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Cisco VPN support
How to share Internet connection from the Virtual Machine? Follow these steps, from this site: If you want to manually end the session, then you'll be able to choose Disconnect. I've done your suggested experiment many, many times trying to solve this problem. John Parallels , Oct 30, But that's not what I get over wifi nor wired.

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Parallels VPN help

Doesn't that set off bells and whistles for the parallels tech team? If I were the developer, I can assure you that I'd want to figure that out. You've got all kinds of posts about Keyspan drivers here? I used to be Keyspan's Director of Software Development. I think I get at least some of the issues here? This problem doesn't make sense to me from a user perspective. Once again, so that there is NO mistake hopefully y'all read this entire post? At that point, windows parallels shared networking loses connectivity beyond the mac.

Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. John - I really appreciate your help in this matter.

I do think, based upon your responses, that we are seriously miscommunicating. So far, as near as I can tell, none of your responses has addressed my issue - which is why I keep rewriting it. I tried to send you an email privately to state this. So, I will post it. I do not think that you understand what I want based upon your responses. If my last message is unclear, please post that, rather than trying once again.

Because so far, we've delved into -- ping totally off base -- split tunneling does not address actual issue -- request for information that was in the first post AFAIK???!? Still, if I can head-off another turn around of missed messages, that will save each of us some time, yes? I've tried, in my last post to be much more specific.

I have no other networking issues presently with the parallels product. I've done your suggested experiment many, many times trying to solve this problem. I've been working on it for 1. Always thought that it was a cisco problem until I reconfigured IPv6. I never thought to bring the issue to parallels team! You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? I don't know what I am asking, and if it is even logical or not, but here is my question: Could anybody guide me on how to do this if its possible? TheBro21 1, 1 14 Raghvendra Gupta 11 1 2.

Follow these steps, from this site: Add a Host-Only network adapter to the guest Windows. Launch the Guest Windows. Go to a command prompt and type: Likely something like By definition this setup can't work. A host-only adapter connects to a closed internal virtual network with no internet connection. Could you also share how to undo these changes if they don't wory? The articles created most recently How to share Internet connection from the Virtual Machine?

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Unable to start the virtual machine.

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I connect to the VPN using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client located on the Mac (host OS X) side, but I cannot reach VPN domains (any of internal network resources) from Windows virtual machine. Cause. Virtual machine misconfiguration. If you would like to share VPN from the Mac side you should use Shared Network type. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. My office VPN called Juniper does not gets installed on Mac OS X. I am using Parallels to run guest Windows on my macbook pro with OS X Yosemite. I don't know what I am asking, and if it is even lo.