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I found a couple but they required a very dodgy looking download and I'm in the UK. I was wondering if the inside the episode for this week had leaked yet? Normally we've got a link by Saturday afternoon. I didn't hear about that rumor.

Now I know IMDB isn't really reliable since anyone can edit the cast list, but it sure does sound interesting. I was hoping that they won't reveal the inside the episode for this one yet.

I want experience the episode as it is without knowing what may happen. My hype level for the next episode is astronomical. My hype level for the finale is astronomical. I'm not sure about this one yet. What are you excited for? Nah leaked photos and dubious photoshopping in the trailer pretty much confirm he's taken on as an advisor. He sits next to her and Hizdahr at the pits for example.

Well, I think it's more or less confirmed that there's gonna be some White Walker action in the next episode. That already is hype on it's own. Also, they've said that the action filmed in the next episode is one of the most expensive and complex scenes in Game of Thrones history. Sure it sounds like they're just trying to promote their own stuff, but I'm really hyped for this one. It's been ages since we got a glimpse of the White Walkers.

I'm also hyped as fook for the next 2 episodes after that. I really can't wait to see what they have in store for us. I'll also be avoiding the inside the episode, for the rest of the season, if they release them.

Sounds like pretty good reason to be excited. The action scenes don't really do as much for me as they do other people, but if it's that big then it's gotta be good, right? Game of Thrones Episode List icefilms. I live in Belgium so if i have to wait for the episode to be downloadable I have to wait untill tomorrow.

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Jul 25,  · Originally Answered: Where can I watch Game of Thrones season 1, episode 1 online for free? Legally, you can't. HBO only makes the shows available online via their service HBOgo and that is a pay service. They have an additional package where you can include HBO for live streaming Game of Thrones. You can also add on other premium channels like Showtime and Starz if you’d like. Try Sling TV Free for 7 Days. Watch Game of Thrones Online for Free with HBO Go. Okay, we used the word “free” here a bit too freely. Another streaming service that allows you to watch Game of Thrones online is Amazon where you can buy whole seasons or individual episodes for viewing. These cost around 3 dollars but it may be worth it if there is no other solution for .