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iPhone 6 Ring / Silent Switch not Working? Here's How to Fix it
I have been googling for days and was ready to throw in the towel when my ringer switch was no longer responsive and phone was stuck in mute. It took two seconds to fix it. I dropped my phone just hard enough to make the mute button stuck on constant mute. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you can avoid the issue date bit then usually you just enter the card start and end date in. I'll just use dnd at night. By the way the Apple website was of no help what-so-ever.

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What is my card “Issue Number”?

I kept pushing the switch on and off up and down and, with enough force so that the protruding switch moved fully, it started working and eventually clicked in each position.

I kept doing this and now it works perfectly. It stays in whatever position I put it in. I'm guessing there was some small mechanical issue in the case or switch that can be fixed by use. I thought my phone had water damage, I lost the sound like 4 months ago, but your assistive touch trick worked!! I had this same issue iPhone 6 — still not ringing even after removing mute on Assistive button — try this extra step. Follow steps above, then from another line, call your iPhone, or have someone call you, while the phone is vibrating, turn the silent switch on the side of your phone off and then on again.

Your phone should start ringing again. I had the same problem and then I realized it was the plastic piece on the inside of Lifeproof case that prevented me from moving the silent switch. I removed the phone, moved the silent switch off and slide the phone back into the case making sure it was not touching the black plastic part inside the case. Hey i know what you can do i have an iphone 6s plus and i had been struggling for about an hour or so and i turned off my phone for a while turned it back on sound was working you just have to turn it up after turning back on.

I also had succes with forcefully pushing the bottom back and forth a few times. It took about two or three times before it began working again. I have the iPhone 6 and had the same problem! Upon close examination i found a little build up of dirt as you said underneath the mechanical mute switch. I gently ckeaned it out using a pin. Niw the seitch engages properly again and ny tones have returned. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! I thought I was going to have to get mine repaired or a new phone, but I'm so happy that I found your site because it's ringing again!!

Thanks so much for the "Assistive Touch" solution. After a reboot didn't fix the problem, I thought I was going to have to head over to the Apple store — you saved my day! Button was stuck in the Mute position. Tried the Assistive Touch button and it worked perfectly. Then read some of the replies, so tried cleaning the area where the button is located with a safety pin… that worked too!

Was able to switch the button back and forth easily. Thanks for all of the suggestions!! Seriously, I don't believe fluff or dirt is the root cause of the majority of there sounds issues. It started after OS update. Come on Apple, send out a patch.

My iphone 6 was stuck on Ringer and I couldn't put it on silent. I took my case off and used force and pushed the button back and forth several times and it fixed it!!!!!

Thanks for these solutions, loved the one that mentioned the mute button, partner hadn't realised he's knocked it on silent — after lots of frustration it miraculously works again!!! The Assistive Touch function got the ringer working again, but as soon as the phone had rung once, the 'broken' mute switch started working normally again, so — Total Fix!!

There was no visible dirt but coctail stick did the trick. I dropped my phone just hard enough to make the mute button stuck on constant mute. I've taken it to iPhone fixit shops, cruised all the discussion boards, and spoke to two different Apple reps and all of them said it was a lost cause. Your fix via Accessibility was brilliant.

Thank you so much for the advice. Open the Lifeproof case gently and remove the iPhone. Notice that the ringer toggle on the case has a small indentation where the toggle switch on the phone fits in. The brand was merged with Maestro , an international debit card brand owned by MasterCard , in the end of This merger was referred to as the "penguin wedding," due to its distinctive advertisements of penguins in different international settings created by Joel Veitch.

Since then, Switch has been out of circulation and banks migrated customers from Switch to Maestro. The merger was also intended to increase the acceptance of foreign Maestro cards in the United Kingdom. Consequently, many retailers who advertise that they accept Maestro could only accept cards issued in the United Kingdom, i. In March , MasterCard aligned UK Domestic Maestro with the standard international Maestro proposition, ending its status as a separate card scheme.

This change also led to the discontinuation of Solo debit cards. This was usually because the current account number the card was linked to actually formed a large part of the card number, and therefore the card number could not be readily changed in case of loss or the card expiring. Issue number on Maestro card? So i worked at burger king for a week or 2. Would you be able to handle a credit card with no limit?

What happens if you miss 1 car payment but have good payment history with carmax? The credit card company reports that insufficient funds are available to reserve a security deposit.

Please use a different card. I paid cash for a new car and my credit report from went to ? What does it mean the Fed sets interest rates?

Sep 30,  · What does exactly mean "switch issue number" when we are talking about a credit card? Switch/Maestro cards issued by certain banks carried an issue number on the bottom of the card corresponding to the number of times a Owner: MasterCard. Aug 31,  · What and where is the issue number on a Switch/Maestro/Solo card? im trying to order something online with my credit card, and im creating an acount whatever.. and its asking me to put in an issue number, i have no idea where it hawaiianlion.gq: Resolved.