WhatsApp calls not blocked in the UAE, but VoIP remains illegal


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How did Skype make it through the VoIP ban?

Hi, VoIP blockages are mainly due to the government owned telecom companies like DU and Etisalat. These companies want to maintain monopoly over the total section of telecommunications. As VoIP is the best way to make a low cost international call. Jan 15,  · Answer 1 of Hello Can someone please name an app that can work on iphone/ipad for voice and video calls over the internet.. I already tried facetime, viber, tango, skype with no luck Thank you. Prime options for VoIP business are Reseller VoIP, Hosted VoIP and Wholesale VoIP. There are various VoIP service Provider whose services are still available in Dubai. There are various VoIP service Provider whose services are still available in Dubai.