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Fastest DNS Server For Speedy Web Browsing and Gaming
Go to original post. It provides you with smooth services and pretty good browsing experience along with great security. As far as gaming is concerned, we can go with its free plan for high speed with zero downtime. Now, this is definitely something you should rely on. Feel free to share with your friends and Enjoy your tech life.

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5 Best DNS Servers For Gaming (2018)

One area I overlooked in a "perfect" set-up for on-line PC games was my internet throughput One easy way to find out is use the http: This provides the addresses of the fastest most stable DNS servers for your general location.

See the top 2 fastest, enter them in your router "use these dns address". To get the absolute fastest server near where you live, run the additional localized scan. DNS servers will affect web browsing and general use, but they'll almost never do anything for gaming.

I ran the dns bnech and my pings are about 15ms better, which isnt much but any helps my old self. It will help with your pings to DNS servers, but DNS queries are cached on your machine so you're not getting that much out of it. Alternate DNSes can even harm performance by messing with the CDNs content delivery networks which let services provide content from servers closer to you.

I'm not saying they're all bad, mind you. I've used them myself, though I don't currently. Rest assured, when you start using Level3 DNS, your internet experience and speeds are expected to be one of the very best around. To switch to Level3 DNS, punch in the following numbers. This security prevents you from visiting harmful websites that can accompany a huge list of malware and wreck havoc to your system.

Now, this is definitely something you should rely on. GreenTeamDNS lives and breathes security and is able to keep out tens of thousands of potentially dangerous websites that includes things like malware, botnets, adult related content, and other elements. However, if you wish to have greater control over what will appear in front of you when you start browsing, then there are also premium accounts that can be made, for a fee of course.

According to the service, they claim that they never log DNS queries, suggesting that your search results and interests will always remain confidential and that your information is not going being sold to different companies. UncensoredDNS servers are operated by a privately funded entity and present a ton of features for the average user such as improved security, speed and of course reliability.

If you have an IPv6 connection, then these services are also going to be provided at the IP addresses If you are looking for a relatively new DNS in the market that is aimed at people who are looking for smoothest possible experience, then Quad9 is the DNS that you should look at it.

In addition to that, another reason why I am suggesting Quad9 is because it can block malicious domains as well, making the Quad9 one of the best free dns servers available in the market. I have used some of the offerings by CloudFlare before and I can tell you that the company has all the right intentions.

The good thing is that CloudFlare DNS is everything most people would want, it is the new kid in the block, but it is already making waves as the fastest dns server, thanks to the fact that it is completely private, and unfiltered as well. So, as far as features are concerned, you should not have any issue.

Although there is nothing with adult content on the internet, if you are concerned about your children or siblings stumbling upon these websites, then you should definitely look at CleanBrowsing. Perhaps one of the oldest DNS on the list is Yandex DNS that is good for people who want to block malicious domains, and it is a lot more popular than some of the other options available in the market, but the most important thing that you need to know about Yandex DNS is that it is particularly low on some of the security features, so you must keep in mind.

The DNS aims to offer you quicker access of the websites you are trying to access, in addition to that, it offers threat protection as well, that is great if you are looking for protection against threats like malware, ransomware, spyware, as well as phishing websites. All these informational charts were taken from DNSPerf.

We will reiterate this; it does not matter which DNS server will provide the best performance for video streaming, online gaming or simple browsing. There are other factors that also determine your overall experience. Even then, if a reputable DNS server is crowded with overwhelming traffic, you might end up being disappointed with that. It is a decentralized naming system for various resources on the Internet including domain names assigned to each individual entity.

It is a domain-based naming system known as a scheme and a distributed database to execute all this. The major work of Domain Name System to map a host name to IP addresses, but other than this it is used for various other purposes as well. It creates an inter-connected communications system between the servers and the clients.

It is an essential component of the functionality on the Internet that has been in use since It is one of the most popular and publically free DNS. It provides you with smooth services and pretty good browsing experience along with great security. Not only this, it provides a lag free and smooth gaming experience. The OpenDNS Server provides a cloud-based network security that protects you against dangerous and malicious attacks over the network devices.

Their sole purpose is to provide a faster, smoother and safer experience of browsing and internet. Their gaming experience is secure, faster and lags free.

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They started to provide Domain Name System service in Most people know Norton Anti Viruses. Norton is world’s leading Internet Security Company. Norton is one of the best DNS server use for web security. You can enjoy secure gaming experience with Norton DNS Server. Norton DNS servers are one of the best DNS gaming servers. Which are the Best DNS Servers for Gaming? DNS is an acronym used for “Domain Name System” or “Domain Name Servers”. It is like an internet’s directory that maintains a database of domain names and translates them toInternet Protocol (IP) . DNS is usually only used once in a game (to find the IP of the requested server) - you won't get any performance increase by having a 'fast' DNS server - a slow DNS might take a few seconds for that one single request, a fast one a few tenths of a second, but it's only a very few requests to establish a connection, it wouldn't affect gamepleay.