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Check a full Usenet newsgroup list or alt. Have you heard about all the amazing crazy? Or maybe you want to compare your current Usenet newsgroup list to others to see what you may be missing? Both the number and type of newsgroups you can access vary for every Usenet provider, especially the alt binaries newsgroups the ones containing videos, images, audio and documents. Many Usenet providers censor the number and type of newsgroups that you can access.

The best way to get maximum access to uncensored newsgroups is to do your research and choose the best Usenet provider for what you want to download and enjoy.

The best way to do this research is to check a fully uncensored Usenet newsgroup list or an unrestricted alt. We cover both methods below and provide all the resources you'll need.

Only credit cards and PayPal are accepted, with no option to use Bitcoin or other third-party payment systems. Our readers can get 50 percent off Giganews and its VPN in their first three months through this special promotional offer. A day free trial is available, which includes a 10GB data cap, 20 connections, and the full retention period.

Giganews claims to have , newsgroups at its disposal along with with 2, days of binary retention. Text retention is even longer by a couple years. Giganews says it writes all of its own server software to optimize performance. Giganews states it offers percent completion and uptime, with zero maintenance outages. In our testing, Giganews performed as promise.

We only ran into a single broken download, which likely occurred due to a DMCA takedown. Even files posted a few years ago downloaded with no issues.

Download speeds were always maxed out. The company operates its own servers in four countries in the United States and Europe, including the UK and the Netherlands.

For this reason, we recommend Giganews customers at least purchase a backup block account from another provider on a different tier-1 network. You might have spotted some older references to some Giganews accounts including free cloud storage via Dump Truck, another Golden Frog product.

Unfortunately, Golden Frog has discontinued Dump Truck, so the offer is no longer on the table. Giganews users can take advantage of bit SSL-encrypted transfers, which prevent ISPs and other snoops from viewing what users are downloading. The Mimo browser wraps an indexer, NZB creator, and download manager all into a single convenient program. Luxembourg 36 servers P2P. Spain 36 servers P2P. Austria 32 servers P2P.

Iceland 28 servers P2P. Russia 26 servers Double VPN. Romania 24 servers P2P. Portugal 17 servers P2P. Ireland 16 servers P2P. Slovakia 16 servers P2P. Hungary 13 servers P2P. Bulgaria 12 servers P2P. Croatia 12 servers P2P.

Estonia 12 servers P2P. Albania 6 servers P2P. Greece 5 servers P2P. Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 servers P2P. Macedonia 4 servers P2P. Slovenia 4 servers P2P. Canada servers P2P. Brazil 26 servers P2P.

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See where VyprVPN's server clusters are located. VyprVPN has over , IP's and + servers across the United States, Europe and Asia. Simple Windows 7 PPTP setup instructions for Giganews customers using VyprVPN. Connect to any of VyprVPN's server clusters located in the United States, Europe and Asia. ,+ IP's, + servers and unlimited server switching!