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Evade censorship and gain an unrestricted, fast connection to the most popular websites around the world using our easy-to-set up service on the device of your choice. Uso molti dispositivi, per lavoro e per giocare e con Overplay posso usare il mio computer, il mio telefono e il mio tablet con la stessa connessione VPN nello stesso momento. If we find it is truthful, we will post it within 48 hours. Its software is compatible with Mac OS X We approve all user reviews. It is also very easy to set up and configure.

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Download OverPlay VPN. OverPlay VPN is free to download and extremely easy-to-use. Following installation, you can select the VPN server you wish to connect to from a dropdown list of 70+ cities around the world. OverPlay VPN prevents ISPs from spying on your online traffic and slowing your connection. Identity Protection. Shield yourself from cybercrime by encrypting your connection with OverPlay VPN. Online Security. Our VPN keeps your IP address and location hidden from prying geo-trackers. Aug 24,  · Overplay VPN is a VPN client for the service. It allows you to connect to one of the servers provided by The client itself is absolutely free, but the access to the VPN servers has to be purchased separately.