previous to that the page resolved fine, though it took about 5 seconds to load on the first attempt that day. When the rogers page showed up I tried running an nslookup on my domain, it returned in under a second with the correct IP for my site.

Right after I pinged my site by name and got the IP of 8. Well, like the rest of you Rogers refused to help me out on this one. I cancelled my subscriptions to both Macleans and Flare accompanied by letters directed to each office of the president. In the letters I detailed the issue with the search page, and stated that if I was going to have to pay to look at ads for Rogers publications, I no longer wanted to pay to recieve them.

I told them this was my last resort after Rogers refused to restore my original DNS settings. Need more competition What we need are competitions, but of course Bell is screwing other smaller ISPs right now. What I left was a disaster: Watching Youtube or downloading Solaris would lead to throttling.

I return to highly compressed digital TV stations, wherein technology seems to have degraded quality; constant dropouts in image and audio on the HD channels; a notice that my bundled services will no longer be without an extended contract; and DNS injections.

There is no win — Even to jump ship to Bell out of spite seems ridiculous: They took over Aliant this spring, and have mis-billed roughly half the months so far. The initial package had all the nifto goods; internet, radio, TV, etc. Basic text and a couple hundred daytime minutes now. Quality is rapidly degrading and the marketplace is a mess. The service is poor, the services are declining, and there is no appearant end nor oversight.

Last night I had to re-image my os partitiion to an xp sp2 image because it had an application I needed to use. When I typed in words to search for in the address bar of my taskbar the rogers search page opened up in firefox. It may have something to do with the fact that microsoft had to change for legal reason, i believe how the address bar is implemented in the taskbar for sp3. Lose those extra pounds to look the perfect bikini shape this summer.

Adjust it in your beauty sleep time. I note with amusement — the ads for weight loss and penis enlargement which now precede my post to this thread.

I believe that this has caused me to experience degraded service over the past few months The OpenDNS ones I think one of the University servers is the best bet — unless someone has a better solution.

This guys are breaking my VPN services for the end clients. If its a recursive query it should pass on to other DNS server and finally I expect it to fail in the case Intranet name lookup over the internet. I was using my own DNS server on my Windows Advanced Server system and another user on my home network advised me of the problems they were having. The address it still http: Probably Also a Privacy Complaint What really happens is that we type a URL into our favorite browser, perhaps from faulty fingers such as largerthing.

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Penis Enlargement Treatment Natural Herbals Offers wide range FDA and WHO approved products for male enhancement, penis enhancement, male enlargement, penis enlargement, premature ejaculation, erection and impotence treatment at http: Class Action Lawsuit I have to laugh at these threads as they mean nothing and will solve nothing, if you are really serious then class action suits are needed, and although I hate laws to regulate the internet — there also needs to be some to protect prople from this crap, but in the end — Rogers will prevail because no one really has the balls to do anything.

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Rogers includes an explanation that states: Share this post Tweet. July 18, at 6: July 18, at 7: So what are you talking about?

Remember Sitefinder of Verisign? July 18, at 8: Thread on dslreports Thread on dslreports: July 18, at July 19, at July 19, at 2: July 19, at 6: July 19, at 8: I suggest all other Rogers customers do the same.

July 19, at 9: You can no longer use the? July 19, at 1: This is disgraceful behaviour on the part of Rogers. July 19, at 3: July 19, at 5: Mail a formal letter to: Pic You, and others, should get a kick out of this: What kind of reaction should I expect from my end users? July 20, at 1: July 20, at July 20, at 2: Reliable ones seem to be: All are more reliable than most ISP machines.

July 20, at 5: Thank you, Rogers, for wasting an hour and a half of my very valuable time. July 20, at 6: Thank you for the time I had to spend digging around the Internet to learn what you had done.

Thank you for wasting my time on this problem. July 20, at 8: July 21, at July 21, at 1: You fail at the Internet. July 21, at 8: July 21, at 9: Good letter, but let me step out on a limb here and guess what the answer will be. Next up is figuring out how to complain to the CRTC. July 21, at 2: July 21, at 3: July 21, at 4: The newsgroups went first…… JP.

July 21, at 7: July 22, at July 22, at 6: July 22, at 9: July 22, at 5: Dear Kevin Dean, Thank you for your email. We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience.

DNS hijack Phone call to Rogers customer service: Please advise within 24 hrs what your intentions are on this matter. Anyway, your posts were of great help and I'll try and set things up tomorrow morning. If any one would like to know how I get on and the hardware used, just say.

An IPCop box would be ideal right here. Or you can connect all your computers directly to the broadband device assuming it has the physical capability for multiple connexions , and assign different external IP addresses to each computer. It all depends on how secure your broadband device and individual computers are, and what hardware you have available, though either setup would work.

Microsoft has gone a long way to make things easy, and today's networking is mostly plug-and-play, and so long as you understand the basics of what a network is , what an IP is, and how they relate to each other, you can probably connect any device to any other device with no more than Cat-5 and common sense.

I agree, it could get simpler yet, but still, it's no longer rocket science. Your shell scripts can be activated in a number of ways; at startup, shutdown, on a repeating schedule cron , and so on.

You already have all the tools you need. Would this setup compromise security in any way? But that's just me, and I know that many people do exactly that, every day. I also know that a great many of these machines regularly crash, fall over, get infected, become unwitting participants in bot-nets, and worse. Hardening Windows is a task that few people undertake, at least thoroughly. There are better alternatives.. My advice would be to put everything behind the D-Link, and secure that it probably has lots of Cat-5 sockets and such, anyway.

Also, if you don't actually need them, you could maybe get rid of them, perhaps get a cheaper plan from your ISP. If your boxes were BSD or something, it would be a different story, even without firewalls. Windows can certainly be made fairly secure, but whatever you do, it's still not going to be close to the level of security afforded by a dedicated gateway, and intelligent network segmentation.

The D-Link probably has a decent firewall you could enable; do that, and you have a secure gateway device. It may have wireless, too - you didn't mention the model - as well as other useful services; DHCP, time server, caching name server, NAT, and so on.

As I love to say; true security is in the mind; and a solid gateway goes a long way towards creating this state of mind; knowing that their are at least two distinct and separate networks, with our data "in-side", and everything else, "out-side". Security-wise, the more hops between you an the WAN, the better.

With a secure gateway, you can connect any old device to your LAN with no concern for its individual security status remember; if a secure device shares files and logins with an insecure device, it too becomes an insecure device. Also the LAN will likely be considerably easier to setup, and join.

Both ways are doable; it all depends on what you need. I still get a laugh, thinking about a mate of mine who spent a shit-load of money, not to mention many hours setting up a "totally secure" NAS, which turned out, after a fairly crazy party, to also be totally portable!

I'd probably keep the extra IPs, and put interesting servers on them, just for fun. For example, in an effort to reduce noise and power consumption in my workshop, I've scrapped my big Linux rig, and put the whole shebang onto my ever-reliable, though quite ancient Toshiba Pentium Mhz laptop.

It just sits there under the the desk, quietly being my local web dev server, amongst other things. A spare external IP would be handy for testing all sort of things. It's definitely a great way to find out if a particular system's firewall works! And for free; all you need is a tempting honey-pot! But for actual workstations, behind a gateway is usually best. I have the pc's connected to the Cat-5 sockets on this. Would this setup allow me to connect remotely and securely with the QNAP server?

I do appreciate your help on this and maybe it's helping others also? My Mac is the host machine. I have a printer installed in XP, and I want to get my Mac to use that printer. I use the local IP of the XP machine to do that.

But it always changes. Is it possible to get my Mac using a dynamic local ip address and my XP a static one, so that I can always connect to it without any problems to do any printing jobs?

Hope to hear from you soon. Less than 24 hours ago I didn't even know what an IP address was, except that sometimes some programs ask me for it, and then I click X, never to return.

I've managed to set up an internal static IP address hopefully; my computer is working still , but now I'm wondering if I still need an external IP address. I need to be able to network with police department's computer, as if my computer was on-site there. I'm told I need a static IP to get past their firewall. Do I need an internal or an external static IP? At any rate, the answer will most probably sadly be "It's IP or nuffin, Di! As I explain to barney.. Despite the above paragraph's seeming authority; I know almost nothing about VPN.

I do know that where virtual networking is concerned, in the sliding scale from security to convenience, a dynamic IP is often one of the first things to go. A computer's raw IP is pretty hard to convincingly spoof over the net. To me, it seems a perfectly legitimate reason to utilize a static IP address in a domestic situation. Not being able to cut and run on the latest hot torrents, host Britney albums over eMule, or riot your mad h4x0r skills over the net-by-night, is the price you pay for being so employed.

Though for most all other uses, it definitely should be brain-dead simple to swap out an IP for a domain name. Games especially could do better in this respect, I'm told - there's no security issue there, and there's the rub..

Over the internet, Domain Names are easier to spoof, because somewhere along the line, some computer has to translate an IP to a name, and bang goes another layer of security; unless you trust the name servers of course, or control them. But you just threw in the VPN thing to throw me though, didn't you? I've mentioned previously my ignorance in that field. So the real question is how do you want to connect?

To share files with the device? Control some service or internet-connected server? Some things will be true of nearly all these scenarios. Firstly, you need to open a clear pathway from the client you, out there somewhere to the "server", aka "Host Service", or whatever we call it, running on the NAS device.

You have control of all data packets from whatever device is closest to the phone line or however you connect your LAN to the net , and on that device you must have some port opened, and the firewall instructed to pass connexions on that port, to the NAS. There are variations on this theme, of course. As it's Linux, the possibilities for the kinds of connexion which can be established once this basic state has been achieved, are practically limitless, but at least 65, What you got running?

How secure that connexion is, depends firstly on the handshake between the two machines; ranging from complex exchanges of mutually known, highly encrypted keys and passwords, down to a simple "come right in, baby!

Again, there is an almost endless range of cryptographic goodies designed to keep private private, and public out.

There are Books 2 on the subject. What is useful to remember, learning in networking, is that many of its paradigms are shared with the real world; the idea of a handshake, of challenge and response, of sharing keys, and secret passwords are familiar to us all, and behave the very same way transposed into their digital gestalt. Packets do travel very like packets always have; some risk is involved.

Special packets are well wrapped, personal delivery, man-to-man Royal Mail security, and on the very same train, postcards. Personally, I value convenience over security in most things. Once you get real names on your network, you won't go back to raw IP's.

Which brings me neatly to Darran.. Though from the get-go, I'm confused, "My Mac is the host machine". Or is this something to do with Samba networking? Then, "I have a printer installed in XP".

So, the XP machine is the Host, now! Anyways, I'll skip past all that and get to what looks like the kernel of your issue.. Firstly, it sounds like you have no need for either machine to have a dynamic IP. If not, then give them both a static IP instructions for both platforms, above and end the randomness! As you're running that BSD-ish box, why not go all the way and setup a local name server, use the Mac to keep everything in sync, name-wise.

Simply enable BIND, and maybe read the name page, in a terminal.. How do I know if it worked? Is there a way to test it? So the simplest and best way to test this, is to see if it's running properly! If it was BitTorrent, or similar, then it should be pretty obvious if it is working or not. If it's some server you find difficult to test, use my port probe. Assuming your gateway probably a router is forwarding the ports correctly, you'll get success!!!

If you have other machines on your network, you can try to ping the machine from one of them using the correct IP for your static machine, of course.. Click the "Details" button for even more info. If you are handy in the console, check out netstat ;o or. Like with the upstairs computer and downstairs computer running? The IP of the computer upstairs? What about the computer downstairs? And which IP are you looking to make static?

At any rate, whatever the conditions, the answer will always be "Yes". You simply have to configure everything correctly. In an ideal world, you connect everything directly to the router. I'm trying to set up a VoIP PBX Epygi Quadro 2X with a remote extension that I can use when I'm travelling to connect a soft phone on my laptop through a wireless broadband connection so that I can make and receive calls to my office number on my laptop from anywhere.

Despite reading copious amounts on this it seems I'm as far away from achieving the objective as I ever was. My ISP has provided me with two static addresses, one of which I would like to use for this purpose. My current configuration is in the PDF at http: So my questions are: At some stage I plan to use the second static IP address provided by my ISP to connect a server directly to the net so I can access the files it contains when I'm travelling.

Depending on the answers to the questions above, perhaps I don't need to use a static IP address. Surely the Belkin has a configuration to set this, maybe even a wizard.

I see you grouped multiple questions into the single numbers - on first glance, it looks like you have only three questions. I have no knowledge of the device, so I Google, and see that it does.

Why not put it first in line? Physically connect it directly to the WAN? The Belkin is redundant in this scenario. If none of this pans out; hiring someone local might be more cost-effective for everyone I'm assuming also you run a business, with that gear than all this reading and writing. As well as near-infinitely-well supported. Though I'm told I'm rather good at speaking on them, and have turned down numerous jobs doing exactly that.

If I use a static isp can I get a dns code that works? Of course after Uverse was installed, they told me I couldn't have a static IP. Anybody have a workaround they could suggest. One of the two has a static IP required for program I need to run. I still need a static IP to run the original program. I have no idea what I'm doing. The line for the static IP is now going through a repeater rather than the PC.

I am trying to set up an ethernet converter without the disk- which says I have to set a static IP. I did it and had to undo it. I lose internet connection. What about the default gateway and alternate DNS boxes? I don't know if I should check those too and fill in the numbers you had in your example- or something else.

I tried it based on the windows example. I am running xp. Oh- and I am connected to a wireless router wired and desktop for my main computer in the home. Once I updated to a new router it now shows 2 connections to the internet- the router and the LAN. I know I can do this By the way- thanks for the great explanations- you write in an easy to read manner.

Public Animal - I do not have access to the admin panel for it so I can't just keep inputting the new IP every day. My problem is, I have set up my internet connection to use a static IP. Please, can someone help me out?? I'm getting very frustrated, especially because my friend set up this station for me as a gift. But I do need help now. Our company creates websites and video presentations. If I create a website, I always purchase hosting services for the client.

We do not do that inhouse. My client wants to keep their existing site as is meaning with their current ISP and etc but they are interested in having a separate server set up for their video archive which is all the video programs we create for them. How do I go about that, is it just a matter of uploading video files to a dedicated server with a hosting provider and providing the correct url's to their web programmer so that when people click on a button it accesses the requested video?

Perhaps your router has the ability to limit this for your XBox. And anyway, this page is about internal static IPs. Bosco , switch ISPs. Hotline , if you mean internal static IP's, sure, create as many as you want. Then, if you have a question, frame it, and ask it! Asking for a static IP in the handshake is pointless; if you want that, you need to pay them for it. So get a dynadns. Ravi , simply connect everything to a network switch. KAP , yes, it's that simple.

Very clear and easy to understand. CS guy - I plan to run a Counter strike server on my PC.. Trouble is that when I create one,it doesnt appear on the Master server list which keeps track of active servers. I think the problem is that the static IP assigned to my PC is The people trying to connect manually cant seem to connect to it as its behind the ISP router.

Can u plz suggest an alternative?? The IP of your PC Anything at your side of the telephone line, is yours, and everything at the other side, is theirs. Your biggest problem is going to be a lack of port-forwarding. Unless you can forward the packets directly to and from the server, it isn't going to show up on any server list, or work very well.

Very nice article, congrats! I'm using a mac osx and i did everything it says in the article, the problem is that when i click apply in the network preferences, it says connected, but the internet isn't working The computer further upstream, the one that controls the network route to your computer, must be configured to allow static IP addressing.

It's not uncommon for a gateway to allow both dynamic and static IP addresses within its subnet, but the static IPs might be limited to a range between, say, You will need to check with the system admins to discover if static IP addressing is allowed and in what range; or else test lots of addresses and see if any of them stick. By the way, use netstat or the network adapter's status window to discover what your actual IP is at any given time.

I'm sure you will have noted what your machine's IP was when it was being assigned dynamically via DHCP , so if it was The chances of getting the college techs to set this up for you are pretty slim, and probably against the college rules, but perhaps not.

You could always ask. Say you only need one port , or whatever , and perhaps offer a bribe of some sort, free beers maybe. And one for me while you're at it! Bogdan , if the internet's not working, how did you manage to post here? It sounds like you are creating an IP in the wrong subnet, or something like that. Check out the troubleshooting section, and the links at the top - though this area was originally created for the viking routers, lots of the info is generally useful.

You want me to fly over and fix this for you? How to test if it's changed? Check out my post, here. Also I told you in my previous post. As for the DNS ip what does dat mean ; the local recommended DNS server doesn't have to be the same server as your gateway. Each network is different, and colleges generally have set guidelines, usually a page somewhere, about what to put into each field for their particular network. As I said, a static IP, even a local static IP is only possible if the gateway machine allows such a thing.

Even if it does, it now sounds like you have not one but two gateways to punch a hole through, if you wish to run a game server. Only they can make this possible. Even if I did fly over, unless your network is crazy insecure by default, I'd still have to talk to your network admins to make it happen. So go do that yourself.

I haven't actually tried it yet, but will definitely refer to your article once the need to change the setting arises. Please keep it up. Hi, I realy need help cause my problem is kind of special. I am living in china and need a static IP. As I need to remotly connect to a system outside china which needs a static IP that can not be changed , i desperatly need one.

I tried to access some service dyndns. Any idea what I can do??????? Well, I didn't know it! I did know about "The Great Firewall of China", however.

You may need a translator to complete the sign-up. My spies in China tell me that service works. Or I may have just Googled. I need a static external IP to access a database service and getting one from my ISP is not pssible, changing the ISP is also not possible as they have a contract with the compound where I live.

After having read a lot about dyndns service, I don't think that would help me as i could be reached via a static IP, but when I want to log on to an external database i will still have my ip changed, right? They own the entire block.

It provides a static domain NAME. If it's the latter, then you are screwed. Do you know what, I must of read through countless sites in the past week trying to get my wireless connection up and running and only after reading through your helpful notes on setting the manual IP settings does the little bugger decide the work.

You've made one tired and ragged little man very happy!!! Thanks so much and if anyone else is doing what they're told and reading this It's as simple as that! Thanks for the umpteenth time!

I live in Spain where our service is provided by Telefonica. I have entered my network connections as changed 'use dynamic' to 'use this IP' and entered different permutations of Have also entered the ports as exceptions on XP firewall.

Have a free dynamicDNS service, but none of the above has done any good. What am I doing wrong? Internal IP assigned to gateway is One of the computers in LAN has web based application, we want to make it accessible through internet.

It also means that any attempt to change your connexion's IP will kill your internet. It also sounds like you simply need to create a firewall rule for eMule. Use the probe link at the top of the page to check your ports are being forwarded correctly.

By the way, if you are connecting through a router, then you need to ensure the router accepts static IP's i. Maybe read the article again, more slowly. Anup , think like a packet of data, starting outside, and working its way to your server, and then open every closed port you meet.

I checked the port forwarding and it was a failure. No internet connection could be established. I have created firewall exceptions for emule and have read the tutorials, without any further progress. However- thanks for all you have done - I will have to learn to live with it. However, when I go to the properties of my connection it shows two different running internet protocols.

Should I manualize the settings on one and disable the other or something? You can leave v6 set to automatic. At the moment I am too much of a "Newbie" or dumb head to understand all the jargon but I am learning the hard way. I have two computers - one running Vista and the other XP. Presently I am unable to access the internet from the Vista through the Linksys router using a hardwire connection.

I can however connect through the router to the XP using a wireless adapter. Just a few days ago I was able to use Vista to connect through the router hardwire and at the same time use XP to connect through the router I am trying to restore this capability Thanks again for the article. Obviously, the IP address, but also the subnet mask and default gateway as well as DNS server adresses, as i expected when trying to set my static address up, this would all be written in there already and only the ip address would change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you help. Also, check all your connexions and ensure your drivers and such are up to date. Additionally, if you want other to be able to always access your server from the outside, via a permanent address, check out the notes below the article, about dyndns.

Here is my situation: It has 2 network card. When I type in But I cannot get any further. Then I type in So I know the address Then I type the same address in the browser, but I cannot got anything. Browser just say ' Take too long to respond'. Please tell me what have I done wrong. This will save me many many hours of hard work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. James Bulmer - Im looking to start a webhosting company.

I will be using this for every server i have eg. I will have, free server 1, free server 2, package server 1 ect. So what im wondering is with my lan comming in, i will have one line for every sector. Can i have a external static ip or will i haft to use a service like no-ip???? Thanks and keep the good work up. I can't even remember which things i've tried.

Cant i use same static ip in my laptop as well.. James Bulmer , I cannot take your seriouse [ sic ] question seriously. You want to start a web hosting company, and you aren't sure if you need a static IP? This is a joke, right? I've not run a web hosting company, but I suspect that there's a lot more to it than simply sticking one of those "We Are A Web Host" templates up on the web.

Bertil , you do not need port forwarding to connect to IRC. The trouble must be elsewhere. What you need is a gateway device of some sort, like a router-modem. I recommend an IPCop box, or similar. Ray Georges - I am changing carriers for our data T1 line. I would like to know where to change the external ip's including gateways, dns, etc for the new carrier? When I go to lan connections, all the ip's are internal Your assistance is greatly appreciated! They interfere with my gaming it seems.

I tried setting a manual IP on my Xboxlive connection but it will not allow me to connect after doing this it's in range of allowed IP's. I am trying to apply QoS settings to give it priority over everyone else, I have the rules in place, but everytime I reboot the router, it dynamically assigns a different IP to my Xbox! So how can I specify QoS? Is there a way to allow individual IP's on the network to be static?

Or am I going to have to set up each one individually with it's correct IP address? Hopefully you understand what I am trying to do. Is it possible for static and dynamic to co-exist through one router? Qos probably won't help as much as you'd like it to. Instead, look into setting up a permanent lease on your router, so it always doles out the exact same IP address to the a specific MAC address i.

I want to make a counter strike server but i can't because i have dynamic ip. I checked at properties tcp ip and it was obtain ip adress automatically. Don't i have to call my internet provider to give me a static ip? You think it'll work? It would be smart, though, as this is a common problem. See the notes in the article for easy ways to get your external IP at any time.

However since the WAN IP is not static sometimes the line dropped and reconnected itself the remote computer cannot be set to route to one specific address. This make remote monitoring very frustrating, any tips? We have security cameras installed at home and these are connected to our home router and through that to a wide area network our security camera provider and on to the internet.

To view remotely i. However, if the internet drops out at home then the WAN tries to assign a new IP and will not assign it automatically. But we have to reset the WAN from the home computer and not remotely - for a reason I don't understand that doesn't work Any tips or tricks??

I would get a mssg about limited or no connectivity. When I run ipconfig to get my ip address i get following mssg: Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for further help. Unknown media status code. Here's the interesting part: I assigned a static ip Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Yeah, stop messing around with your registry settings until you know what you are doing. Here is what I am trying to do: There is a live camera type of software that enables user to bid on something remotely.

Due to the firewall settings I have at work, I am not able to get to this application as it comes back with a message like "server unreachable". I can run this applcation fine from my home computer. So the other day it finally dawned on me that I could use an application like VNC to start a server on my home laptop on a home wireless network with LINKSYS router and run a "vnc viewer" session from work to access the aforementioned application through my home laptop computer.

I have followed your directions and created a no-ip. I can see my ip address and I can ping my laptop by either IP address or xxxxx. The only problem is I cannot ping this address from outside my home network. I vnc'd into my work computer and try to ping my laptop from there without success. I also tried to vnc from my work computer into the home computer without success as well. I also tried your "simple p2p port probe" with a bunch of ports 1,2,80, I called my ISP provider and I need a total revamp of my internet connection: Your help is greatly appreciated, Vali As I've often advised, here and elsewhere, these problems are best tackled with the sinple strategy; "Think like a packet of data".

If you do, you will realize that you the packet is bashing its head off of your outside firewall. Open some ports, dude! George Aidam - I think you need a new ISP. If I want to connect to my office computer from home using Remote Console how do I get it to find the public address and then get inside the NAT to the static IP I have established for the office machine? You simply find the external IP or dyndns. Simply setup a port-forwarding rule. This page is about something else.

Timothy Misiko - It is connected to my router. After 5 days I got it working over the internet. I then went to stay at my grandparents house. I was worried that it had broken. The next day I rang my parents and asked them to check the ip address.

I noticed it had changed! How to I keep it the same. What do I do?! Scroll up to the top of this very page, where there is an article explining it.

Your information did the trick! PPPoe Settings are what im using. I want to set my ip as. My router requests the true gateway of the ip adress im requesting not my routers.

Are you really Italian or Sicilian? Dark Royale - My question is, how to prevent these behavior? I'm really concern regarding this matter. Hope to find answers here. This is perfectly normal, as I stated in the article, above. It's total shite and wildly overpriced.

Anything else you'd like to know? My ISP says they do not provide them. Therefore, 1 is an external IP address my only option and 2 how do I get one? I read your article and most of the forum, but still feel confused re whether or not I need an external IP address. While this sounds like a generous enough offer, the idea that you would need a static IP to work with some web host is completely ludicrous.

I advise you politely decline, and seek hosting with a proper web hosting company; they are quite cheap; certainly cheaper than forking out for a static IP. I'm using a dsl router to a netgear wireless adapter , many thanks.

On Windows, I recommend uTorrent. Either way, yes, you need a port open, and yes, you need a static IP on your local machine the one running the BitTorrent client. See the article, above, for full details.

It's for the voyager , but mostly applies. As I like to advise, "think like a packet of data", and just follow that packet from them to you, open whatever ports and forward them to your machine, as you go. As well as a static internal IP address so game data packets can find you via some port-forwarding , you need to tell the game servers your external IP, right?

That is the only time it should cause problems. If I were a game player, this would be as good as a static external IP, pretty much. Other than that, I recommend pestering the game creators to allow the use of dynamic host names like myhost. Then there would be no problem. Why they haven't done this already, like a decade ago, I do not know. Hosting a game server - It should not be necessary now, let alone in the future.

In the future, one would hope that proper host names would be allowed anywhere IPs are now required except perhaps extremely secure setups , and then the actual IP address is irrelevant. Otherwise, what was the point of creating the DNS system in the first place? I am using BT Internet, if this helps your answer. Many thanks in advance, Colin No, this will not increase the security of your admin - if I wanted to get around your IP ban, I would simply attack from via a local proxy.

Even if that weren't possible, security by obscurity is not a sound strategy. Instead, use a proper authentication system, with passwords, perhaps over SSL, or use pajamas or something. The only situation where IP security is useful, is where you have a fixed, static external IP.

But even then, the IP part could be spoofed, and some other authentication mechanism would still be required. Your first problem is that you are running the netstat command directly from a Windows Run command. When it's done, the window closes. Not a lot of use if you wanted to read the output. Instead, run "cmd" no quotes , which will open a DOS box.

Either way; once you have a DOS box open, then you run the commands. As for hiding your IP address; the only way to do that effectively, is to use secure proxies, or tor, or something along those lines.

This isn't the place to get help with that, though. Your second problem, is that your spelling sucks. Until you master it, consider Firefox, with its built-in spell-checking. My own spelling leaves a lot to be desired at times typos, like you , but those red dotted underlines quickly fix that. In theory, the two are identical.

In practice, you may get better performance from a static IP address, though you would need to check with the users of a particular ISP to discover whether or not it was a change worth paying for. Raghunath M - We told them that we already had a network set-up here and they didn't need to install a new line.

They however sent out Comcast to install a line to their equipment here. The tech spliced into our line before our router and connected a new line to another router then to their equipment.

Is this a usual charge for a static IP and shouldn't their be a reduction in charges for one or the other services for using the lines in our house? We already pay I can't comment on whether or not this kind of thing is normal, though I do think it is a form of extortion.

Anyway, surely your wife's company is paying for this, so it's not a problem. Finally, now that you have this static IP, why not ditch your old dynamic line and use the static IP line for everything?

And it would be easier I'm sure but what I need to do is be able to print from a remote location to the printer at the firehouse. For mission critical use, yes, I would advise you get a proper static IP. In most scenarios, this isn't an issue; in a minute or two, everything is back to normal. In other scenarios,"a minute or two", could be the difference between life and death. My catalog page as of now is using this revolving ip address that change every so often.

I know that they are high in price ATT that is: Threatening to switch to another ISP; I have found; will get you an instant reduction in any price. But there is nearly always a but!

I am puzzled by the entry "Alternate DNS server". Should I enter as you do " And if not how do I find out what I do enter. An answer would make your explanation perfect. It can normally be left blank, the gateway device usually your router; the device at the first IP address should handle all that. If you happen to know the IP address of a name server that's available to you, you can enter that in the Alternative space. If the primary name server fails, the backup server kicks-in.

You put this in for instance if your ISP's primary server dies, then your server knows where to look as a backup. I guess I should have asked for just the DNS numbers They given access to ip address that i have provided, but my ip address is dynamic so how can i connect their pc remotely? Tushar If possible their software will allow "names" as well as IP addresses , get a dyndns. Cheers a lot for your blunt straight forward way of solving things Martin F - I would like to know how I can allow people to log into my camera attached to my telescope.

I have a website www. Assuming you run the site from your home, you simply need a way to tie that domain name to your IP. That is what DNS is for; and the subject of much of the above article. Most of the dynamic host name companies dyndns. You might also want to take a look at zoneedit , which is free.

I ran many anti-virus softwares, spywares, adwares, but the problem is same. Anything that comes after that must make even less sense, so I skipped it. Security issues, was it?

Get yourself a secure gateway and stop worrying, is my advice. Whatever makes you feel secure, is usually enough. Is there a chance that if I set a computer or other device as static that it could possibly interfer with the way the DHCP router allocates IP addresses?

Or would that never happen? I use a computer to remote access into another computer. I have an icon set up for that A static address would ensure that I have the same connection each time.

I'm concerned that the router might happen to give someone else my IP address when I want it reserved for me. Once the computer has a fixed lease, it always gets the same local IP, and there are no conflicts. Is it possible to route requests without a router? If I set a static address on my host, will my host and VM be able to talk to each other eg.

This scenario just came up, as in we're being asked to demo something but have no access to the client's LAN or routers.

This pretty much means we can just the laptop and the VMs on it. Thanks much Pixie It depends on your VM, but usually, yes, there should be no problems networking to and from one machine inside another. Check the VM's setup prefs when it isn't running. There's an online after download game and their web forum which have recently put an IP ban on me so that I cannot execute game program opening nor view web forum. I am currently seeking a cheeper alternative. I haven't gone to those footnote sites yet which I cant see right now , but I thought I would toss the question out there "What would you do?

I don't have enough information for a more technical answer. Naba kishore - Because IP Addresses use numbers , and if you hold down the shift key with numbers, you get symbols. Or did you mean something else? On most operating systems, the hosts file is queried first, and if a result is found there, he system looks no further. In other words, yes, the host file "works".

There's quite a lot written about exactly how it works, here. I also like the hints on how to get IP etc. Can u tell "how can i send a message on pc2" when someone sit their Thanks for the article, it was very well written; however I do have a quick question.

After setting up my static IP, I can't log into my router for port forwarding. Have you seen a problem like that before? Any help is greatly appreciated. My wife likes to watch streaming video from a server in Korea Can a route be preset? Anand Ayyappan - I am facing a problem. I am able to ping using the dynamic domain name provided by no-ip.

Hope your knowledge in this field will help me. Thanks in advance Anand. I already understand the private ip thing, and port forwarding things etc. But, my problem is that, I need to assign static 'public ips' to a number of machines on a network four of them. I've got a list of 5 ips set aside for us by the isp, but I'm fucked if I know how to now assign these to the different computers - the ISP told me that they cannot help me with this - and the company we've bought the custom made software from have told us that all their other customers have had BT do it for them we don't use BT as our isp and he then tried to charge me for the privilege of sending me that email 30 mins of support my arse.

Anyway, I thought perhaps you might have an idea. Yes, I have googled around, but so far have not been able to work out what I need to do. People keep talking about directing different ips for web servers, but this is slightly different and involves different computers so I'm struggling.

Any help would be appreciated! Invalid starting ip " Now I want to forward my ports, but my Netgear WNRv2 router will not accept as the last 3 digits.

Anything over works. But I change my IP in my interfaces file to something like Wish more technical articles were written like this - thank you. I go in game, i find a server, i enter the server, i play for 10 seconds and then im thrown off the server, and i think its something to do with the router.

What should i do? Amy Lomasney - They verizon lied to me that I was getting a static and am wondering if there is a solution for me. I have read through your article but admit I am terrifed to try on my MAC.

Love to see more "simple" articles explaining "complex" stuff. Plus, nice site and sense of humor. How do I change my IP no for fooling a site when I coonect to it which happens to have put a ban for a whole 1 year period?? I've learned a lot about Static IP address from your article!! How do I do that?? It has made so many things clear to me in plain easy to understand English. Instead I see IPv4 Address Is this the setting that needs to be changed? The Connection screen says IPv4 Connectivity: Internet and IPv6 Connectivity: No network access, so I guess not but I don't like to guess.

Thanks for your help. IPv6 isn't fully implemented, yet, and you don't have to put anything into those inputs. If you have a lot of puters, it makes sense to do this at the router.

Как вручную настроить статический IP-адрес на PlayStation 4 через роутер

More from my site. Sony Releases PS3 Firmware , Adds Cloud Storage for Game Saves; How to Backup/Restore PS3 Game Saves to the Cloud [PS+ Online Storage]. Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Hacks & Glitches & Cheats - GTA DNS Codes, GTA 5 Online Money Hack , PS3, PS4, XBOX , XBOX ONE PC. In order to get your DNS working you are going to need some details. We recommend writing these on a post-it note and sticking it on your router for easy future access.