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I'm not sure I even recall. I am very reasonable, btw…. As I said, I'm pretty sure it's a setting somewhere, but danged if I can find it. However, it will not resolve every networking issue, and you may have to give your ISP a call for help. Power control is was off. Comment by Francesco August 10, Boost your Wi-Fi signal.

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Apr 08,  · How to fix a “lost” Internet connection. Accessing the Internet is has become one of the primary reasons we use our computers today, and losing our connections can be a frustrating disruption to our routine. If you rely on the Internet for conducting business, or “telecommuting” to work, a failed Internet connection can cost . Internet Connection There are some steps that you can do to check why you are not getting any internet connection in your computer. Never assume the computer is damaged just because it doesn t seem to be working. The top issues that cause a lost network or internet connection are: Wireless device is turned off or disabled The power to the wireless network and Bluetooth devices is controlled by a switch or button on most computers.