Changing your DNS server settings in Windows 10

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Ferris Henson II says: I just wondered so that I could be better prepared if someone were to ask why said website isn't working Well done and thank you again. Alternatively, you can change the DNS server address using the console tool "netsh". See which sites have been visited on your PC even if private browsing mode is used. Close the remaining windows. In practice, it's better to change the DNS address in the router, rather than in Windows itself, when your LAN contains more than one computer.

Configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS

Change windows 7 dns settings | How to change dns server windows 7, Windows 10

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Since DNS servers are sometimes the cause of certain kinds of internet problems, changing DNS servers can be a good troubleshooting step. Since most computers and devices connect to a local network via DHCP, there are probably already DNS servers automatically configured in Windows for you. By using a faster DNS server, your browsing speeds can increase, security can be improved and you get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection. Return to default. Returning to default is as easy as changing the DNS address. Repeat Step 1 – 4, in Step 5. Check the Obtain DNS server address automatically. Hit OK. And then again in the window you return to. Close the remaining windows. STEP 9 | How to change dns server windows 7, Windows Restart your PC and try surfing the Internet. If you can not get anywhere you may have changed the DNS badly. Follow the same steps above and verify that you have written your IPs well.