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How to delete your YouTube account
Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the YouTube page. Can i delete my youtube account? Data associated with the channel, such as Watch time, will still be part of aggregate reports, but will not be attributed to the deleted channel. Go to your account settings, at Manage Account. If you're using a newer browser, update to the current version of YouTube.

Delete your channel permanently


Now that you've moved the majority of your favorites, playlists and content to your other account, you might want to tie up some loose ends by removing the one you aren't using anymore. Follow these quick steps to completely remove a YouTube account and all of its related information:. Log in to your YouTube account. Click on your username in the top right corner to open a new menu and choose Settings. On the new page, click on Manage Account in the menu on the left-hand side.

The Close Account button will appear a few options down on the right-hand side. You can choose to fill out your reason for leaving YouTube, or leave it blank. Then click Close Account. YouTube will double-check that you really want to close your account. Also, you will be informed that your username will not be eligible for another YouTube account in the future.

Click the Close Account button, if you're sure you want to delete the account, again. A notice will appear that says your account has been deleted, and you will be automatically logged out.

Removing a YouTube account will not remove your actual Google account. On the side, click on "Manage Account". Click on "Delete Account" 5: Type in your password then explain the reason. Judging on your YT usernames, you likely uploaded copyrighted songs. Now, in case you study their disclaimer, or TOS words of provider , they enable you understand which you won't be able to upload third occasion Copyrighted songs onto their internet site.

YouTube has each and every perfect to get rid of your account in case you study the TOS. Log into your YouTube account. In the upper right hand corner of the window, click on "Account. Now, you can click on "Delete Account. If you dont have the passwords you wont be able to delete the account. Make a new one. Youtube will delete it automatically after a year.

Account Issues, Continue, http: Here is my new video on how to delete a Youtube Account: ME, im a whiz at computers. Can i delete my youtube account? Can you delete a youtube account? How do you delete Youtube accounts? Without telling them I used there videos? Where can i download a list of pennys and there worth?

Delete Channels Without Plus Profiles

Follow these steps to delete your YouTube channel: On a computer, make sure you're signed in to YouTube with the channel you want to delete. Go to your advanced account settings. You can get to advanced account settings at any time by following these steps: In the top right, click your account > YouTube settings. By Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello. If your username is your identity on YouTube, remember that deleting your account means the end of that identity. Closing your YouTube account means that all the unique qualities of your account (your groups, subscriptions, search histories, and so on) will no longer be available to you. Jan 10,  · How to Delete Your Youtube Account Delete your YouTube channel How to Delete Your Youtube channel delete your Youtube account How do I permanently Author: Tutorial Video.