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Can My ISP Monitor My Internet Usage?
Most ISP's will deduct downtime off of your bill if you report the outage. Whether you use DSL, cable or some other connection type, the procedure below will allow you to report on your ISP's availability. I am from a 3rd world country they spy on ur internet ,mobile phone,emails and every thing so this article is very usful thank you. Or a command line tool to measure the bandwidth? But it would be cool to have a tool which summerize the results in a nice way.

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Make sure the problem isn't with your own equipment. ISP Watchdog will let you know when it's time to reboot your router - and save the cost of a service call.

Know what's happening from wherever you're located! Receive email notifications of all outage events as soon as Internet connectivity is restored. Automatically configures itself when first started! ISP Watchdog will determine the optimal test settings when it's started the first time. The trial mode version of the application allows you to evaluate all features of the program. The only limitation is that the application will automatically close between minutes of run time.

Please consider purchasing a one-time license that will remove this limitation for this, and all future releases , of the program. The trial version of ISP Watchdog will only run between 30 and 60 minutes before automatically closing. Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial. Just click on the following link: Once you have installed IsItUp, you will be setting up an IP device monitor to keep track of the status your internet connection.

Then if it fails, it is almost certain that the internet is down. It is recommended that you use one of the "time servers" available on the internet.

They are free and most are capable of processing IsItUp's ping requests. You can get a list of the addresses of the time severs at http: These addresses don't change often and have high availability. Other options include popular web sites and email servers. IsItUp has a web site monitor as well as an email monitor if you decide to monitor these types of internet resources. Whatever internet resource you choose to monitor, you might want to monitor more than one just to be safe as it would be extremely unlikely that both monitored resources would be down at the same time if your ISP was not down.

You should see the screen below. Sit back and relax.

Connectivity Monitor. A free tool that test your internet and wifi connection every 2 seconds. ISP Watchdog performs end-to-end comprehensive monitoring of your Internet connection - from your PC's network adapter to the Internet. ISP Monitoring Whether you're a digital business with revenue-producing websites and mobile apps, or an enterprise implementing SD-WAN and branch dedicated Internet access (DIA) to apps running in IaaS or SaaS clouds, Internet access and transit is a critical dependency.