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The difficult part with Proxy websites is that there are a huge number of such websites which claims they are the best in the field. Some one has went into my account and change my pass word numberous times and I want it back as it was at barbiann yahoo. Users can also set which set of gender-specific pronoun should be used in reference to them throughout the site. SUCKS, they lock my acct , gave me no reason why ive sent all id info etc over and over and still no access. It is pretty price sufficient for me. Is this a joke? The New York Times.

Free Web Proxy

Top 20 Free YouTube Proxy Sites to Unblock YouTube

The unique feature of this amazing proxy site is that it allows you to choose the quality of videos while streaming and also allows you to watch live streaming as well.

You can also download YouTube videos from this website. This is a bit different from the one we have listed so far. As the name suggests it is an organization or more of a directory of popular free proxy servers across the globe. The home page gives a detailed information about how proxy servers work and why they are used. The sidebar on the left shows the list of proxy servers. You can choose any one of them to unblock YouTube.

If you are looking for professional services of Proxy Servers, you can opt for Proxify. Though it is a paid proxy server, just use it once and you will realize it is worth every single penny. You get a free 3 days trial and can buy the premium services once you are satisfied with the services. The UI is simple and minimal. It offers you the option to remove user scripts, encrypt page etc. Though it is full of ads, till then it is working, we are ready to bear ads.

This is also an awesome free proxy website to unblock YouTube. The interesting thing about this proxy website is that it allows you to choose your own IP along with the location. While few IP and locations are completely free to use, you may have to pay for premium locations and IP. It is just like the Proxy. It is also a proxy server directory and all the proxy servers mentioned on this site are safe and free to use. It also educates you about the working and usage of proxy servers.

It features a simple black design and offers crisp information about proxy servers. You need to type the URL in the box on the homepage and it will do the rest of the work for you. If you easily get irritated by ads and pop-ups, KProxy.

The best part of this website is that it offers minimal ads and there is no speed limit. It works like a charm in unblocking the blocked website and can also unblock YouTube as well. It is free and simple to use. The best part about this proxy website to Unblock YouTube is that it places very few ads so that it does not affect the user experience. It is comparatively faster as compared to other proxy websites and offers better responsive pages as well.

This is again totally free to use and you can use this youtube proxy site to unblock YouTube at any location despite any limitation or restrictions. This proxy website is specially designed for YouTube but you can unlock other locked websites as well. You can use this proxy website to unblock YouTube at your school, college or office. The ads are minimal and the speed of streaming is also decent. You can start using it and will understand why we have included this in our list of top 20 proxy sites to Unblock YouTube.

The last name on our list is RapidProxy. It is a decent tool for unblocking YouTube but it has one major downside. It is full of Pop Ads which can be irritating so you may have to enable Ad Blocker before using this proxy website to unblock YouTube. Now, you can understand that no one can stop you from accessing the Internet and you have all the freedom in the world to access YouTube whenever you want and wherever you want.

Though you can opt for YouTube alternatives there is a reason why YouTube is considered as one of the best websites on the Internet. Hope these proxy sites Unblocked Youtube for you. If you ask for our suggestion, we would suggest you use Zalmos Proxy as it is fast, safe and free to use. Let us know which one do you like the most and if we missed your favorite proxy sites in comments.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Zalmos Web Proxy The next in our list is Zalmos. Unblock My Web The best part about this proxy website to Unblock YouTube is that it places very few ads so that it does not affect the user experience. As soon i entered my yahoo ID and Password afterwards i am still unable to login into neither yahoo mail nor the facebook account. Now he has uploaded porn photoes and is sharing them to all my contacts which serverely distorting my image in my social circle.

Moreover, Sir there are some very essential emails in my inbox which are very important as per my job. Hereby its humbly requested that i am in dire need for my yahoo account kindly help regain my account.

Regards; Abdul Rasheed Jogezai emil Adress. Facebook customer service is non-existent. That took a while. Facebook really sucks in helping their users. My profile does not show any posts,status etc. How can i fix this problem? Please inform me as soon as possible.

It shows this email address is invalid. Please delete my profile from facebook. I have a sereous problem with my facebook. Delete everything on my account. Cell number Hi, when i was using my account , suddenly a note came ,and then my facebook account became a facebook page, so i want to convert my page to my old account.

I want my old fb acount. It says it was temporarily disabled and a friend of mine said that there was spam on my Facebook the other day. Can you please help me with this problem? Facebook Team, why my facebook account is blocked.. Please solution tell me my e-mail: We have 2 accounts that have been limited because we reported spam by a link that is on facebook associated with farmville2.

It downloads malware onto our computers everytime we go into it. When I tried to unsubcribe from the site it said I had malware and locked my account. I was the one reporting the spam. I realize I probably hit spam more than once instead of hide post, i was just frustrated with it. The other account on that my daughter is using tonyalter yahoo. We were both using this site and realized it was causing our computer to have problems. We fixed our issue.

Please fix yours and get our facebook accouts back up. This is crazy that you send us to help but we cant even contact you on it from our page. This is bloody pissing me off, My account was disabled for no reason i was on there Thursday morning, I went to go get the mail in the afternoon and when in came back my account was disabled. I have not done anything obscene or offensive to anybody. I use my Facebook account to stay in contact with my family and my friends and to link with other family members around the world i do not solicit other people that i do not know.

I have some family member that have disable my account before and would go to extremes to make sure that i never get on Facebook again to stay in contact with family members or to see how much they have grown. My ex is hell bent on me having anything to do with my kids and even though they are adults he tries and block them from communicating with me ,I have a two sisters and two brothers that are also going to great lengths to keep me from staying in contact with them, I also have a very mean and vindictive sister in laws that would give anything by any means just to make sure i do not contact them by any means.

Now i am not a person that like problems and i abide by the rules cause i have family members that are in law enforcement, so can we please reactivate my Facebook account, I have already filed a appeal i have contacted Facebook by email and have submitted what i think is sufficient in reactivating my account. So please fix this problem within a timely matter, I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. I have even asked my daughter who is a contact in my account to see if i even have a account anymore and she said yes that it is just unavailable at the moment.

I am the one who uses the account not my husband. This is a breach of MY personal security!!! Maybe law enforcement would like to know about this!!!

I requested to u plz do the need ful asap. Please advise why I have been blocked from accessing my facebook account and for how long more will I have to wait before the account is reactivated because there are a lot of pending messages I need to deal with. My Facebook is not letting me on it says there are to many users on it from differ areas it its fine I gave them permission to I need it back on ASAP my Facebook is the same as my email thanks.

To cut off people like that, who are trying to communicate with their families through this medium is criminal. Do you need to add further harship to people who are already going through enough? Lupita rodriguez is operating a escort service u need to stop this b4 a child get hurt or falls n her trap. I am unable to change my fb profile name.

I have tried to set may name in general account settings there I have already tried with 3 names so by default I have different names.. Slove mah prblm as soon as possible. You have to be kidding! I am from India, Tripura, Agartala. I have been surfing online greater than three hours these days, but I never found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is pretty price sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the net can be a lot more useful than ever before.

On November 4, I no longer was able to access facebook from my blackberry. If you want to use this application, connect to a Wi-Fi network or upgrade your data plan. When I called my boost mobile plan they said it was a facebook issue, that I needed to contact facebook, that my data plan should allow me access to facebook.

Can you please tell me what the problem is and if it can be fixed on your end? My facebook account got spammed and when I tried to log in to it again I had to go through secuity and it tried to send an access code to my email and to my phone number. I have fixed my email addess but the number the access code was sent to I now longer use, so I no longer have access to my facebook please email me ways for me tp be able to log back in.

I took my new email off my new facebook and put it on old one that i use everyday because the porshia. The problem im having is i cant logg into my new facebook because i took the email address off my new one for my old one.

I can still type the name of my new account in hte search bar and find it but i cant logg into it.. Hi There, Im having alot of trouble logging into my account, I had a page to write my full name in which I put the name my facebook is in and it has stated that it is wrong and I will be sent an email soon. I have not yet recieved an email and run my business through facebook, please help me get back to accessing my account. All this material is officially posted on my You Tube and my Twitter account.

Best regards Srdjan Cukovic. I know longer have the email address I set up my facebook account. Good morning Facebook, i am Miocic Davide , and i was blocked the friendship for 30 days, your new filter is bad i hope or momentary out. I remember that my son used my profile and the request about friendship are not mine, please reset my status,this is the second time,.

I am concerned that my nephew posted a video of a fight that happened at a local beach with many youths watching. Facebook was used to publish when and where the fight would be. I have taken it to the police and would like your help in getting the fight taken off as today there have been comments and many likes.

The behavior needs to stop. Can you remove these people fromfacebook for abusing it? I need assistance getting access back to my facebook account. Its asking for a phone number? Does it mean land line or mobile? Hi 5 days without fb its driving me mad!!!

Have sent so many reports but had no comeback yet. I have added many friends to me. Just because of this my accont is locked now. Please, unlock my account. It is asking me to find out my friends photos. But it is immpossible, because it is too much photos. I need my account to contact with my friends.

I am so tired of not being able to get on my facebook. My name is Andrea Parsons and I have a facebook account. And its crap that I igot bloced from putting comments for two days! My facebook account has been blocked and i am spam from the facebook, and Facebook need me verified any photo but i can identified because i dont now tha photo and i am only upload 3 photon on my page. Tengo problemas con subir las fotos al facebook.

No se como solucionar esto. I can understand why my Facebook is unavailable. I remember I never have this problem in my space.. Facebook is to much complain for everything. I think my space. I never doe something wrong in my Facebook now is unavailable. I can understand why.. My computer cannot load the facebook page. I get a try again message. I do not have this problem with other URLs. I have forget my facebook password so what is the process to again activate my account.

So what is up with it not loading? I have other friends that this is happening to also. Being on Facebook keeps me connected with persons I have heard from in years. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact Facebook with no success. They have never responded to me and now I believe its time for legal action. Anyone, no a good attorney?

What use is your site if one cannot access it? I am trying to search my friends on facebook with their names and email id but everytime it shows no results found i am putting the right names and email id I beleive there are some problems with my facebook account i dont know how to fix it…please help me with the same.

If you need help, please contact us. Suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution. It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing.

Please write back and let me know what I can do For her or give me a phone number that I can talk to somebody and maybe they could guide me through Thanks appreciate it.

Now since yesterday my account was not opening. It shows some pictures and ask the taggers of the picture, and I am sorry that I forget the name of the taggers, if u kindly help to open my Facebook account I was very thankfull to u. Please note my first account was also deactivated by this proses.

Pls Pls Pls help me to opening my account. My fac1ebook account has been terminated, due to unknown reason. I am not able to allow to log in my facebook.

I want to keep my account. Please advise how I should do. I am very upset that the noncustiodian mother of my minor child continues to harrass and bully me online and make people believe our child is being abused. Twice a week she posts on facebook what she calls a fan club for my child saying horrible things that are untrue and sometimes threatening and posts private info such as address and ph number…what if someone were to come looking for my child thinking they were helping or just being creepy?!!?

Hey how is it going, I have an issue with my facebook, i am guessing it is because i kept requesting too many people. PLease help me fix it. I really need this because my gf is long distance i will stop requesting people if that is all it takes for it to work again. Jayaraj Menon Vappala menonjayan1 rediffmail. Dear Sir, Meri friend ki facebook id hack ho gaye hai plz id band kar do Bhawnakarcha yahoo. My friends are able to view many posts which I am not being able to and everything has gone onesided.

Dear sir, My facebook acount is temporarily locked on last few days so how it can be unlocked plz help me and my id is issacraja. Sir plzz unlocked my fb acc…i dont know the pic tags….

When i tried logging in, its showing for security reasons your account is temporarily locked and asking to identify photos my friends are tagged in.

I could not identify photos as there are many people with the same name. Plz help me logging in. My facebook account temporarely blocked. I am trying to unblock but unable to do this because. Dear sir i m avinash karshingkar and my problem my facebook account is suspend plz my account do countinu my account name is: Here are my apologies for any behavior that might have been out of line in the past.

Hi , i made a facebook account then it said i had to verify it with a mobile phone number. For your privacy, others cannot see your account while it is locked. To unlock your account, you may need to pass a security check. It may also be illegal. If you are not Fahad Iftikhar Hashmi, press Cancel.

Hi this is vivek from delhi. Facebook I do not like the page Feed link on the left hand side of the news feed. Why cant it be incorporated right into my regular news feed. I am no seeing a lot of posts.

Having to go through 2 news feed pages is a hassle. I would rather have everything in one News Feed. Ok how can i clear my face book search bar no matter what letter i put in. But it is still under review pending? Y is it takes so long to active back? Why does Facebook keep blocking me every time I send friends request to a couple people I know. Its getting on my nerves and its frustrating Me. Could you please unblock me. I am not able to post or share from my face book account.

My facebook account is temporary unabled to log in. Im already waiting for a code to relog on my account. The problem is the first code that was expired and I have tried one more time to get the code. However, the second code have to wait for a period. The error i am getting like i need to login in the recognized computer..

Dear, sir my facebook id is temporaly locked how can it plz help me…….. I have read through all of these messages and it appears that the majority of us have the same problem. I have been blocked for 10 days for confirming friend request sent to me. I agree with the person who said this company is too big to neglect all of the customers. What are we to do? This same thing happened to my sister. She decided to just shut down her Facebook Page.

When she tried to she got a message that she had the wrong password and wrong email address. She could not close her page.. Anyone have any suggestions. If we all ran our businesses like this the Feds would be knocking on all of our doors!!. Anyone listening out there that can help us?????????. So pls do the needful. HI my facebook some one hacked and deleted some pic, so i forcly deleted my albums, is it able to recover my albums back to my mail..

But really appreciated , if you can give me one more chance to change my family name for the last time…it is really important to me…. Dear sir my facebook account blocked my facebook id karthi gmail. My facebook account is temporarily blocked since many days. Please Do the needful to unlock my account. My login id is casachindav gmail. Hey team this is Asha i cant recover my facebook account since 10 days i think somebody is hacked my account n they have added secondry e-mail address n two different phone numbers those r not mine so mails r going to that e-mail id n those phone number.

Please help me to retrive my account contact me through ashasidnal gmail. Before taking this seriously to go, I would first verify that it is correct.? S Dollars from the concluded Face-book Lottery promotion for January, Your name was selected on a raffle draw that was held in London United Kingdom ,22nd of January, So your urgent response is needed to enable us process the delivery of your winning prize. My account been close and I was asked to email my I.

In my id,, confirmation code error occurs,, i will change email id and fill correct code but the problem is not solve out,plz help me.

Dear sir, am using fb accout since from 1 month only. But Sincerely i didn. Sir pls check it out once get it me clear. I have not been able to turn off my chat since the cog and all settings are missing. I think you suck. There is no way to contact you with a problem. My credit card company gave me a phone number BUT you are not accepting calls.

I have tried several times to buy credits with my card but it will not accept it. Called the credit card company after several attempts and they assured me there is nothing wrong with my card or account.

My login id is dey. I am using the facebook around 4years ready. They also send this messege to my friends as if I have written to them. Please block the source of this junk messege and protect my wall from non-friends. I do not know this person how do i get them off my facebook account? The sent were rejected everytime. I got married and I want to add my new last name. It says I changed it too many times.

It was still my name. Now I want to use my new married name. Let me change my name. Let me change my name! It wont show the pop up of the number one on the message bar by the name of the person who is messaging me! Hi Sir My fb comment box has been blocked i can not comment to my friends.

I updated my Facebook in my iPhone! Logged in to my Facebook page a few moments ago EST , and so far everything seems to be working just fine! Thanks a whole bunch!! I have been sharing postings that are already on my facebook page. Now facebook has told me that they are blocking me for 2 days. I have not shared anything offensive or sensitive.

It is about gardening, dogs, cats, conservative posts, etc. Why is facebbok doing this to me. I am now blocked for 2 days for innocent sharing. Facebook said I was going to fast. What does that mean? This is really upsetting me and if facebook is just going to block me for doing nothing for 2 days, then I need to reconsider if I want to stay on facebook.

I have a limited amount of friends. A little over 25 friends. So what is your problem, Facebook? The fact that I share Jesus messages also? Since i am not familiar with spanish language,kindly advise how to rectify this problem. And I want the account remove. My pictures in all have been put back on there thanks Roland McClendon. My account has been blocked please re-log in my account. And I also deleted another account I accidentally started. Can not contact anyone for anything!

Their company needs to shut down! I call it Farcebook because it is a worthless site to use or to contact for help. The so-called number you posted is worthless, only a recording that does nothing. Can not get on any game on it, for several months they crashed, now nothing.

Want them to contact me to file complaints to fix their junk! Cancel my account and forward my pictures, etc. Hi dear My Facebook account is working properly everything fine like apps subscription pages are alright without friend list i had about friends in my friends list but at this moment i cannot find any of my friend.

There is no one in my Facebook friend list. Kind regards Shajanur Raja. Hello last saturday somebody stole my iPhone and today I saw that somebody enter with my account from city that have never been there I took photo on that messege with that location. Can you help me? Hello sir some one has haked my account and that is missusing my account abouseing to my friends and psting wrong post on my account i has realy big probleb from the hacker o please i need help.

Facebook is social site to play games and contact friends you havent seen or heard from. I have been block 3 times now it says that i may be blocked permantly. Iam think that I have been blocked by a group of people that had a worked for me.

I have invited a few friends that I know and a few of there friends to like my page why would that be harassment. I think Facebook makes it to easy for people that like to complain iam re thinking about Facebook and thinking about cancling them.

I would say harassement is what is happening to me. I have two bussiness that have two differnt pages I was thinking about addvertising on facebook , but not now when this has come up and pay Facebook for addvertisment for what so I can be told I am block from reaching out to other friends and there friends.

Ive been blocked from my own account aswell as bein told there are no further security measures that can be used to access my account so im just in that point where nothin works. I recently joined facebook about 2 weeks ago, now my facebook blocked and I was told to recognize that there are photos of friends on my facebook, but I can not recognize it because I have friends with them.

I lost my password and i want to change it the problem is am they are asking for security code from my phone and i do not still use the number. It asked me for government ID and i have sent the documents but my account still remains unlocked. Kindly help me out!! I just dnt knw wat to do. Will you please send the confirmation code every time someone will send request for it please. There are a lot of people using you. Please help me gain access my account again.

What the hell is this i have open a account and u send me image verification what u think. I want my account open and normal. Plese help, I suspect that sum one is trying to access my facebook account.

Please help me track this if possible. I need help with a problem on my timeline. This is crap to me and i need help[…please someonme help me with this..

I was sent a email claiming to be Administration Facebook stating I had a problem with my account. Your profile is missing required information. View Notifications Go to Facebook This message was sent to jimfunston mac. Thanks for your patience as we work to verify this account. My face book acc is showing me this messege form last 2weaks so plz help me to get over it….. There should be a way to find out this information without having to pay for it.

Iam Facing problem while trying to play Firm ville2 in face book do you Guys really have problem with this site. Waiting to hear from you soonest Aaban Aahil. Email address — princekyle live. Suddenly, of late, I am unable to access my Facebook account. I need your assistance. I find there is another person by the name of Pappu Sahani of Anandapu, India is using my email id.

Even after changing my password I am still not able to access my Facebook. Does not anyone see, that this is NOT the page to get support from? WTF is wrong with you? Making a report on Anthony ferguson he is disrespectful posting things on people page please do something with him please delete him or suspend him of. Ugh, I just tried awhile ago as I wanted to complain about there 48 hour hold on blocking someone as I had unblocked my now ex boyfriend to go through his friends list as I forgot to block his other alias accounts that he has for gaming.

Which is against the TOS and I was going to report them. I have to wait 48 hrs. I set up a FB acct several years ago. Out of the blue, FB stopped recognizing my stored password.

I contacted FB support, and their replies made it clear they thought they were addressing a not-very-bright six year old. They gave me the distinct impression they had better things to do than help me resolve my issue.

A friend of mine suggested just setting up a separate FB page and notifying my friends about the new page. Naturally, not long afterwards FB decided to once again accept the password for my old page, so I deactivated my old page. Hello, I am Sujatha. My facebook account has been hacked. I need to access it, but I could not access it because I forgot the password of supporting mail id as well as facebook mail id.

I have around friends. My facebook profile name is Sujatha Srinivas. And url is http: My profile photo is my own pic in green sari. Please help me in accessing the same facebook account by sending details to my gmail id kini9sujatha gmail. There was some question of my identity.

I provided a color copy of my driver license and have yet to receiver the courtesy of a reply. I also included my phone which is unable to accept any text message.

Please help so I can log in to facebook. I even use my FB account for social work like Medical camps and awareness. You can see my Photos I have shared. Please I Bag you dont disable my account. I hope you will understand me. My name is hemanta. No explanation, no answers as to why or what the problem is. I have sent messages, emails and in almost a moth have not gotten any response, not one!!! For a multi billion dollar company I would expect if you want me to use FB, you would have some type of customer service, where we can find out why or what we are doing wrong.

What a great way to make sure I never use it and tall all my friends they suck and they are not to be trusted!!!! I hate that Facebook is constantly making changes with no regard whatsoever to what we want.

Does it take 15 days? I was wanting to close a duplicate Facebook account and got a person with a heavy accent I could barely understand who I am not certain understood what I needed to do, so I hung up fearing he would close the one account I do not want to close.

How do I get is shut down? I always used to open my acount at intervals of two days but suddenly it showing this, please help me to open my facebook acount. I always used to open my acount at intervals of two days but suddenly it showing this, please help me to open my facebook acount…. Where can I send by emial or fax a request for a credit reference for a potential client who has business with you?

Hello, My account has been hacked and for the past 3 month I have been unable to log in to my account. Please help me to rectify this problem. I have been blocked several times on facebook by mistake from adding friends. Before the first block I started adding friends that dont know me and I dont know them, which was a shameful mistake from me. After the first block I changed the way I displayed facebook in that I started adding friends that knows me and I know them in common.

The people that I added friends that dont know me and I dont know them are my cousins friends in Chicago. I dont live in Chicago. I never lived in Chicago. After the first block, I started adding friends that went to the same college with me Hampton University, my alma mater and the people that were classmates with me in college Hampton University is where I graduated from.

What can you be able to do about this? I have been blocked by mistake several times after my first block. Can you prevent the friend request block to occur in my facebook account for good, because I know very well I have been blocked by mistake. Im doing my best job to keep Facebook safe and makes sense. After the first block, I have been adding the friends that I know from college and Facebook has blocked me several times and I dont think it is right.

Facebook has blocked me by mistake from adding friends and I am hoping that I would never be blocked again, so Facebook would be a fun and safe enviornment for me, my Facebook friends, and everyone as well. After the first block, I started to connect myself with the people I know, but Facebook has blocked me several times after then.

Before the first block I started to connect with the people I never knew and I am sorry for what I have done and I feel very shameful for what I have done and Im looking forward for a bright Facebook future. Im looking forward for this problem to be solved. I got blocked from sending requests for 30 days but i never sent a request to unknown person………. I have had a horrible experience getting a facebook customer service representative on the phone.

I am curious as to why they are not accepting, answering and responding to calls during these typical business hours. I am under suspension for the second time now, that someone is attempting and using my name and e-mail addresses to create fake facebook accounts.

I have tryed to get someone on the phone at the number they have listed of and to no avail. I will continue calling and trying other numbers through a google search. I have contacted facebook once before and spoke to a rep regarding the same issue I was having about a year and a half ago.

Keep trying to reach someone. I probably will have to disconnect it all togheter. Doesnt make sense for a person looking at it. Hii customer care my fb is not open due to some prblem plz help me…. To contact this no…. My daughters mother name is Diana pelfrey so, why am I being block from her?

People decision to not to except friend. This the only way I can check on her. Her name is Asia if check the messenger. You will see the pictures her mom sent me. Why am I blocked from friends?

Kindly get back to me asap i want to access my previous face book account which has been accessed by someone else. So please get back to me asap. There is another hassle with trying to contact Facebook. It was my SimCity Social account.. My wife changed my Username by mistake.

This was the one change that is allowed but it was by mistake. How can I get the option to change it to what it should be? Please and thank you…. Please can you tell me the IP Address Or the person Name who has made that group So our school management take some action against the kulprete..!

March 17, to get it back. It says my account is temporarily locked. Thanking you in advance,. When I click on the see more nothing happens. How can i verify my Facebook account?

Please help me verify my account. Please enter it below. Contact me at the email address above, OR the mobile number listed on my account. Thanking you in advance for your reply, Yours sincerely, A. Facebook customer support is the absolute worse. Do they ever respond to inquires? I have never had such a bad experience with a company of their size.

Amazon, Zappos, Netflix, etc. One more reason not to like Facebook. I am unable to login to fb,could you please let me know what is up? I am able to go to any other sight but fb,so I know it is not due to my internet connection. Thanking you in advance for your reply, Yours sincerely, puja sharma. I have added a lots of people in my friends list with some likes of pages.

I am in terrible with such problem. I will black or delete all unknown people which was added by me if this is problem. Please help me and let me know how to open my company facebook account and page. To Facebook Team I am a member on facebook I have been very disappointed with your nusty behaveir to suspend my account.

I have done nothing serious crime so that you suspend my account, to block my account from sharing, liking and commenting. I do not understand why you do this to me. This is not the first time nor the second time , since I started being member of facebook you continue suspending my accout, blocking my account from sharing, liking and commenting. I am not phishing nor stealing features, these people whom I am sharing liking and commenting their photos are my close friends, we even talk and see each other on skype and I have their permission verbally through skype to share like and comment their photos.

Why then you interfere as you do not have the right to act by this way. Kindly with all my respect unsuspend and unblocked my account, I will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance Marios Contopoulos or Rodolfo Valetine email: I e-mailed you last night with my problem and earlier this morning I was able to login to fb.

But only for a short time and then it quit working again. I hope you can figure out this problem soon. Hello, My friend and i have been trying to add each other as friend and nothing works…. Can you please help us….

Vishal Arora, due to a brain attack. We all are still under the shock of losing our son at this tender age. But after his death I have seen that some one has started misusing his FB Account, sending request and unwanted mails. Its our humble request to kindly deactivate his account with immediate effect and if at you can help us with the IP details we would be greatly obliged to you. I case you require the proof for his death , we can submit a copy of his death certificate.

Kindly help us and allow his soul to rest in peace!! I, like those others who have written, have a problem logging into my Facebook page. It has been been completely obliterated by your support group.

I spoke with Travis, from New Delhi, who said he would adjust the situation. This was not acceptable and disappointing. My password is not accepted. I have used facebook since its inception. Please remedy this situation.

Thank you Gigi Farber Beverly Farber. Hi facebook, i have an open account which i do not remember the email address for or the password but i want to deactivate it, how can i do this? I have a business Facebook that needs to be pulled down. Sold the business and it needs to be deactivated. How do I do this without knowing the administrative login. Hi Dear Facebook moderators, i just find out that my friends or any one else cant see my post on my time line , and its sins i v got my Nokia Windows phone and tried to set up fcb account on my phone, its nothing showing on my time line if i post or share on my laptop, only if i share from my phone, tried all settings on my fcb account, and on a phone but nothing helped.

Can you help me for this problem? Keep getting blocked by facebook to acquire friends that I know. I need resolution to this ongoing problem. So please close my account sujana. Give me facebook helpline number. How do I keep the stinking messages from popping up on my computer?!!!!!!! I did block the person at a point of time but that does not stop them from making post about me, they just cannot tag me. I Really need help! I just returned froma week away from facebook and my timeline page and home page and photo pages are full of insulting ads!

If this is how you need to raise money to do business you might as well list yourselves in the x rated column of internet sites! I statred getting a sms text from facebook after not be able to log in said I needed a code to able to get on, this happened everytime I logged in.

Logged in with a different account with my yahoo email account to see if I could get on and get help. Please help need my account, going to online college and this is how my study partners and I converse.

My name is viraboth Sary. I have lost my old face book and pass word that I need to take out from face book? How can I get my old email and old pass word bake. Our home page, Esmeralda Inn, looks awful. These things need to be small and off the main body of the page. What can we do? The about, friends, activities etc. How do I get rid of places? I dont remember my old cell phone number from a lont time a go. Please give me access to my account again. Segun me dice una lista que no conoce sera que ahora aqui en miami no son los companero de la academia militar empezando por mi querida hna de padre patricia linarte.

They have no customer service. Yet they are infested into many online games. In these games they force you to add people you do not know in order to play the game. You are treated like a child. This policy is stupid. If people do not want to add you simply click deny. A 7 day ban is not necessary and it conflicts with being forced to add people.

I hope a better social network comes along so facebook can go the way of the dinosaur. I have tried for going on 3 weeks to get back into my account on FB and nothing is happening. I recieved 1 e-mail that said FB is working on it. That was 3 weeks ago. I just want my info off of FB and then tell FB to go to hell. Somebody set up a new account, misspelled my name but used my personal information.

They used a different email address than the one I use in my original account. This is simply ridiculous. I ended an ad long ago but facebook decided to continue and charge me without authorization. My facebook name is Robert Mbabit.

A picture and a document were posted on my facebook page on October 12, from an LG phone. The document that was posted is one of my very important documents. Please i will like you to give me the details as to who posted the document on my facebook page and at what time the document was posted.

I am trying to lock down my facebook. I want to make it so no one can find my facebook profile. I have been able to take it out of the google search by unclicking the box in privacy settings to take it away from search engines but my profile still shows up in facebooks search engine when logged in as another user. How do I change this so it does not show up in facebook search? I know its possible cause I have seen other profiles do it?

Also how do I hide all my timeline stuff. I have seen other peoples profiles timeline totally locked down so as another user you can see nothing.

I have checked all the boxes to only friends but this still happens. Basically the most important question I have is the one I first stated about taking it off facebook search engine. Reason is because I want to keep just my very close friends and family on my profile. I have other friends who will want to search for me and add me and I do not want to tell them I do not want to add them so instead I just want to tell them I do not use facebook.

Why am I blocked from signing in to my facebook account for 30 days when I have not been on my facebook If you do not unblock my facebook account I will be deleting it as I have not been using my facebook and I have not even sent any messages or added any one on facebook. I cant open my two FB accounts. I admit to having exchanged not so nice comments on that said photo with his friends who went with him in the bar,who were all lying just to cover his ass even if it photo tells it all.

I face the problem while we know other people, even no mutual friends before. This is really crazy and unfair. Realize, think twice before bock the user. I have got some problem. How do I get back this album? I got a revert from facebook 3 days back but my problem is as it is. Plz tell me if any one know how to connect direct facebook customer service through any mail id????

Dear Sir I am authorized vestige distributor of vestige marketing pvt ltd. Sir please re open my account. If there is need of change in account name then please inform me i will do accordingly.

For the last three months I have not been able to get into facebook because my computer would freeze and cause me to re-boot. I am getting tired of not being able to get through via email, phone to the corporation to inform them of this issue and again being that they are not responsive…they really not care about they clients…good bye.

Hey can u block anurag Sran Facebook account. The guy put my pic on tht. Pls can u guys remove tht account. I want build a control system using a facebook.. Can you help me?? Is please help me. But the problem is, there are many unwanted images, in which many of the friends tagged in all the angles but it is very difficult impossible to identify the friends as there is no face nor any people in that photos.


To unblock someone in your blocking settings. Click at the top right of Facebook and choose Settings.; Go to the left side of Facebook and click Blocking; In the Block Users section you should see a list of people you've blocked. Click Unblock next to the name of anyone you want to unblock.; Tap Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock. Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Info On How To Unblock Facebook In China Successfully.