Can I plug a wireless router into another wireless router?

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HELP! Can I Plug A Router Into Another Router?
Look up information on "wireless bridging" and see if that fits what you're looking to do. But this can really strip away your internet speed from 10Mps to 3Mps.. There are many helpful forums out there, and there are networking professionals for hire in your area. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito since , fool. I tried plugging the ethernet cord into the Answer this question Flag as

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Is this even possible? Im in a situation where i have multiple devices that need to access my network but they are on the other end of the house away from my current DGND Therefore i need a device to connect them too that can talk to my DGND via wireless on the other side of the house.

I was thinking of buying one of net gears wrvxxx Message 1 of Wireless repeats should be a last resort in my opinon. They tend to be slow and you're limited to which security you can use. Some people use them I wouldn't. As long as you understand the limitations before you set one up then you will not be let down. Message 2 of Message 3 of You are paying netgear for product that they cannot deliver upon? I am using the latest firmware and I am stuck on this issue I cannot see any way around this.

The original question was about trying to connect two routers wirelessly to one another like point to point bridge kind of thing. These extenders can offer the best security and the best wireless experience but what is the point if the routers themselves do not support these features in the context that the poster requires from his netgear products. For proof just go into web the console of your router, the web admin interface. Access the repeating or wireless repeating section of your router.

Try clicking on a few things and see what happens! You will quickly see what I am talking about. Or are you trying to do something else entirely? The configuration that usually does what you want it: What went wrong when you plugged the second router into the Internet port of the Linksys? That should have worked too.

Though it may not have done what you wanted. It would have created a second LAN that also has Internet access. If the port doesn't light up, that's likely your problem. However, 2 routers can never be on the same network due to the issue of discontiguous networks when I say networks, I also mean subnets. This Site Might Help You.

I tried plugging the ethernet cord into the Yes, you can attach multiple routers together. It would be set up as an access point aka repeater You have to turn DHCP off on the router that will be extending the signal from the first router. Secondly, you can't use cat5 cables to connect two physical devices together.

You need a cross over cable. Once you do those two steps you will have accomplished your goal. Post back if you need anymore help. Connecting one router to another router will cause IP conflicts. Linksys and Dlink both have For example change one router to Yes, you can, but you have to run the second router as a switch only, not as a router. I've answered this before: Related Questions Can I plug my wireless router into another wireless router?

I dont know a whole lot about computers but can i plug a wireless router into another wireless router?

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The way to do this is to disable DHCP on your router, and connect it to the ISP router using LAN ports. This is important. Your router probably has a WAN port - ignore this and connect one of the lan ports to the router LAN port. Now anything that connects to your router will issue a DHCP request for an IP address. Feb 02,  · 1) Log into the router that's not going to connect to your Internet connection directly. Disable DHCP serving. 2) Plug that router's first LAN port into one of the other router's LAN ports. 3) Do not use the Internet port on that router as it is now purely internal to your Resolved. Do I need a gigabit router? solved Can I plug in devices into router while having a network switch? solved I have old internet connector, cannot plug it in wireless router i've just bought; solved Plug and Play router? solved Using Ethernet Port in bedroom to plug in 2nd router to extend wi-fi.