10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free

Yes, I think America is actually too free.

Why Is America Considered the Land of Opportunity?
Everyone jumps on the "Being poor is your own fault" and "Well if he wasn't a thug, he wouldn't have gotten shot" bandwagons. No other nation had ever achieved that. But with scenes being totally removed from the movies, like if they weren't there. The government and media today don't want you to know all this. Mike Breen September 4, at 1: For me at least, America is not the land of the free. New to Old Created:

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You had to go to the next town to buy a freaking beer. So much for the "land of the free". Now , two years later, they at least sell beer and wine, but if you want whiskey or similars you still have to go next town Unless it's Sunday, because for some reason they are not allowed to sell liquor on Sundays And what about the TV? Not only with those annoying beeping sounds over cursing words that you can't even know what the guy is saying. But with scenes being totally removed from the movies, like if they weren't there.

And I'm not even talking about nude or sex scenes which is still pathetic to have them removed , but I've seen even bawdy scenes removed.

I've lived in a dictatorship back in Europe, and guess what? I've lived in the u. Based on the aggregate score from a Freedom in the World report, the US is the 47th freest country on earth and is on a multiyear decline.

Check out the methodology and table of scores. I like the article and agree with most of it, what's confusing though is , much like naturalnews. Also, times have changed so much since the's and as it stands today America peaked already, and like anything new and innovative, a country like anything else, after a while becomes flat and outdated and bloated with rules, the "party's over. The USA is "independent" in the political definition of that term: Like every other country in the world, we are not "independent" in the sense of having no obligations to other nations e.

Interpol, customs, mail, etc. And we are not free of foreign influence and interference, as the Russian hacks in support of Donal trump and foreign lobbying in Washington prove. American corporations, our feckless Congresses, and market forces are responsible for the examples you offer -- American auto makers moving manufacturing abroad, Chinese ownership of some American properties -- and corporate HQ moves to Ireland.

Congress wrote the tax laws and tariff laws that permit and reward all that. Like every other nation, even North Korea, we are not an autarky.

Now, as for individual citizens, the very word "citizen" shows that a person is not truly free. Only wishful thinkers espousing the bogus "sovereign citizen" claim argue that one can be a "citizen" with no loss of freedoms.

Are Americans as free as they like to think? And our personal liberties have shrunk enormously recently, thanks largely to George W. Bush and Barack Obama, whose diminution of Constitutional protections would have been unthinkable before The Wall Street Journal had an article Jan. Before our calls are answered, many call centers automatically check our phone number against a database that includes data from credit reporting agencies, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Privacy an essential component of freedom is in effect dead, along with many individual choices, like the example offered by Topolda Molder about alcohol in Texas. If an American really wants to know how free he is, he should try leaving the USA.

This needs to be put on huge billboards all over the country, because at the moment, the only people aware that the USA has built a wall with the spikes pointing inwards are US expats who's cries are not being heard. You know, many times I tell people that they are not free to leave the USA, and many times I am met with doubts about my sanity.

Citizenship is one thing, but when that government uses that citizenship to claim ownership over a person and their earnings no matter where in the world they live, that becomes something else altogether.

I dearly wish more people understood the full implications of the US citizenship based tax code and FATCA, because if they did, their blood would run cold. Renunciations up from a couple of hundred in to many thousands today and still rising, this despite the efforts to stem the flow by massively increasing fees, tax compliance requirements and limiting appointments at embassies. Tell the overseas American about the USA being the land of the free and he's likely to spit in your eye.

All of those rich people you mention who are renouncing USA citizenship are proof that citizens are free to go. You are intensely focused on tax issues, and I can understand that, but we cannot logically equate levying taxes with preventing travel or emigration.

It's all capitalism and has little to do with being yourself. Everything becomes an effect of the cause of money, and those who have money, using mathematics to control the human body. But those who have the money already have it all - and need power and time remaining on their side. All because of reason. Reflections of reason, the reason things have to work in certain ways, beginning with how people think and act, to uphold this giant oligarchy to protect the wealthy and instill the family mentality, it's what's cheapest and works best to keep people coming.

And what do people do? They destroy one another, the earth, people who make the most money, usually great creators, are actually the best destroyers as what you create is always equal to what you destroy - and why every dwelling and business in America has a bathroom and many of them more than one. Those who have destroyed and taken the most, are those who owe the most, coincidently, and yet are 'freest' to not get caught for it, being able to afford what it takes to best survive - and a lot of this has to do with that, because that's what those who have all of the money are trying to ensure their survival at the cost of everyone else.

The poor get poor, the rich get richer - as all rich people know - it isn't about money, it's about time. They throw away couches and buy new ones as the time it takes to sell the couch isn't worth it. But let's be real here - freedom doesn't even exist. It's a made up word. You jump up - gravity pulls you down. Nobody goes anywhere without cash. Freedom is a product of propaganda, and I think our founding father knew this - at this point, logical deduction seems to point toward some secret agreement between them and the throne of England dividing up America to better control it for old money and the throne, by changing the system of how people's minds work, and nothing else.

Math always stays the same - and think about this.. Who are you anyways? You are a reflection of how god made you, metaphorically speaking as there really is no god. But if there was one - who would he be? The world's richest person - bound by the laws of math, without freedom, like the rest of us, bound to the best choices mathematically, behaving accordingly, and the rest of us are less perfect images of his likeness.

Our perfection diminishes due to the constraints of mass and matter and our professions and what they do to us trying to earn a living while god, the king, has all of us working for him. I heard he just got married last week. But I guess we could all just pretend it's 'freer' over there. Please do not leave spam or advertising junk on this blog! Posted by WWu at 5: Stephen Sossaman July 22, at WWu August 13, at 5: Vorador Hylden November 11, at Stephen Sossaman November 28, at 4: Stephen Sossaman August 15, at 4: Kawika January 11, at WWu April 6, at 3: WWu April 6, at 2: Kawika May 8, at 8: ALoserIsFred May 20, at Kenton Nickels November 3, at 6: JimBo February 5, at Mike Breen April 2, at 6: Edwin Mojarro April 7, at Andrew Strom May 1, at Mike Breen February 28, at Unknown May 15, at 1: ALoserIsFred June 23, at Mike Breen September 4, at 1: Vorador Hylden November 11, at 1: May 15, at 4: Truth Warrior July 3, at 3: ALoserIsFred July 16, at 5: We have rights in our country that many others do not have.

We have the freedom of choice when it comes to many things such as voicing your opinion, who you vote for, and even where you work. The United States of America has been, is, and always will be the greatest country in the history of the world. Even now, in the new millennium, flocks and flocks of new immigrants are attempting to pour into the country, so much so that we have been forced to adopt rather strict immigration policies.

I can not own a gun here as they do not allow the public to do anything here, its repression. The USA is the true land of the free and I hope to come over legally on a work visa soon. You have your problems thats for sure like healthcare and privatised prisons but you do have alot of pro's compared to other western nations. Yes america is land of the free.

Most of the people in the United States originated from another country. Unless your ancestors were strict enough or picky enough to stick to one single race, then you came down from a line of immigrants.

It may be the 21st century, but why should policies change by "eliminating" immigrants? That's deemed impossible, but the thought of deporting immigrants is inconsiderate and stupid. They may be here for a fresh start from a horrible life.

They may not like their country. And also not to mention, some can't even go back home because they are trapped between the family they left behind and the family they created here!

There are so many reasons why one would want to move. Yes they came here undocumented, but who knew what they were going through? It's not easy becoming a citizen in the US. And in all honesty I would've done the same thing to live a life as an American compared to the life of other countries. People are so hung up on 'the Mexicans crossing the borders' 'the immigrants taking our jobs'. Think deeper for at least two seconds and imagine a life like theirs. They may be wanting to get money to support their dying mother, and for pickles-sakes, get off your butts and go find a job!

Yeah it may be hard, but life isn't easy people! So stop worrying about other people and start trying to improve your own lives because God knows you need it!

Sure America is not the only country that has freedom. Canada and countries in Europe also have freedom. But America also has freedom. It is the land of the free. In Switzerland, you are required to have health insurance whether you want it or not.

In America you can get it by your choice. Unlike many countries, people can make entirely their own decisions with their life. It is not guaranteed that they will have the ability to do whatever they want, but more freedom for some comes at the cost of less freedom for others.

In this country there are guarantees that people will have certain rights, which are not all too common around the world. Often governments can prosecute people using their rights in what they view as a harmful way, but in the USA that is less true. An American soldier has less chance of being killed in Kabul than any American city. USA has invaded 77 countries since WW1. However, immigrants can have a difficult time achieving their dreams in the "land of opportunity" because they often have language, educational and cultural factors that are obstacles to their success.

Professional credentials, for example, earned in the homeland of immigrants are often not accepted in the United States. Therefore, immigrants will have to find a way to go back to school and get the accepted degree in order to pursue those higher education career opportunities in America.

Some people began to question whether or not the U. Another one of the reasons that the U. Immigrants can safely and easily start their own businesses in the U.

What Is Economic Stability?

Oct 06,  · The U.S. is said to be the land of the free, but continues to slide in international measures of economic freedom. Last week’s release of the Economic Freedom of the World report ranks the U.S. 16th out of countries, behind perineal leader Hong Kong, our northern neighbors Canada (5th), and the United Kingdom (10th). The real question is whether we are lying to ourselves when we call this country the land of the free. Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro professor of public interest law at George Washington University. America is not the land of the free. It is controlled by special interests and corporations that make it a point to not let folks get ahead in life. The system is designed to enslave the average person to be a worker in a cookie cutter life.