How To Get an Open NAT on the Xbox One for Better Connections

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How to Change NAT Type on Your Xbox One
You'll typically find this button on the back or the bottom of the router. Would that be a problem in the DMZ? If you don't care about the technical background and just want to get it working, scroll down to "What to do". I already tried restarting everything and the NAT type is still moderate. You might need to forward this, but probably not.


How to get Open NAT on Xbox One with port forwarding

Unfortunately, this means that you cannot chat with other users or join a multiplayer game. However, there is a way around this — you can change the type to Open. The Open option will provide you with the best playing experience.

Not only will you be able to chat voice chat, too , and join games, but you will also be able to match with other players — easily and quickly. If you want the full experience, here is how you can get it.

First up, go to the Settings and open Network Settings. Then check your NAT type. If it is already Open, there is no need to change anything — you are all set up. Click on it to open new options. Post them below and I'll add them to this list. EDIT - Removed ports 53 and 80 from the list as wiser people than I stated that this was overkill and unnecessary. Thanks for the heads up to bamboobam and omegaweaponzero! Dissapointed that you didn't list the easiest step if your ISP allows it - use IPv6 - NAT is no longer an issue on IPv6 and therefore you don't have to worry about forwarding ports etc.

Also, you could just use your routers DMZ, which many people do - so you should at least mention that even if you don't do it yourself.

My UniFi system currently doesn't support IPv6. Hopefully that will be patched in soon. I have had access to IPv6 for a while, but I finally decided to try to use it now I had the new console as I couldn't be bothered to when I had the One setup already for IPv4. Is it possible to configure a router so that only the xbox one uses ipv6, and everything else stays in v4? But I have iPv6 and I get moderate. And matchmaking takes a while. But when I port forward to get open nat, matchmaking is shorter.

Hence the reason for this thread. Everyone's networks are different. No its because your NAT status is referring to ipv4. If your NAT is open its not because of ipv6 its because either you have nat filtering switched off, UPnP is doing its job properly, you're port forwarding or your console is in DMZ.

Some games just don't use ipv6 anyway. COD only uses ipv4. Pretty sure it's not game dependant? I can't find anything else confirming what you said at all, happy to be proved wrong if you can. I'm in the preview program. Was told by one of the Xbox staff that ipv6 is only used for certain things at the moment like media. He said its not used in games. This was about a year ago. It's possible some games now may use ipv6 but they will be a minority. If you look at the options in COD games you can view the ip address.

The games only lists your public ipv4 address even if you have an ipv6 connection. So does the Xbox Live party system. I enabled Teredo tunneling on my router to get open NAT.

The party chat system could be ipv6. It's independent of the games. All I know is the Xbox live system is ipv6 but a lot of games still use ipv4. When all games switch over NAT type won't even matter.

Any port that is needed will be requested and opened for XBL and all games. Most games do not need any ports opened, NAT works by opening a port when a request is sent OUT of the network, so as soon as the game tries to connect to it's servers the necessary ports will stay open waiting for a response.

If you think you are having issues with your firewall, place your console in the DMZ on your router and test if everything works correctly. You are correct - but some of us do not have consumer grade networks.

I had to manually port forward the ports to achieve an open NAT situation. Now that I have an enterprise grade network, uPnP is not an option as part of a UniFi system, so manual port forwarding is necessary.

If uPnP is working for you, of course, just use it. This is for people where uPnP isn't working for them. I have the USG. I've tried turning it on via CLI, but it hasn't seemed to work. Well the issue is if you do it via CLI and reboot, your changes don't persist by default. The config file will persist. We use it at my work for a floor of about users and it seems to work fine. Nobody is complaining anyway.

Anyway manual forwards will always work, however with 2 consoles this can be an issue. I have heard the newest OS has a toggle to use alternate ports, which would allow manual forwards with 2 consoles which is nice. I know we've got some super smart people in these forums that understand everything networking related, but I'm not quite there yet.

Just a guy trying to get an open NAT and thought I'd help out some folks who may also need it. I didn't see all the ports I'd listed almost anywhere - and they were the ports I needed to get an open status. I always recommend people put the extra effort into static IPs and port forwarding, but I can't argue against uPnP's convenience.

So it's not like you had a choice. Now that the alternate port setting is available, I would recommend using that as most people don't have more then 2 XB1s. If you are like me and don't understand all this stuff, call your internet provider they do it for you in 5mn phone call.

Any clue as to how this call goes? It's actually how it was for me lol. Like i said I am completely clueless with all that stuff.

If you are a gamer, the term NAT type might be something you have come across before - p robably not for fun reasons either. This is essentially the process your router uses to connect devices to the Internet. It is a necessary process because of IP addresses, specifically IPv4 addresses.

Every device within a local network is assigned a unique IP address. They are combinations of 4 groups of up to 3 numbers. There are approximately 4.

To combat this, your internet provider will take the IPv4 addresses from all the separate devices in your household and will use one IP address for all of them. This is where the confusion arises in your router as from the outside , all connected devices will be seen to be using the same IP address. NAT is used to keep a log of every request made to the router from each individual device. This is great as it allows your console to communicate effectively with your router so that you can play Xbox Live on an Open NAT type without having to configure it yourself.

However, we know for a fact that the implementation of UPnP on the Xbox One is flawed and therefore might not always give you the NAT type that you need in order to connect with others online.

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If you're using your Xbox One, but you can't hear friends, join a multiplayer game online, or host a game online, your console may be having a NAT-related issue. Find a solution. The goal is to get a NAT type of “Open”, which will allow for much smoother connections in your XBL environment. To achieve an open NAT type you will need to know your way around the Xbox One, and your home router. If you're not going to do UPnP, then be aware that you can only ever have one console (Xbox One, Xbox , PS3, PS4) online with Open NAT at any given time. You can swap /udp between the different consoles manually or with triggering, but you can't give /udp to two consoles at the same time.