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HBO distributed its programming for only nine hours each day, from 3: Crushing injury of toe s. Archived from the original on October 19, HBO benefit for the pulmonary injury related to smoke inhalation remains experimental. Ulcer of other part of lower limb. Hemorrhagic vesicles may be noted. Cook fought bravely, and at times aggressively, but his left eye was swelling and his flanks were targeted repeatedly.

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The onset of gangrene can occur one to six hours after injury and presents with severe and sudden pain at the infected area. The skin overlying the wound progresses from shiny and tense to dusky, then bronze in color.

The infection can progress as rapidly as six inches per hour. Hemorrhagic vesicles may be noted. A thin, sweet-odored exudate is present. Swelling and edema occur. The non-contractile muscles progress to dark red to black in color. The acute problem in gas gangrene is stopping the rapidly advancing infection caused by alpha-toxin and to continue treatment until the advancement of the disease process has been arrested.

The goal of HBO therapy is to stop alpha-toxin production, thereby inhibiting further bacterial growth at which point the body can use its own host defense mechanisms. HBO treatment starts as soon as the clinical picture presents and is supported by a positive Gram-stained smear.

A treatment approach utilizing HBO is an adjunct to antibiotic therapy and surgery. Initial surgery may be limited to opening the wound. Debridement of necrotic tissue can be performed between HBO treatments when clear demarcation between dead and viable tissue is evident. The usual treatment consists of oxygen administered at 3. Over the next four to five days, treatment sessions twice a day are usual. The sooner HBO treatment is initiated, the better the outcome is in terms of life, limb and tissue saving.

HBO therapy is a valuable adjunctive treatment to be used in combination with accepted standard therapeutic measures when loss of function, limb or life is threatened. As in the previous condition, HBO therapy would be an adjunctive treatment when loss of function, limb or life is threatened. Acute traumatic ischemia is the result of injury by external force or violence compromising circulation to an extremity. The extremity is then at risk for necrosis or amputation.

Secondary complications are frequently seen: The goal of HBO therapy is to enhance oxygen at the tissue level to support viability. Using HBO at 2—2. The benefits of HBO for this indication are enhanced tissue oxygenation, edema reduction and increased oxygen delivery per unit of blood flow, thereby reducing the complication rates for infection, non-union and amputation. The usual treatment schedule is three 1. On the fifth and sixth days of treatment, one 1.

At this point in treatment, outcomes of restored perfusion, edema reduction and either demarcation or recovery would be sufficient to guide discontinuing further treatments. For acute traumatic peripheral ischemic, crush injuries and suturing of severed limbs, HBO therapy is a valuable adjunctive treatment to be used in combination with accepted standard therapeutic measures when loss of function, limb or life is threatened.

The principal treatment for progressive necrotizing infections is surgical debridement and systemic antibiotics. HBO is recommended as an adjunct only in those settings where mortality and morbidity are expected to be high despite aggressive standard treatment of the necrotizing infections.

This condition is a relatively rare infection. It is usually a result of a group A streptococcal infection beginning with severe or extensive cellulitis that spreads to involve the superficial and deep fascia, producing thrombosis of the subcutaneous vessels and gangrene of the underlying tissues. A cutaneous lesion usually serves as a portal of entry for the infection, but sometimes no such lesion is found.

Acute peripheral arterial insufficiency is defined as the sudden occlusion of a major artery in an extremity such as the femoral or brachial artery e. Emergent surgery is the treatment of choice. The goal of HBO therapy is to enhance oxygen at the tissue level to support viability until a definitive procedure can be performed e. The benefits of HBO for this indication are enhanced tissue oxygenation, edema reduction and increased oxygen delivery per unit of blood flow, thereby enhancing limb preservation.

HBO is utilized for graft or flap salvage in cases where hypoxia or decreased perfusion has compromised viability of an existing skin graft. HBO enhances flap survival. Treatments are given at a pressure of 2. It is not unusual to receive treatments twice a day. When the graft or flap appears stable, treatments are reduced to daily. Medicare coverage does not apply to the initial preparation of the body site for a graft. HBO therapy is not necessary for normal, uncompromised skin grafts or flaps or for primary management of wounds.

HBO is an adjunctive therapy for chronic refractory osteomyelitis that persists or recurs following treatment with primary or first-line interventions. The hallmarks of chronic refractory osteomyelitis include a nidus of infected dead bone or scar tissue, an ischemic soft tissue envelope and a refractory clinical course defined as failure after standard surgical debridement and at least six weeks of appropriate antibiotic therapy.

HBO is not to be used alone but as an adjunctive therapy in combination with antibiotics. Antibiotics are chosen on the basis of bone culture and sensitivity studies.

HBO can elevate the oxygen tensions found in infected bone to normal or above-normal levels. It is believed that HBO augments the efficacy of certain antibiotics gentamicin, tobramycin and amikacin. HBO treatments are delivered at a pressure of 2. It is not unusual to receive daily treatments following major debridement surgery. The number of treatments required varies on an individual basis. Medicare Parts A and B can cover the use of HBO for chronic refractory osteomyelitis that has been demonstrated to be unresponsive to conventional medical and surgical management.

HBO use in the treatment of osteoradionecrosis and soft tissue radionecrosis is one part of an overall plan of care. Also included in this plan of care are debridement or resection of non-viable tissues in conjunction with antibiotic therapy.

Soft tissue flap reconstruction and bone grafting may also be indicated. A Requiem in Four Acts. Also in , documentary artist Lauren Greenfield directed a feature-length film about four young women struggling with eating disorders seeking treatment at the Renfrew Clinic in Florida, called Thin.

The Election of Barack Obama. The film covers Obama's trip to Africa, his presidential primary campaign, the general election and his inauguration. In November , HBO aired a four-part documentary titled Witness , each part of which is devoted to covering photojournalists in four conflict regions: The Rescue Mission of Mr.

Kraus , a documentary about the story of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, a Jewish couple from Philadelphia who traveled to Nazi Germany in and, with the help of the B'rith Sholom fraternal organization, saved Jewish children in Vienna from likely death in The Holocaust by finding them new homes in Philadelphia.

In April , the channel aired the documentary An Apology to Elephants , about the purported abuse and brutal treatment of elephants. Designed as a family-oriented mini-pay service, Take 2 was essentially formatted as an alternative to HBO, without any R-rated program content. The channel was ultimately deemed a major failure due to low subscribership and limited carriage by cable providers, and ceased operations late that summer. In , [ specify ] HBO launched the premium channel Festival , [] a separate service that was distinctively programmed to provide family-friendly fare, which featured classic and recent hit movies, as well as HBO's original specials which were branded when broadcast on the channel under the banner "Centerstage", which featured stand-up comedy, concert specials and ice skating shows and documentaries.

Festival, whose on-air slogan was Quality Entertainment You Welcome Home , [] had also broadcast collections of feature films featuring a particular movie star known as "Star Salutes". What differed Festival from HBO was that the former channel was programmed as a family-oriented service. Atypical for a premium service, Festival featured edited versions of R-rated movies that were recut in order to fit a PG rating and allowed only high-quality series, specials and movies to be broadcast on the channel's schedule.

As Festival was designed as a mini-pay premium service formatted similarly to Take 2 before it , the cost of a monthly subscription of the channel was also priced lower than that of HBO and Cinemax.

Festival provided its subscribers with a color page monthly program guide. However, the channel suffered from insufficient cable carriage as only a few providers carried Festival; as such, it could not compete with then-fellow premium service The Disney Channel , which also maintained a family-oriented programming format that service would convert into a basic cable channel in April Festival would eventually shut down in late [ specify ]. In , HBO created The Comedy Channel, a basic cable channel that featured clips excerpted from stand-up comedy sets, comedic feature films and television series using a programming model similar to the original format of MTV , [36] which launched on November 15 of that year.

The channel competed with another startup comedy-oriented cable channel that debuted the following year, Viacom-owned Ha!: The TV Comedy Network , which focused on reruns of older network sitcoms. Both channels suffered from insufficient cable carriage both Ha! The Comedy Network, which debuted on April 1, ; [] the channel subsequently changed its name three months later to Comedy Central due to confusion and potential legal issues with Canadian broadcaster, the CTV Television Network.

Cannon dropped out of the venture by after the studio took a financial hit following its attempt at a series of larger budget films that did not experience box office success; the unit was then renamed HBO Video. When HBO launched in , its original logo was merely consisted of the "Home Box Office" name and a ticket stub surrounded by a lighted marquee.

The original version of its current logo designed by Bemis Balkind was introduced in , using an uppercase bold "HBO" text with a circle inside the 'O', which in turn cuts into the 'B'. The logo was modified in although it did not completely replace the original version until , with the 'B' and the 'O' becoming full letterforms, albeit continuing to be attached to each other. The simplicity of the logo makes it fairly easy to duplicate, something HBO has taken advantage of many times over the years.

The logo became iconic due to a program opening sequence produced in by New York City production firm Liberty Studios , nicknamed "HBO in Space", which was used from September 20, to September 30, A starburst—or "stargate effect"—then occurs following a pan towards a star-filled sky which begins a shorter version of the sequence , unveiling a chrome-plated HBO logo that flies and rotates into view; colored light beams encircle the side of the "O", then flash to a partially animated sequence featuring more lights racing counter-clockwise in its interior on a silver axis, revealing "HBO Feature Presentation" or another program type such as " Standing Room Only ", "HBO Special" or "On Location" in block text, before additional beams sweep across the text and shine, with more flashing into a fade to black.

Most variants of this sequence were discontinued in , except for the feature presentation which was relegated to use only for the main prime time film , " Saturday Night Movie " and "Sunday Night Movie" variants the latter two of which were discontinued in Another well-known HBO program opener, "Neon Lights", began movies airing outside of primetime from November 1, , to September 30, The sequence, set to a synth and electric guitar theme, begins with a purple HBO logo on a film strip with blue, green and pink light rays shooting through it as the strip rotates out of view; the lights shoot through several glowing CG slots until a flash of light hits a field of spheres in varying colors, which zoom out to form a light purple HBO logo overlaid by a cursive magenta "Movie" script against a black background with rows of light purple spheres.

From September to April 1, , HBO used a Pittard Sullivan-designed CGI feature presentation bumper sequence that features a flyover similar to the sequence, starting with the front of a movie theater featuring a marquee that reads "HBO Feature Presentation", and trekking through a country road, a snowy mountain road near a cliff and a desert road respectively passing under a tower, tunnel and tanker truck shaped in the individual letters of the HBO logotype ; this leads into a road in an urban neighborhood with skyscrapers visible in the background that becomes a bridge upon the city's downtown area, and lead to a slowing flyover toward and pan over an HBO logo-shaped lake that starts with several spotlights rapidly turning on and ends with a 3D animation of the "Feature Presentation" text.

The closing animation that is seen both in the full version as well as a shorter version of the sequence seen outside of weekend prime time films and Saturday film premieres, when the longer sequence was used. The sequence was replaced on April 2, —as part of a new graphics package implemented on that date across the HBO multiplex channels—by a much shorter opening sequence designed by Jesse Vartanian who also designed CGI teaser commercials for HBO's premiere telecast of the film Avatar , consisting only of a dark background with faint light auroras around the HBO logo and a simple "Feature Presentation" text animation, accompanied by soft orchestral music.

Another new opening sequence, done by Imaginary Forces, was implemented on March 4, The current intro combines live-action and CGI while also paying homage to the original sequence to the point that the latter can be seen during the new intro.

Unlike other pay television networks including the multiplex channels of sister channel Cinemax , HBO does not brand its programming with on-screen logo bugs of the main network and each respective multiplex channel—although its multiplex channels do display logo bugs during promotional breaks between programs. As the network was launched in new markets, the HBO brand has been used in several countries. HBO also licenses its programming to air on certain other broadcast, cable channels and video on demand services outside the United States, such as:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American pay television channel. For other uses, see HBO disambiguation. List of programs broadcast by HBO. Premium Subscription Television from Time-Life.

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Retrieved 26 January Retrieved August 13, Retrieved August 15, Retrieved August 14, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved June 15, Retrieved July 9, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved March 17, — via HighBeam Research. For now, I want to rest. I thought it was a very fun fight for the fans. I thought I fought better than he did.

We had good judges, who saw it from different angles. Canelo fought a good fight. Jaime Munguia makes it easy for fight fans to latch onto him and get excited. Still three weeks shy of his 22nd birthday, the Mexican junior middleweight is with 26 knockouts and refuses to be part of a dull round of boxing.

Munguia got through quickly and easily enough against Brandon Cook in the final bout on the Golovkin-Alvarez 2 undercard that he could feasibly return within the next couple of months. Too big, too energetic, and too strong, the massive pounder from Tijuana stopped Cook 63 seconds into the third round. He frequently missed wildly or lunged in with his punches. And by the end of the first round, when Munguia landed a right hand to the head and proceeded to tee off along the ropes until the bell rang, the younger man was in complete control.

Cook fought bravely, and at times aggressively, but his left eye was swelling and his flanks were targeted repeatedly.

Munguia pummeled him in the corner at the end of the second round the same way he had in the first, then did serious damage in the third. He dropped Cook by landing big shots with both hands during an exchange about 30 seconds into the round. It was just the rebound performance Munguia was looking for after being taken the distance by Liam Smith in July.

Their battle inside the ring was over in under three minutes. Lemieux came out of his corner at the opening bell, looking to inflict damage, firing fast flurries to head and body. That opportunity never arrived: The only one that really mattered, though, was the final one: He hauled himself uncertainly back to his hands and knees, and looked up at referee Russell Mora, who waved off the contest without completing a count.

The time was 2: I was motivated by all the trash talk.

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