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It will be particularly alluring to the many privacy-conscious users out there who want to de-Google entirely. The Internet technology has just made it easier to gather and store information from the unwitting citizen. OverPlay — OverPlay has two plans to choose from. Please enter your comment! If you become a member you can actually filter your traffic and block content.

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The Best Free DNS servers For a Faster 2018

Domain Name System server mainly performs two main functions. The main feature it has is that it aims to boost up the browsing experience with enhanced security, plus a gaming experience with lag free and smooth gaming. Almost everyone must have heard about Norton. Norton is an IT company or we can say a Software product manufacturers that provides one of the best Anti-Viruses and Internet security for computers, laptops etc. Their configurations are as follows. This arrangement hinders all sites facilitating malware, phishing locales, and scam websites.

Notwithstanding blocking undesirable vindictive sites, this policy additionally pieces access to the sites that contain mature content, alcohol, wrongdoing, detest, cults, suicide, savagery,etc.

Their sole purpose is to provide their user a faster and safer internet with downtime limited to zero. One more advantage is that it provides a smooth gaming experience too.

It is a DNS Server that delivers a faster and more dependable internet browsing experience. Their aim is to deliver an internet service, whose speed is better, is more dependable and is a safer one to browse through.

Speedier DNS means much faster gaming experience. So above stated were the 5 top DNS Servers for gaming as well as for secure, safer, smoother browsing and surfing. Shubham is the Publisher and Editor at TechFavicon. He is a Tech enthusiast. Norton Connectsafe will help you in getting protection from malicious websites and websites with offensive content.

There are three pre-defined content filtering policies are available with Norton ConnectSafe for home and personal use:. OpenDNS is another cloud-based fastest DNS server which aims at giving ultimate protection from malicious attacks which are sent by the attackers on the internet.

If you are looking for a public DNS server which will provide better browsing experience as compared to your internet service provider you need to try Comodo Secure DNS. The DNS server is operated by Level 3 communications. DNS Advantage is the fastest DNS servers which will provide you the best routing information of the website you are opening.

Not only you will be able to open all the websites with fastest DNS servers but it also helps you in getting protection from malicious websites and attacks. The details of best DNS servers are shared below:. Using OpenNIC, you will be able to protect all your details from the government and also maintain your privacy.

You can add the below-mentioned details in order to use OpenNIC. All your information will be safe with the Dyn best DNS servers. SafeDNS is another cloud-based service which will help you in getting a better browsing experience.

SafeDNS provides a reliable network to share your and access your data. The fastest DNS service in the world will provide you uncensored, fast and reliable browsing experience for free of cost. If you are not able to surf the internet properly then you need to change the DNS servers.

Please, feel free to share with us through comment section if you are using any highly secure DNS server or fastest DNS servers for speeding up your browsing experience, improving your internet security, and receiving the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.

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You still need an ISP to connect to for access — DNS servers just translate IP addresses and domain names so that you can access websites with a human-readable name instead of a difficult-to-remember IP address. How to Find the Best DNS Server. toggle-button. Last updated by Remah on July - The first test may test with DNS address requests that are not stored in the DNS servers cache. Any later tests will be running the same queries which should then be resolved from the server's cache meaning that it will be faster. That will still. Jul 10,  · Once your computer/router cached the domain name's ip address, there is nothing to speed up. If you are looking for a more efficient PATH to reach a server, then use your ISP's DNS server. Some domain names have multiple IP addresses to cover different geographical locations in order to speed up access time.