What to do if your Yahoo account was hacked

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Your Yahoo account info was definitely hacked -- here's what to do
I did read this web page and changed my password as soon as possible. From all the comments made on this site, it seems Yahoo has a real problem. I was not happy. Thanks for your article. If you're prompted to enter a password and your usual password doesn't work, you'll need to recover your account on desktop instead.

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Yahoo mail hacked: What to do if you’ve been affected

I for one have completed deleted Yahoo! Chat on my computer. All my important emails are on Gmail. Will soon be transferring all my contacts to my Gmail account. Social Media Risky Default Settings: They literally will not respond to any of my inquiries concerning this.

My best advice to anyone else that has this happen is not waste any time with Yahoo support and move on to finding another email service Gmail operates like a well-oiled machine compared to Yahoo.

I still have to wonder how many customers Yahoo will lose before they start caring! Kanisha Get in contact with Yahoo! Customer Care and tell them someone hacked into your account. Once you get back in, do not save your password. Look at all the previous posts for recommendations on improved security.

I used yahoo mail for 9 years, but went totally over to gmail when both my current yahoo account, and a yahoo account I had not used for over five years, both started sending out spam to people on my contact lists. Does anyone have any leads or information about this? Our Yahoo account, which we use for a small business was hacked into yesterday morning, about 30 mins. Spam was sent from our email saying we were robbed in Scotland, etc.

I changed the password, filed reports, etc. Has any one ever had their email or contacts restored by Yahoo? Is gmail truly better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My unused account that I told about above had its contact list used, but was never connected to a mobile phone. The Yahoo corporation business saga is playing out in the news and clearly the leadership of the company has made actual users and customers a low priority.

Perhaps there is more money to be made by providing a platform that is designed to be hacked. Dont always assume that people will be doing the obvious right thing to protect their customers.

While it could be true that Yahoo did this deliberately, I would prefer to think of another scenario: In my opinion,the software and email seems sloppy, and too big to fix easily or cheaply. Better to deal with insecure email than loose money??

Probably in the past, they started up a quick set of insecure scripts to do email, and then kept expanding it, not wanting to spend the money on fixing it…. My bet would be shoddy work on the middle management level years ago, covered up by an upper management that prefers income to fixing it.

And it is hard for me to find an organized group of yahoo customers demanding change. Just a lot of burned little guys, like me. So I guess what I meant was yahoo mail is irretrievably broken, and the Yahoo management would rather keep this thing running than shut it down. The real story to me is a lack of organized opposition to Yahoo mail, unless one exists and I do not know about it?

Thank god for this article! For over a week my address has been sending out emails to my contact list even after I tried virus scans, deleting cookies, and all the obvious solutions. I was hacked from Romania and Croatia……today alone!

Hopefully taking the steps described will solve it. Its hard to believe that Yahoo isnt taking this seriously……….. Will I be able to access my account again? Insist they walk you thru the forms, and get you back into your account, they will. Do this everyday till you get a result, it took me 5 business days, I got all contacts back, but they could not retrieve my saved emails.

I switched to gmail. Thank you Karen, it looks like yahoo is very busy with all these spamers and all those seeking assistance.. I switched to gmail as well, thankfully had no important contacts in my yahoo e-mail and right now the only thing I want is to deactivate my spamed account.. This is really bad that Yahoo! Same thing as everyone else is saying. I have had yahoo for like 15 years, and yesterday morning my email started sending out emails to everyone in my address book.

If I look in my login history, there was a login the same time as the emails were sent via Yahoo Mobile from Armenia. I do have a smart phone, how do I know what has been compromised a computer, or my phone? What steps should I follow beyond changing my email password and security questions and running virus scans on my PC?

Do I do anything to my smart phone? Runs scans somehow on my phone? After years with Yahoo technically started with GeoCities , I decided to shift over to Gmail last year because I was concerned with security.

When I checked my log in activity, like everyone else, it said it was Romania, Brazil, and New Jersey. Sorry to hear you joined our club. The mail access one would freak me out as well. In what time frame did it all happen? Maybe the Jersey log in was a latter step in the process. There might be something there. The Jersey entry happened the last week of September 29th if I remember right , and the messenger entries happened early this morning.

I also ran a malware check on my home desktop and there were no anomalies. One thing I also noticed just now, is that, on a lark, I went to log in to the Yahoo account to check the activity log.

Lo and behold, my recent check in is listed as Jersey. Anyone know if the hackers are accessing the emails, notes, etc in the account? All I did was: From what I can tell these are just ways to generate free emails and clicks with the hope that a few wind up converting. Password changed and login set to expire every day. Yesterday my long time trouble free Yahoo account was accessed via Yahoo messenger from Hong Kong. I live in Idaho. Several people in my address book received an email with attachments from me which I did not send.

I caught the problem pretty quickly when I noticed my inbox suddenly had 10 emails in a matter of minutes. Several returned emails old contacts. I send out a email warning everyone about the fake email and began to run some virus scan software with nothing found on my computer. I found this site and can now breath easier knowing what happened. It is a shame that Yahoo seems unconcerned about this issue. Had yahoo for well over 10 years. I put up with all the spam and genuine emails from people replying to me going into spam.

One person was going to give me a reference. I think it is time to leave yahoo. I still use Yahoo as a legacy account but the majority of my email is now conducted via Gmail. I was hacked and posted a comment just over a month ago. However after doing some more digging, I have a question. Does everyone here had a mobile phone with the Android system? Anyone else hear of this? I had an android phone, but I had two accounts hacked at the same time, one was an inactive account that I had stopped using ten years ago and even forgot about and was never on my phone.

I thought inactive accounts were gone, but apparently that address book still was able to be hacked into and used to send spam. Both accounts were hacked at the same time. I have android tablet and phone but I have not used yahoo in them.

I believe they have another method. Somehow someone in South Korea got my yahoo credentials when I was there this past summer. They apparently started using my yahoo email account as their ID on some gaming sites and started using my name as well.

They somehow got my credit card information and I started getting random charges from iTunes Luxembourg S. I called my credit card company and they sent me a new card. I subsequently changed all my passwords and thought it should be okay. From there they were able to hack my iTunes account which had my credit card information stored. So if you had your email hacked, make sure you change your passwords on all other online accounts linked to your email.

My Yahoo account was hacked today, the best part is that my contact list was so old due to the fact that I never use it or update it, that most of the emails bounced right back. I changed every password I could think of, made sure that they did not set up message forwarding to their address.

The location in the Yahoo log file was Jordan. I really hate this, I feel that my privacy has been violated to an almost unbearable degree. Wow — great post very useful — helped me to found out from where my Yahoo Email was hacked last Thursday: This is indeed very embarrassing situation — especially when you use your account for professional communication or for recruitment opportunities.

In the past, I have seen this happening to few friends and someone else I know got her account hacked yesterday. Reading the numerous comments and based on own experience, this makes me seriously considering moving away to another service.

Especially when ready the Yahoo could do much more then they do — very basic checks as explained. Yeah — I can join the club. Always considered myself a diligent internet user.

The hints here were great. Figured out that my account was accessed from UK mobile account. Thankfully some friends told me right away about receiving spam. I deleted all my contacts, changed my password and deleted very personal mail that i had saved. I will certainly move away from yahoo, just not sure where to?! Good luck to everyone out there. Yeah, Yahoo is the worst for email security. Gmail is a bit better. My startup is trying to solve this challenge and stop the hackers from getting into our web-based email accounts.

One of the popular tricks hackers use to break into an account is they would do a reverse lookup on your email to get the personal info.

Then they will reset your password by answering trivial questions about you. I have another thoery. When you you login to yahoo webmail or yahoo messenger there is an option to keep you logged in or save password messenger. If someone gets access to session cookie they can login without having password. It is possible to steal session cookies via webpage scripts. To safeguard do not save password or check remember me option.

Logout or exit browser when done with email. This is a very interesting theory. It does absolutely no good for me to keep changing my Yahoo password and sign in seal and security questions which are very strong , my Yahoo login log still shows me signing in from other states, and the sign in times are the exact times that I am logging in.

Yahoo customer care gives me the same canned answers and reassures me my account is secure after changing my pw and security qs and sign in seal. Also I am not connected to chat nor is my mobile phone in anyway connected to my Yahoo account. So that is not the route. I usually know I have been hacked when I suddenly get a message that I have been disconnected from Chat which I do not use because I have logged in from a remote device not me.

Or I go in and attempt to click on my personal emails that I know who they are from, and all I get is an ad opening up. When I change my password and go back in, I can then open up these emails normally. I am not really seeing any solutions here as to what to do to stop the redirecting of my yahoo and yahoomail log in from another state.

This problem persists frequently, at least 2 or 3 times a month. I just found out how to go into the login file on ymail two days ago, and then that is how I found out about the other states login. What can a person really do to fix this? What seems to be the point of access is the apps connected to Yahoo Messenger and mobile access , regardless of whether you use them or not. I would do 2 things.

That should, in theory, cut down on access to your account. I always log out every time and i never ever save any password on any site. I will check out the disabling apps area. Thanks for the advice. It is funny how all the logs in coincide with the times I log in, and most all from Colorado.

Could it be that my server is somehow hooked up to Colorado? Except that does not explain the Montana logs from two days ago. What has worked for me: Messenger from the programs on my smartphone. My Yahoo password is so complex, every time I use it I have to refer to its written form before I type it in.

Alpha and numeric passwords are too easy to crack. Just this week I received a letter from a retailer that someone had tried to open an account using my name. This time the login was from Uruguay! Perhaps the hackers are just going down the alphabet of countries?

My wifes yahoo was hacked last night from the phillipeans. We only realized because of the old contacts it used caused a lot of email bounces. I can see the sent messages, 4 of them from a login at 1: It appears sent via a mobile connection.

Any answers will be greatly appreciated. I was notified by a known that it had happended. I contacted their Australia direct line and a voice mail asked me to email.

The hack said Yahoo Mobile when I checked my login activity. The scam mail stating stupid websites was sent to my contact list which also included my friends from previous companies. Yahoo in all was useless. I did read this web page and changed my password as soon as possible. Hope yahoo could do something to protect the security of their network.

Some were logged in from Ivory Coast, France and Malaysia. Do a lot of people around here use HTC phones? Since this problem is happening to Hotmail, AOL and Gmail accounts as well, I suspect that most of the hacking is happening due to password re-use.

Many people use the same email and password to login into different web sites. For example, if you use the same email and password combination to login to abcgreetingcards.

Too many accounts have been hacked with strong and unique passwords to make me believe this is just a user problem. Yahoo account hacked a week ago.. We compared notes yesterday and realized I had not sent out these messages. Activity log traced to an unknown IP address in US. Very specific and explicit so someone gained access and targeted a contact.

Might have been a breach via my Driod but who knows.. Well I am now adding my name to the list! I was hacked on my yahoo email account yesterday! I must say my password was not to break and yes from time to time I access my mail from a phone but hey I should be able to do that and not be hacked!

I have run a full virus check and come up with nothing! I am going to move over to g mail the only problem is I will have to transfer all my Amazon, iTunes and bank accounts which is a lot of hassle! Just installed it 3 days ago … and removed it today! All my contacts have been sent emails. I had friends calling the whole day, since the message in the email very badly google translated was calling for help and money.

I manage to change the password, but lost all my contacts!!!! My problem is that my account was hacked by a so called friend, he also hacked my bank accounts and stole money! In the process of hacking my account he changed all my security questions. I have been in contact with yahoo via a live agent. Unfortunately I have been unable to re-gain access to my account as I am unable to answer the changed security questions!

My e-mail address is important as I have contacts from all over the world and now can not contact them. Needless to say I have not been able to get any information from the so-called friend who hacked my account even after he was prosecuted for hacking my bank details and stealing money! Did you file a police report or anything of that nature? If you have some official document that details the crime you might be able to convince Yahoo! This is such a helpful piece, so can I offer my congrats to all?

Really good to find this after I too joined the club this morning. This is a great thread, one of the best I could find discussing this topic. I was hijacked last week, the second time after once about two years ago. I have also received spam emails from other friends who have been hijacked for a couple years. This thread is the first info that provides clear lead to what actually has been going on. Looking up my login activity, I found four logins over a two-day span, two listing Colombia, two listing Japan, all through Yahoo!

I do use the iPad2 mail app with Yahoo as the default mail program, rather than my work GMail account. The good news, if you can call it that, is that Yahoo appears to have at least, kinda, sorta, addressed the problem, because I received an error message that my account login had been compromised and requiring me to reset my password.

It did let me do a successful reset, and the spamming stopped. That would be good news, particularly since your situation mirrors those of so many others here. Thanks again and all the best. You can close your account here http: Does anyone know how to actually get in touch with Yahoo? I have tried to go through Customer Care with no luck, I received a generated message. I finally found where you could view your activity log on Yahoo and BAM!

I live in IL, he lives in WI….. Is there any way to get a copy of my activity log for the past few months. They are not guessing your passwords or sniffing packets on mobile networks or stealing cookies. Once they are inside the servers as super users they can do anything they want: They could even have installed code that runs at the time you set a new password, to record the one you just entered. The culprits could either be hackers who penetrated via their own means.

Or perhaps more likely: If you need to, maintain a minimal forwarding account to GMail. I unfortunately use Yahoo Discussion Group services, so will have to keep my account for that access. Again, a long time yahoo user for mucho years who just got hacked. Technical support said there was no way to do that and I could find nothing in my account information. Ran multiple virus scan and malware tools Changed password Added sign-in picture at login only applies to the device I log in from Deleted mobile yahoo messenger very used it.

Is it coincidental to all these hacks that ATT Yahoo has disabled the login activity option in my account profile!!! I now have no accounts and cannot directly contact Yahoo to see what can be done now. I have lost my email account, contact addresses yes my fault, I should have made copies of them — I did for some as well my Facebook account. Annoyingly, it takes time to start from scratch to rebuild what I had. The email address I have submitted is for the account I have lost.

Situations that seem all too common. How they got in was through a security hole in messenger that lets them remotely control the sending of email. They were in and seemingly out in less than two minutes — I am guessing a bot. I would suggest removing yahoo messenger from the yahoo email side bar for your ATT account and disabling it on the non ATT account it cannot be removed from the non ATT account.

ATT does not have a link to your accounts resent login activity try https: JB — yahoo has blocked my hacked userid from access to the login activity via the link you sent!! Block all users not in my Contact List. I will not be able to send or receive messages from users not in my Contact List. When you change passwords, I recommend changing the password from another secure computer from a different location. Make sure you do not save your password on the computer! Oh, the kindness of strangers!

I want to thank you for your continuing assistance to those dealing with this issue. I really appreciate your efforts and I know many others do as well. One computer guy suggested it, another said only my email was hijacked so it did not impact my computer. Thanks AJ, so glad I found this page. I would never have known about the Recent Activity page in Yahoo mail. Another with-yahoo-from-the-start user, now in Athens Greece. Perhaps Yahoo are trying to make their service so poor that it will well fit with other products when it is eventually bought up by Microsoft.

Most of the new-improved version changes are eye candy that I am not interested in. My account was hacked on 30th Nov, , from Japan supposedly, while I was logged out. It came to my notice from a helpful friend. I discovered that my contacts had been sent an email with a supposed link which turned out to be a trojan! I was hacked via Yahoo! Sadly I too have many old messages in my mailbox and will also now have to go through them all to see if there are any that have delicate matter in them.

I have a running notification for a digital magazine subscription that arrives with both my username and password to access the mag in it. Despite my repeated complaints about this, no changes have been made to that yet. I also use my account for work — no longer! Will have to go over to the Windows Live Mail for that which I have been avoiding like the plague! Sorry to hear that everyone is having this problem. All which accessed my account from Yahoo Mobile.

I logged in from my laptop and lo and behold yahoo had blocked my account as they suspected that my account was hacked. All I had to do was change my password. Unfortunetly my account was hacked again in less than a week. I strongly believe that my account was hacked from apps that are on my phone but i have no idea from which one. I dont have any games or other apps with ads. THe only app ive downloaded is a walgreens app but its hard to believe that was the cause.

I just came to the conclusion that phones are not a safe way to do anything anymore. I recently heard on the news that malls were tracking peoples every move to see the trend of the stores they went into. Also just today I read somewhere that cell conversations were being tapped into.

Good Luck to all of you! My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I had to wipe everything and reinstall windows 7 from scratch. Glad I found this website. Turned out to be spam from some rogue site in Argentina! I have since closed down my yahoo! They really need to get this sorted, as it appears to be happening to far too many people.

I too got hacked just the other day. Same access type via Messenger authentication, someone accessed it from Brazil!!! Got onto Yahoo support and had no joy, just script reading and i may got a virus which i have NOT, must be an inside job? Me too… At first I thought my droid tablet was the culprit, but I do not access Yahoo mail from it.

It seems all these different countries cited as source of invasion are just IP spoofing. Been Y user for so long… I almost never accessed my Yahoo account directly, as it was mainly an email forwarder to Gmail.

Good luck from Brazil. I was also going to wipe out my disk because a lot of websites were using my hard drive for storage. Fortunately last week when I upgraded my operating system, it looks like a lot of the the storage hogs were eliminated. I actually gained 4GB of storage when I upgraded. Now my settings do not allow websites to use my hard drive for storage.

Something just happened to me. I do surf the web with it, plus facebook. I too have been with Yahoo! I had only checked my email on my Droid mobil app and from my ipad. Should I disable my emails from my Droid phone?

For Yahoo Mail Users: My yahoo account which I have established in got hacked few months back and sent spam email to all my contacts. Annoying as this is, I cleaned everything I could and I keep changing password almost every week. My account has not been sending spam anymore. Do I have some ticking time bomb here?

How can they find out my password if it is being constantly changed? I had 2 GMail accounts for over 5 years and they were hacked 2 months ago.

One email I could not retrieve access to but the other I did so I decided to keep it, delete all my contacts and emails within it and monitor it after changing my password, security question and enabling the 2 step verification feature. Also, I accessed my email via phone using the mail application, which I understand now may have been a problem. As a further precaution, I created a Yahoo! So, I had put all this behind me, monitoring activity ever so often but overall I thought I was ok.

So I turned those feature off yesterday after logging off of all sessions, changing my password, security question… Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what else I should deactivate or look into?

The hacker is doing nothing more than being a voyeur from what I can tell …either that or lying in wait to use the credit card info that USED to arrive to that email. I realize this is a mostly Yahoo! Thanks to everyone for sharing and for the input…knowledge is power!!! Sadly, it is reassuring to see so many others have encountered this. My problem is I actually have the hackers email! He lives in India and says he was helping his Dad he said his Dads account was one letter off from mine and could not remember it.

He apologized and said it would not happen again. However, when I try to reset it says it will send the password to MY email, but the email is the hackers. How on earth does this even happen? I have had Yahoo! The same dude has gotten into my gmail too. I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a yahoo mail.

Since Sunday my recent login account information are not getting updated. If any one knows how to solve problem please tell me. I do not know what to do or how to fix the problem to get updated login activities. Yahoo customer care was not much of help. This is Bill, who posted back in mid-November about a Yahoo hack. I just got a message from a friend tonight, whose GMail account was hacked and sent spam to his contact list. Hi my yahoo email was hacked two months ago and I just found it two weeks ago.

I changed the password but the recent activities is not working?. I can not see my recent login records. Remember all those Sony accounts that were hacked last year? Within 12 hours of replying, the phisher has sent an email to all of their contacts with a story about being in a foreign country and in need of money to get home. The phisher had also deleted the contacts and all email. Transcript of live chat follows;. Please wait for a Yahoo!

You are currently number 1 in the queue. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes, 0 seconds. Welcome to our Yahoo! Account Verification Live Chat service. Thank you for providing us the details of your issue. In my understanding, you are having difficulties viewing your Recent Login activity.

Am I right, Mick? I can view it up to 24th November but nothing more recent than that Summer: Thank you for the confirmation. Please provide me your Yahoo! Thank you for reporting this issue. Please understand that we will be unable to restore any of the missing Login Activity events for your account. I do apologize for whatever inconvenience this may have caused you.

Can I help you with anything else at this time? I doubt it Summer: Please be assured that I would prioritize this issue and send it to our Product Specialist Team to correct this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for using Yahoo! If you have any other questions, please feel free to come back and chat with us at any time. Thanks so much for visiting. Please be in touch any time. Thanks a lot for chatting. Have a good one. Thank you for contacting us. Have a great day. I am having the same problem with my account and my husbands account.

Our last login activity shows as December 8th. I emailed yahoo and have not yet received a reply. I was chatting with someone today who works in electronics department and their gmail had same issue. The downside is time spent deleting the added keystroke when you do send out email to those contacts.

Just food for thought, there might be a way to shoot holes in this as I have been tossing it around in my mind but not yet put it to the test. I had some of the fake email addresses return to my in box when I put a vacation message up advising temp. I am being cyberharassed, and I believe the person harassing me was able to hack into my Yahoo account.

I woke up this morning to my password changed and a large portion of my email deleted. I believe it is this person due to the specific folder that was not only wiped clean of email, but completely deleted. Thankfully I realized what had happened quickly, and Yahoo was able to restore my deleted information. My question is…What can Yahoo do to help me catch this person? Very personal, and potentially damaging information was accessed and I feel completely violated.

What good does that do me right now? I am terrified this person will hack into my account and do the same thing again. I have done my best to secure my account at this point. I am unsure of what else I can do? I have noticed over the past couple of months that Yahoo has not been functioning properly.

Yesterday was the deal breaker. After many years of email, my yahoo accounts will be closed and Yahoo will never see my IP again. Sad to see a giant wasted by the inability of the people at the top to let the site evolve and grow.

Hackers sent messages to everyone in my inbox. All have been warned — hopefully not too late. I want to complain against him and as well as i want to locked her account on deadly priority. Now please rply me asap. Email Abuse Help link at the top of this post so you can contact Yahoo directly about your problem.

Is it in my browser, instead? I hope this helps. I changed the password again and wish they would fix their security breach issues. Just found this blog as my yahoo account was recently hacked and my contacts were spammed like most of us here.

Also, I see some posters could see their hackers locations like Romania, Peru, etc. My log only shows my log in location…. JOE — Two guesses: If it was the same IP address then it was someone in your home or someone who had access to your network; if it was a different IP address then it was someone who lives in the same geographical area as you. Never noticed the selection choice, thanks for sharing. I have an account with yahoo and used to leave comments but I can no longer leave,and only from one computer.

I am perfectly ble from other computers. Could someone or yahoo have attach something just for my computer? Waldo — It sounds as though Yahoo! This would explain why the other computers still work. I would contact Yahoo! Messenger would be an example of something you would have to opt into downloading.

I just got hacked from Turkey and the Philippines. Here we go again. Unfortunately for them my secret questions are rather difficult. This is really starting to tick me off. Yep, it happened to me too.. A week or so earlier, I received an email from Zappos. Some of us carry some personal info in their saved email.. So you may want to think about setting up some fraud alerts with the credit agencies. I have the following question, hopefully somebody can answer from experience.

I am switching to gmail, they offer to "connect to an existing account", should I connect to my yahoo account since its been hacked? It would be so easy to attach the 2 for the address book and message forwarding, but i will not do it if it will make my gmail account susceptible to being hacked. They have my contact list. I cannot find how to change my password in Yahoo mail classic.

If you know how to do this email me please. Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes, 1 seconds. You are now chatting with Summer info: In my understanding, you think that your account has been compromised. Am I right, Mark? How did you know that your account was has been compromised? I dont know, i have also been experiencing unusual Login Activity from an iPhone in my location, i have an Motorola Defy. Thanks for the information.

P address was the exact same as my Motorola Defy. This can sometimes be a different location than what you are normally based in. As such, you may see login activity that you may feel is suspicious. However, it could still be your own login activity. I did have an iphone though, so it might just be from there.

If you believe somebody is accessing your Yahoo! Sign out each time you are finished using your account. We strongly recommend that you change your account password to a strong one. Easy for you to remember but difficult for the others to figure out your password. Please make sure that your new password is difficult for other people to guess. If you believe somebody knows the answer to your Security Questions or has access to your alternate email address, you can change this information.

You can also go to our security center to learn more about protecting your online security and Yahoo! I can get into my emails but I cannot get into chat. I understand that a hacker can simply type in your account name over and over until Yahoo bans your account for a day.

Even then I am unable to use past accounts to get into yahoo chat. I want to get rid of all past accounts with Yahoo and create a new one today, but Yahoo wants a mobile phone number now. I do not have any mobile phone number and am unable to even create a new account!

Advice anyone, short of abandoning Yahoo altogether? I can not have access to my account. In Yahoo Account info, they have a Beta secondary password required you can set. When you use a different computer, yahoo will send you a text with a confirmation code, before you can access your yahoo account on that computer. I just turned mine on. Hi, I have been having problems with my emails that started after i got a BlackBerry about a year ago.

It started with my yahoo account saying my password was changed. I started using my AOL account and it sent out spam on that account. So then I created one then another gmail account.

Both started having the problems of my password changing. I was able to look up the account log in history and found two IP addresses in the US accessing my accounts at the same time. Additionally, my Facebook has now locked me out. Everyone keeps telling me to change my password to something difficult and to change my security questions. I have made my passwords so difficult that I have to write them down to remember and they are different for all my accounts.

I even have that verification process to change my passwords but it still keeps locking me out. However, i am still concerned someone is getting into my computer and my access my bank and other accounts. And for my Black Berry, I stopped hooking it up to all my emails months ago, and still having problems. Additionally, Best Buy suggested i factory reset my BlackBerry which I did and i did not reattach my emails too.

Still I am being locked out. I have no idea where else to go for help. My ex was hacking into my email so I changed passwords and signed up for the secondary sign in.

Unfortunately when I bought a new laptop and expected to be asked for the code being an unfamiliar machine, I was not. I sent help notes to Yahoo and received one note asking for clarification and then heard nothing.

Anyway, Is it usual to see tons of mobile log ons from distant states? Could they be service providers used locally? I am so confused! Are the idiots at Yahoo so stupid that nobody knows this is going on?

The fact that this has been going on as long as it has just boggles the mind! You will want to log into your account and change your password as soon as possible. As I tell everybody, make it a complex password containing both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols as these are harder to crack. I was inspired to send the following to the Yahoo Security team:.

Responding to complaints from my users about messages from Yahoo email subscribers whose accounts have been hacked is becoming a full time occupation.

Some investigation has uncovered any number of internet hacking forums providing software specifically targeting email accounts on your platform. Some examples are this one: This does not appear to be a corporate priority for Yahoo, but count me as among a growing number of domain administrators who are seriously considering blacklisting all email from Yahoo and the other domains hosted on your platform until something is done about the problem. I was recently haked. Same exact issue… It happened about 2 weeks ago, so you can see that yahoo is doing nothing to address this.

What hapened was that I went to yahoo mail on my mobile phone browser. It was previously saved from my last log-in. Immediately, I started getting undeliverable and out of office replies from my contacts. I checked my activity log… My email was accessed from Brazil. I was in California. So the one time I did access my account outside of the country, their security team caught it.

Too bad it was me that was trying to access my account. I have since deleted all my contacts, so that this will never happen again. I strongly suggest using another email provider. Add me to the list…I was hacked a few days ago, and I only noticed because my gmail account is listed as a contact on my yahoo account so I was sending spam to myself!

Also, McAfee scan tells me my computer is fine. They then told me they were going to transfer me to a Microsoft expert whom I would have to pay to fix my computer remotely. However, she only uses Hotmail. She also admitted that she logged into her e-mail account, via her mobile, a day or two ago. Personally, I think this may be an Android issue. I think everyone should NOT use their mobile for logging into websites. Hacked for the first time since owning a computer umpteen years ago. Began when using a new tablet while on vacation in New Zealand.

Also happened to another member of our group using a tablet. Now at home on a desktop, it continues, seemingly while I am online.

I have all the symptoms of the previous writers. Yup I was on the flight with everyone here that magically flew to all these countries and stop just long enough for people to magically take over our accounts. First off my issue is like most of you. Sending spam emails to everyone on my contact list, all the while having control to see my emails.

No credit card numbers, no job apps with social security numbers, no legal matters. All in all use it as a dummy account if i must.

Next he took control trying to trace it. For many of you this also may be the similar case. If the wifi you connect to at Starbucks, Hotels, or other places is unsecured duh again. The program is set to read your yahoo account page, activity. As we all know yahoo allows you to be signed in to multiple places. Make a change in the accounts portion on one side and it requires you to re-login.

The solution, though not simple, that he found. He changed the name that shows up on emails in the account to -Hacked Account- Do not open this email! Doing so prompts Yahoo to send a text message to the phone number. If you'd prefer to receive your verification code via a phone call, you can click Call me instead.

Open your phone's Messages app, open the text from Yahoo, and review the code in the message. If you opt to have Yahoo call you instead, accept the incoming call, then listen for the code. Type the verification code into the text box in the pop-up window. It's below the text box.

Click Skip for now. This confirms your decision to enable two-step verification. From now on, whenever you want to log into your Yahoo account from a new location, Yahoo will send a code to your recovery phone or email address; you'll then have to retrieve the code and enter it in order to complete the login process.

If you clear your current browser's cookies or remove a signed-in location from the Recent activity menu, you'll have to re-validate your account with two-step verification the next time you log in. It's in the top-left corner of the screen. A pop-out menu will appear. You'll find this option near the top of the pop-out menu. This link is below your currently logged-in account. It's near the bottom of the screen. If prompted to enter your password or, on an iPhone, your Touch ID , do so before proceeding.

If you're prompted to enter a password and your usual password doesn't work, you'll need to recover your account on desktop instead.

Review any recent activity. Sign out of an unfamiliar location. If you see a location for which you don't remember logging into Yahoo, tap sign out to the right of that location to immediately sign out of Yahoo there. Naturally, changing your password after getting hacked is important: Tap Change password in the upper-right side of the page.

Enter your new password in both text fields. Consider enabling two-step verification. Two-step verification requires you to have access to both your Yahoo login information and a separate form of identification e.

While you can't enable two-step verification from within the Yahoo Mail app, securing your account on desktop will allow you to add two-step verification. Enabling two-step verification makes it impossible for anyone who doesn't have your phone or recovery email information to hack your account, even if they have your login email address and password. Can I recover my account if the hacker already changed the password and secret questions? If you have your account linked to another email account it might be possible to reset the password.

Personally, I would recommend contacting Yahoo customer service. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Unsubscribe to all newsletters and delete all of the newsletter emails and spam. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. What do I do if I create a new password and it accepts it, but I still have the same problem when I log in? You should contact customer support, and have them walk you through the steps to resolve this problem.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Yahoo is requesting money and permission to turn my account over to someone to recover it. What should I do? My Yahoo account has been hacked and the password with recovery details changed. It has been almost 4 months since I accessed it. How can I retrieve it? Your only option is to try to contact Yahoo for help in recovering your account. How can I recover my Yahoo account if the hacker changed my phone number?

Try to use a recovery email address. If that does not work, then Contact Yahoo. Follow the steps in How to Contact Yahoo for instructions on contacting Yahoo. My Yahoo mail was hacked and I changed the password. Now I am not able to get any mail to this account. How can I solve this problem? Make sure that the hacker did not mess with your filters. They may have also set up email forwarding to send all of your email to them.

For help doing these steps and with other troubleshooting, Contact Yahoo. You can't delete a part of your account, you can only delete the whole thing, follow How to Delete Yahoo! Accounts for directions on deleting your whole account. Securing your account is all you have to do after it has been hacked, you just need to change your password and you should consider enabling 2-step verification.

How do I recover a hacked Yahoo account if I have a new phone number? You can try to use a recovery email, and if that does not work, you can try to Contact Yahoo.

I think that my Frontier email has been hacked, and it is managed by Yahoo. I can't log in and the password doesn't work due to too many attempts to get into the account. Answer this question Flag as How can I get my contact list back after I recover my hacked account? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Most people admit to using the same password for a variety of different accounts. If your Yahoo email account was hacked, you might want to change your password for any connected accounts or social media if those accounts use the same password.

Warnings Yahoo has been severely compromised in the past, with literally billions of accounts being hacked. If you haven't changed your Yahoo password in the last year, consider doing so now.

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The latest Yahoo hack is a doozy you shouldn't ignore.

Recognize and secure a hacked Yahoo Mail account Keeping your account safe is important to us. If you think someone is trying to hack or take over your account, there are some important steps you need to take to secure your information. With 1 billion accounts hit (along with the less recent mail breach experienced in ), there’s a good possibility that your username was one of them. Here’s what you can do if your Yahoo account was hacked. Sep 23,  · So check the email affiliated with your Yahoo account if you haven't already. Yahoo has started sending out notifications to users, and you should be receiving one at that account if you were affected by the data breach. Change your password. If you haven't changed your password in a few years, do it -- now.