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There's also a Vuze Android app , which can be used to control your download remotely, and there's the option to download torrents automatically via RSS feeds. Vuse recalled their "Vibe" products once they realized the refill cartridges were economical burned much slower while still providing sufficient puff and replaced them with the Ciro piece of crap, in which the cartridges burn much much faster and are much more expensive. I mean, I understand it's a lot less juice than the Vibe, but I can't help but feel like there's something, or possibly lack of something in it to make it go so fast. I even gave her my cartridges that I went out and bought, that's when I found out hers wouldn't recharge either. Like these a lot Help others find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful? Cons ads sponsored with mr green and steals youre cookie catche.


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In Vuze Plus, there are even more features. There's DVD burning integrated to further help you enjoy your content. We also provide award winning antivirus software that will help detect any malware or viruses before you download them. With Vuze Plus you also don't have to wait for downloads to finish because it will stream torrents as they download to your computer.

Vuze Supports the following languages: Downloaded a browser hijacker onto PC despite me customising the installation and not ticking bloatware. Many more people online stating same issue. Was this review helpful? This is an incredibly easy to use interface that will allow you to customize your download options. It has a number of controls you can play with and is very easy to use without having to go into them. It's a very intuitive program. It comes with some OPTIONAL programs that are easy to skip downloading if you pay attention and don't blindly click yes to everything when it is installing.

The ads keep getting bigger and it likes to pop up occasionally to solicit a paid option that I see no use for. Great program, everyone complaining about malware opted to install things instead of reading and paying attention to decline the optional downloads. Also installs Conduit and probably a few other choice items I've yet to locate.

Does a decent job of downloading torrents once you import some torrent templates, but using quite a bit of CPU. Vuze used to be a great torrent program, but now I would recommend you steer well clear of it and use Transmission or even uTorrent. It is also riddled with ads in a constant attempt to get you to purchase Vuze Plus. It uses Java which is not great for Macs and you get bugged continually to upgrade Java.

Its also quite a CPU hog and slows my iMac down. Also be aware that Vuze as it comes straight out of the box will not find you any torrents - you need to search online for Vuze search templates and install these manually. This is the only torrent client I've ever used, and I'm mostly pretty happy with it. There is a procedure to add new URLs but I get dizzy just reading it - it's for serious pros only.

I'd love to know how other clients handle adding new URLs. The pop-up can only be closed by me, anyway by using Task Manager to close and re-open the entire program. If not illegal, this is certainly unethical - and a serious flaw in an otherwise good program.

This is one of the most powerful torrent client I have ever used. The features and options available are gorgeous and I really love it. You can do even more thinks with the Plus version but even the free version is quite amazing. Login or create an account to post a review. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. They can only refund me on the Vibe because it had a recall. So apparently if anything is regulated by the government, they can sell a defective product and not refund the money you spent on the defective product.

Sounds a little fishy to me. So, in my opinion, do not waste your money on this product unless you don't mind charging your Ciro a few times a day! The Vuse Vibe just got recalled recently. I was very disappointed because that's been my go-to for a long time. The battery life was great, and a cartridge lasted a long time, and best of all, no duds like the Solo.

So I broke down and decided to give the Ciro a shot. And I have to say, I am not liking it. For one, the throat hit isn't as strong. Half the time I wonder if I even got a puff off of it. Also, the cartridges do not last long at all. I mean, I understand it's a lot less juice than the Vibe, but I can't help but feel like there's something, or possibly lack of something in it to make it go so fast. And at 15 bucks for three cartridges for it to go so fast! Plus the battery life is not that great.

I feel ripped off. I sincerely hope that Vuse gets the recall situation fixed and puts Vibes back out on the market. I'm not too far away from hitting the smoke shop and buying a real vape and give up on this big tobacco gas station rip-off after rip-off vapes. I used these for a couple of years. HUGE waste of money. When one of the units melted my outlet, I called for a replacement, and they will only give me one if I buy another one first.

They will not replace the one that melted. I am taking my business elsewhere. DO NOT waste your money! I went through three Vuse solos and all three quit. They either stopping charging or the metal coil inside got messed up. I would NOT recommend.

If you want a good product, buy the Vuse Vibe. I have tried various other vapes, thought they were great and decided I wanted one. I currently smoke Marlboro Reds. So, I went and got one of these, and the first hit was so harsh I could not really inhale much and coughed. I tried other Mint flavors and it was a little better, but still WAY too harsh. I took it back to where I bought it, and they could only exchange for Vuse Solo, which was the same.

I took it back again and they cannot give any refund. I called customer service, and they can only give me a coupon to get another one. The Vuze has just a few manual controls on the body, with the majority of the controls saved for the app. Before we take a look at some video, I should let you know that the 3D aspect of the Vuze is best experienced when viewed on a VR headset. I shot some fairly extensive tests with the Vuze in a variety of lighting conditions and environments.

The Vuze is very easy to set up and start shooting with and I only experienced one freeze which was fixed by restarting the camera.

The Vuze is great at picking up color and detail, but not as great at dealing with direct light. The biggest issue I have is that the stitching lines are quite obvious if an object such as a person walking past intersects them, and as there are 4 sets of lenses working together, there are 4 stitching lines.

A recent software update allows you to adjust the stitching which does offer some improvement, however I would say that the stitching is not as accurate as some other cameras, probably due to the increased number of lenses. This 4 way camera comparison is pretty useful for seeing the differences in video quality between the top cameras, even though they all shoot in 4K. The Vuze performed reasonably well in most comparisons; it was certainly better than the much cheaper Insta One and in most tests it was either the best or second best.

The Vuze struggles with bright lights, often over exposing. What I will say, and this is true for any camera, is that the quality of the video on YouTube is noticeably different from the quality of the video when played directly from the file. This is because YouTube compresses the file massively. I have viewed the tests on a headset and I can tell you that the difference between non 3D and 3D is noticeable. The main issue is that 4K video when viewed on a VR headset still looks kind of blurry and pixilated, no matter which camera you use.

It must be said that you can get similar quality video — sans 3D — in more than a few cheaper cameras. The Vuze app can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play store, and is required to access the full settings available to the camera. Connecting wirelessly is very simple and takes a few seconds. The app offers an alternative in the form of a tilt detector which will inform you if the camera is not level, and if so, how to correct it.

You can change several settings and adjust exposure manually.

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Formerly the feature-rich Azureus, Vuze takes Azureus' BitTorrent foundation and builds on top of it a network for video discovery and user-created video5/5(2K). Vuze is my 1st and last torrent client, in starting it was known as Azureus, I am using it from windows XP SP2 era, I have never switched to others, because there is no need to switch to others, since your all needs fulfilled by vuze, But at present, i have to switch to other client, due to my favorite torrent site has been switched to https /5(). The Vuze is an 8 lens camera that can also shoot in 3D. The combination of and 3D video can be powerful, giving the viewer a far more immersive experience than each individual format can provide alone. The Vuze aims to bring features usually found in pro level cameras to the consumer, however [ ].