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If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. The Boy Next Door. Honor Season 8, Episode 9 3 days left. Rick learns something he didn't know about someone close to him. Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears; Rick and Glenn must follow him into town. On second look after viewing the practically all-action Season One, it becomes obvious that unless there was some character development and a chance to learn who these people were, there would just be a bunch of ciphers running around waiting to be eaten. The Lost and the Plunderers Season 8, Episode 10 3 days left.

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Behind the Dead Season 8, Episode 96 67 days left. Wrath Season 8, Episode 16 3 days left. Worth Season 8, Episode 15 3 days left. The Key Season 8, Episode 12 3 days left. Dead or Alive Or Season 8, Episode 11 3 days left. Something They Need Season 7, Episode 15 18 days left. The Lost and the Plunderers Season 8, Episode 10 3 days left. Honor Season 8, Episode 9 3 days left. Time for After Season 8, Episode 7 3 days left.

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I was highly impressed with the first season and dove into this head first. Its a good ride! Seriously - its not a bunch of over-saturated faces who you readily recognize from every latest flick. They picked a great bunch for the series. They each portray a distinct, unique character whom you can identify with. The music and cinematography was spot on and captivating. The moral dilemmas arising - especially between two certain people - was quite a thing to watch.

The effects were still mostly good - real makeup and prosthetics. There was only 1 part with noticeable CGI. That said - I got tired of the religious theme jumping up in my face every 5 minutes. There a few moments when I wanted to turn it off. For once - it was just plain boring - I wanted to see how the story develops and stuff, not listen to a soap box against Christians. Second, it made a point to paint several characters as believing in God and then pulled out of the blue - dues ex Machina stuff to paint them as dumb.

But it made no sense. Mild Spoiler Alert - One of the faith believing people goes and cruelly snaps a bunch of chickens legs in order feed a bag full of grown chickens to a barn full of walkers.

The comment is made later how they fed them like this all the time. Look - I grew up on a farm. All they have on the Hershel farm is a small coup of chickens.

If you feed the whole bag to the walkers you aren't gonna have another whole bag of adult chickens the next day and the next day - but the story presumes the "silly" religious person feeds the walkers in this way for days on end.

If you fed the chickens to the walkers - all you'd have left if chicks and they take more than a day to grow into chickens. Its bad writing like that - which is clearly done just to try to prove the writer's viewpoint on religion - that REALLY turns me off. I have seen people lose children and face serious crap that never whined or blamed God like the people in this show. In fact, a good deal of the one's I know are the one's who are still standing while everyone else is breaking down.

So really - I get that the writer's have an evident viewpoint on religion, but not everyone shares those views or had those experiences. Some of us have had the exact opposite. So please - keep the show amazing, stop the 15 minute diatribes against faith. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Season Two of the Walking Dead has gotten a lot of flack from viewers over time, but it improves greatly on second viewing and is actually one of the better seasons of the series.

There are reasons for some of the negativity. Having gone to many boards discussing Walking Dead, I find there is a certain percentage of viewers who really want it to be an all-action show and complain every time it slows down for a bit.

That's exactly what Season Two did, especially in its first half, and that generated a lot of carping. Secondly, when you're watching any of these seasons for the first time, you're all caught up in the plot and are very tense wondering if a certain character is going to die or what will happen to the group and of course, when zombies might attack.

The naturally tense mood of the show gets any viewer impatient about what is going to happen and again impatient about character development and subplots. Finally, at this point TWD was still a new show and no one knew where it was going. I confess I was one of the people who began to get disgruntled about the show when in the first half of Season 2 it started to seem like it was going to become a soap opera.

The zombies were pushed to the background and it seemed to be about who was loving who, who disliked who, etc. The season eventually righted this swing, but at the time it looked problematic. On second look after viewing the practically all-action Season One, it becomes obvious that unless there was some character development and a chance to learn who these people were, there would just be a bunch of ciphers running around waiting to be eaten.

The writers did a very good job of this, bringing the central group to a relatively safe space, a farm, where the met and interacted with a new group of characters.

There are really good characters with deep flaws that cloud their judgement, people who do not yet comprehend the real situation with the "Walkers",and the usual problems that develop in any group which eventually lead some to feel the group is "broken".

And that's just the beginning. The season is full of wild plot swings when a vulnerable member of the group gets lost and another gets shot, a potentially problem romance starts up, a member becomes pregnant and has serious doubts about bringing a child into this dangerous new world, and a youth taken prisoner from an unknown but hostile group creates great dissension over what to do with him. This development heightens the tension between the two male leaders of the group and also underscores the big theme of the show: There is a lot of substance to this and it's fascinating to follow.

Despite it's mellow and quiet reputation there are many intense events in this season with a midseason clash that almost drives everyone apart.

Quiet Season Two also has a finale that includes one of the greatest zombie invasion scenes ever made. Give Season Two a chance - it's worth it. This was redeemed several episodes later by the startling revelation and resolution of what had happened to one of the group's youngest members, Sophia. The action picks up in the second half of Season 2 where Rick does not disappoint with his efforts to protect the group from the likes of the Jersey boys and taking one of their group back to the farm to interrogate as they see fit.

This opens up to a shocking death of a character who had been grudgingly respected as " the voice of reason "for the group. The finale is done in spectacular walker-blazing fashion where the farm never becomes a safe place again. Also, the final few moments introduce the viewer to Michonne and her pets along with a glimpse of the very creepy prison under the moonlight.

I bought this blu ray season to complete my collection. The cover is outstanding in that the walkers seem to move menacingly toward the beholder when you shift it in your hands. See all 3, reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews.

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