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Miami, FL Home Page: Incredibly simple setup Ready to go "out of the box". Hidester will get to work, verifying your proxies and giving you lots of parameters, including status, anonymity level, IP, protocol, connection speed and location. A number of sites seems to be able to block almost any proxy, wholly or partly, e. Jun 13, Messages:

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Jan 24, Messages: Check this out http: Dec 23, Messages: You might be interested in IMSimpler, which allows you to test your proxies against several settings. I saw your own edit. Sadly, IMSimpler does not yet allow to sort by country. Dec 20, Messages: It's a part of Zennoposter and now everyone can buy it as stand alone tool Anton.

Sep 22, Messages: New York Home Page: You may want to test this one out: May 4, Messages: The premium account allows you to check proxies in 3 minutes. Nov 20, Messages: Jun 13, Messages: I find myself using several proxy programs all the time, I would love to find just one that did everything.

Why do different checkers give different results on the same IP? Is everyone using different methods to test them? I will say that I own Proxy Multiply and it is a great software I want to try the url booster addon when I'm not so broke. I also use ProxyFire, Scrapebox, etc. No Hands Proxies is also a great and easy to use tool with good GUI Tried using it and its damn easy to operate Just click run and after few minutes go get the proxies and use it with your tools Support is top notch.

It's doing it's job perfectly without any problems whatsoever. It's faster and more stabile with every release. It promised thousands of working proxies, and it sure delivered. I was subscribed to a paid service, which provides working public proxies, but after trying No Hands Proxies, I have already cancelled my subscription. It's a great tool, and with that price, it's a bargain.

A tool that is still being updated after years of its release. I can recommend this tool to everyone. You won't be disappointed. I've PM'd jimbobo few days ago telling him about a feature that I'd like to be added. Today, while playing with the tools settings I noticed it was added.

Hell yeah, that's what I call top notch service: Great support and fast response, good job on the software, this proxy checker is extremely fast. One of the fastest I have seen yet. I purchased this around a week ago I think and am super happy, I also own No Hands SEO purchased way back when and the developer is fantastic, frequent updates and NHS has really come a long way since it was initially released. No Hands Proxies an already awesome software that is helping me get a lot more links I'm sure will have the same support.

And getting this kind of support with NO monthly payment, that's unheard of. So if you are on the fence you need to hop on. If you need some assistance or have any questions regarding No Hands Proxies, you can contact us using the form below or the information on the right side. How it works No Hands Proxies is a revolutionary new kind of proxy checker that will do absolutely everything for you from finding new places to get fresh proxies from, downloading the proxies and checking they work.

What makes No Hands Proxies so special? What if I need a specific type of proxy? Incredibly simple setup Ready to go "out of the box". Just press start to get fresh proxies. Multi-Threaded Super fast searching, harvesting, checking and filtering. Auto Everything Constantly search and check unlimited proxies at the press of a button. Get Region Specific Proxies Easily harvest proxies from your desired countries. Filter Proxies By Latency If speed is your thing you can limit to fast proxies only.

Filter Proxies by Port Get proxies on specific ports or block from specific ports. Use Proxies in Popular Software Import proxies into any software with proxy support with video guides.

Lifetime Updates Totally free and regular updates. You will never pay more. Excellent Support No Hands software is well known for having some of the best support online. Working Proxies Screen This is the list of all of the found working proxies along with some basic information about their speed latency , level of anonymity, the region they are based in and the last time they were checked as working. Awaiting Proxies Here you can clearly see a list of proxies that are awaiting checking along with an easy to use control for adding in your own list of proxies for checking.

Easily Readable Log As you start harvesting and checking proxies all actions will be recorded to the log so that you can see exactly what is happening at anyone time. Application Settings All of the important application settings in one place for quick editing of how NHP works.

Output Options Easily set how to output your list of proxies choosing whether to output to a file, to an FTP server or to an email address. Region Filtering Options Easily select any regions that you do not want to receive proxies from or alternatively check any countries that you only want proxies for. Port Filtering As with the region filtering the port filtering is incredibly easy to use, simply add in any ports you wish to block or the only ports you wish to have your proxies based on and No Hands Proxies will do the rest for you.

Why Hidester’s online proxy checker?

What makes No Hands Proxies so special? Unlike other proxy checkers that require you to find your own proxy lists No Hands Proxies leecher will do all of the heavy lifting for you, literally all you do is click the Go button and let it work. No Hands Proxies will output your proxy list wherever you want it to be it to a local file, to an FTP server or even via email. Best Proxy checker. Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by ija61, Sep 16, Welcome to the proxy checker website where you can make a fast, reliable and intuitive check of the operation of your proxy. Besides, you can get a .