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Don't know what happened though. I have a feeling PFTV will be back though! And the calendar page is awesome. I''ve also used "watch Series Online" which I find pretty good http: I looked for Vidbux when Vodlocker stopped working. And how do you get past the ad on the video? Similar Domain Names 1.

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So I have Kodi, but I keep getting issues where add-on installations fail. Seems like I have to do them multiple times before they'll actually install.

Also, what are some good add-ons I have USfreetv and a couple on demand channels? Not sure about adds on failing maybe you're doing something wrong but as for add-ons some great ones are Genesis for watching movies,tv shows,Phoenix TV for watching sports channels anything you like. The problem is getting access to a private tracker; these days you need to be vouched for by members in good standing as opposed to any member who had a spare invite and as it's relatively closed and anonymous society "Joe Smoe" probably won't be able to get access to one in any "reasonable" amount of time.

I'd start by joining rutracker, they track ratio for you and that looks good when you want invites. Yeah, but it's damn near impossible for an outsider random redditor who happens upon this page chasing info on PFTV to gain access to a private tracker with all the understandable paranoia these days.

Even if you get on one, like what. I'm only on what. I was on What. From What I got an invite to Pass the Popcorn which I used heavily and contributed to heavily for a long time.

Couple years ago I moved back home from Colorado and my computer wasn't working at the time had spilt a drink on my desk and some of it dripped into the top fans of my case and down onto the mobo so I wasn't using the site much if at all.

I go to stay with a friend for a few days and I used his computer to torrent some movies for us to watch and when I left he used it to download a few movies.

When I finally got the cash to fix my computer the first thing I did was go to log into PTP and the motherfuckers had banned me for account sharing. To make it worse I went to appeal it and found out that the mods come into the appeal IRC like once every day for a few seconds at the most god awful hours, just to say they do it. I waited in that chat for 3 days without them ever logging in so I gave up and went back to public trackers.

I don't enjoy watching movies on screens other than theaters enough to warrant striving for basically any other private tracker. Today is a sad day i must say. The goodbye msg really makes me whish I could msg the admin of the site to say I have loved you for the last 5 years almost 6 years of my life. Are you just saying that Cause it seems like you're saying it because you're But I don't think you're This is actually the first time I've met anyone that knew about the site without me telling them.

I thought there were dozens of us. So true, I've been telling people about this site for years, it almost seemed like I was the only one who knew about it. No one ever knew what I was talking about. Everyone else was using putlocker, and letmewatchthis, while I was camped out on good old reliable freetv.. I just found out I discovered them back in 09, ' I was getting tired of the adwall, but I stayed true.

I used it last night with no problems but checked just now and only see the 'goodbye' message. I posted that earlier. Or the last 3 days.

Or the last week. I just tried it. I installed the Chrome extension and I'm happy with http: Moment of panic gone. And how do you get past the ad on the video? I can't seem to find a way to get to the actual video. Yeah i've got Ublock Origin on, still, the video doesn't show up like its gone, and when i pause UBlock the video is there but its got the add you can't get past.

If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script. Was surprised more people don't use this. Can you PM me the repo for that one? I didn't realize you were just referencing Stream All The Sources. I already have it. I've never had that one work. Funny, I've never had any luck with Navi-X.

Hell, the highlight around the icons has never even lined up for me. It's working really well now. I'm personally shocked this isn't more people's go to. If they ever shut down I really would be completely lost. Some things I've come across I found this article that suggests PFTV was renamed although it did not provide the new link.

I did a "whois" on this domain and found it was first registered July 1 The format IS different and they are using the direct links that the best of other sites I've found. Maybe it's just the way to go now? To verify this I checked out "Frasier" and sure enough all 11 season with all 25 episode each season are all there. And the calendar page is awesome. So, it's finally happened Don't know what happened though.

This last May, it was inaccessible for about a month. That message then went away. Site checkers kept saying it was 'parked or for sale. Now, there's a bunch of imposter sites that don't even come close to what we had, all claiming they are the new PFTV. The shows are very limited and there is nothing archived. I just want to thank the admin of the original website for all the wonderful years I had. They were my 'go to' website for television viewing. The new wannabe sites?

Well, you have some awfully big shoes to fill. If this is forever and for permanent I will be so frickin' buuuuuuuuummmed. It was really the best thing on the internet. I watch everything on it. I spent more hours there than on other form of entertainment in my adult life combined.

I don't know who you are, but have acquired a special set of skills, and when I find you I will beg you to bring project free tv back. I just want to know what happened to it. Seems a couple of the torrent and streaming sites gave up rather than fight the powers that be. I had all my shows set up on a bookmark folder and everything. Went to catch an episode this afternoon.. I looked for Vidbux when Vodlocker stopped working. I am now heartbroken because Vidbux is hard to come by on other sites.

That place used to give crazy spyware alerts all the time - sets off all the alarm bells. It can't be taken down since it doesn't rely on servers and is built with multiple datasources: I was 5 seasons into Private Practice!!! RIP Project free tv, you will be sadly missed: The blank screen with Goodbye was just depressing! It keeps track of which episode you've watched in a series so you don't have to remember if you've seen it or not. I sure hope they pass their data base onto someone else.

First time on reddit and all, but his profile seems to only have posted to this thread. I've been lurking for a while. My house got flooded right after making the thread and I haven't cared much for tv while battling various pond-life in my home. Actually I have watched some on tvonline. It was possibly a chortle. Hey all, it seems like http: Is it gone for good, or just down for maintenance? Also, are there any other ones that have popped-up with the 'recently aired' layout like the original Free TV Vid?

Its not run by the same person, fakes have been around for a while and now they are popping up fast. As of right now there is no official site. It uses a Divx codec for the HD videos and they load fast. I've been using it before project-free-tv and it was my go-to after Ninjavideo went bye-bye. It's a great site because it's run with a community. For now I've only found sites that stream only shows. Click the "Browse" tab then "Entertainment". Huge thanks for this -- most of the clones folks have posted so far really only cater to shows from the last 5 or 6 years; PFTV was great because it also had a good selection of classic sitcoms, etc.

Is project free tv really gone? I found this http: I''ve also used "watch Series Online" which I find pretty good http: Another site I've used in the past that is pretty good is www. It doesn't do the annoying thing that a lot of clone sites do where it actually just links you to the hosting site instead of streaming to it's own site. Even though it is not the same, you can still look at googles cached version of the site and figure out the links from there.

I just found this one. The layout is gorgeous but the quality of the show I'm watching, at least isn't stellar. It seems the site isnt responding again ; but my baby has found another free one www. I tried all of the alternatives.

Over the time it has been ranked as high as 1 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Switzerland, where it reached as high as position. It was hosted by CloudFlare Inc. Projectfreetv has the lowest Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation index. We found that Projectfreetv. It may also be penalized or lacking valuable inbound links.

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Recently analyzed sites: is tracked by us since April, Over the time it has been ranked as high as 1 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Austria, where it reached as high as position. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We have decided to shutdown Project Free Tv / Watchfree Project. It was a great run, but there are a lot more viable sources to watch you favorite tv shows and episodes and unfortunately we can up keep with the quality the website once provided due to .