The 50 Best Movies on HBO Go and HBO Now (September 2018)


What’s Coming and Leaving HBO Go And HBO Now In January
Which is why Darkest Hour transcends its biopic trappings to work, almost despite itself. We do not necessarily think of his name in conjunction with stories about stick ups and car chases. Napoleon and the residents of his Idaho town are a uniquely pathetic lot, and Napoleon Dynamite is a comedy that dares to present an entire universe of ugly personalities, fragile egos and social ineptitude. Judging by this film, the state of our union is fractious and violent—and only getting worse. Think the corridor fight from Oldboy , only three times as long, and in knee-high boots, and ending with a car chase.

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What to Watch Now on HBO Go and HBO Now

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The best recent additions to HBO streaming

Aug 29,  · As with David Simon's lauded HBO series The Wire, the sex, drugs, and violence don't function as cheap thrills; they're essential to the story of how New York City transformed from a scuzzy, rat-infested peep-show town to an LED-lit, rat-infested chain-store-and-Elmos town. Season 2 is going to be jam-packed. Read on for our list of new titles coming to HBO. (Bolded titles signify films and shows we recommend.) Unfortunately, the Star Wars movies are few and far between when it comes to streaming. Chilling motives, familial deceit and enigmatic criminals? there?s more to each story than meets the eye. Delve deep into gripping true crime stories from HBO Documentary Films.