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A VPN is always built from one point to another and you need to know exactly what's on the other side, or at least have made a lot of decisions in common with whoever is the administrator of the other side. Never was able to before. After much searching and testing, I've got it working. Does anyone know a way to force the service order to be remembered? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. While great for torrent security, this will cut off remote access to your NAS from outside your network.

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I am on a fibre optic network, from my internet provider, and have access to 10Mbit connection speed. I know it is not the setup from the Download Station, nor the site from which I download from. Hence I am ready to purchase from a VPN provider, the service from them. The only thing, is I do not know how to implement that into the NAS. For the record, by router is DIR I hope this is more clear I would like to do something like this Installation guide for OSX -https: Go to System Preferences, then Network.

Click on the plus symbol in the lower left corner to add a new connection. Under "Interface" select "VPN". The Service Name should be Relakks. The window will now show a place for the server address, and account name. The server is pptp. Click on "Authentication Settings" and select "Password" Enter your Relakks password and click "OK" Click the checkbox for "Show VPN status in menu bar" What other features for vpn's does 5.

Though I do subscribe to the "ain't broke, don't fix it" train of thought. If it's working for you then stick with that. I don't see why you want to set-up a VPN on Synology, while you can get your router do this job for you. Set an openVPN connection on your router and VPN back to your network any time you want without compromising Syno's functions or loading precious resources. I got this set up and it's working, I've moved the synology. Though, there are a few things that it disables:.

Alas, I wish there was a way to just pipe my bittorrent or bittorrent port traffic through the VPN. Any solutions on how to keep OpenVPN connected? I'm using IPvanish and mine too disconnects as soon as it gets an IP address.

This is a good guide for automatically reconnecting the VPN when the connection drops: Er, how many times do you reboot your nas? I've only done it when there been a software update Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Connect to the VPN. While great for torrent security, this will cut off remote access to your NAS from outside your network. Here's the fix not sure why this isn't better documented - Still in the Network Settings click on the general tab, you should see somthing like this.

Now click on the Advanced Settings button. Make sure both options are checked here in the Advanced Settings. Apply everything and check to see if you can now access the NAS from the outside; you should be able to. To find out for certian what IP address the Download Manager is using follow these instructions.

Jan 17,  · Is it possible to use vpn client only with Download station traffic? A such posbility will secure the DS download station and still give the posbility to . Sep 24,  · VPN is a very broad term covering a lot of different technologies and solutions. Asking for a VPN to download torrents through is like saying I want you to build me one road that can take me anywhere. DILLON, S.C. — Dillon’s Jon-Mitchell Carter went 3 for 3 download station via vpn with a home run, two doubles and four RBI as the Wildcats' baseball team beat Timberland Thursday in the Class 3A District VIII playoffs.