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20. WrestleMania 19 (March 30th, 2003)

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The Revolution Steals the Show. Cena and Khalifa Rap 3 Min. A Dream Come True. Bookers Success 1 Min. The Heart of an Anvil. WrestleMania On Site Live 3. Muscle Fitness Tryout 2 Min.

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The Land of Opportunity. Straight from the Heart. Balor Returns to RAW. The Return of Xtreme. Bliss on a Grand Stage. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar. Battle of the Power Couples. Too Close for Comfort. A Hero Comes Home. Oh Its True Its True. Preparing for an Eclipse. No Time for Games. RAW Talk Fastlane The Myth Becomes Legend. Evading the Venus Fly Trap. Kicking Lass and Taking Names.

Battling The Lass Kicker. All for the Taking. Diamond Dallas Page Profile. The Festival of Friendship. Talking Smack Elim Chamber The Luck of the Irish. Failure to Get Hyped. A True Cruiserweight Classic. Hidden Gems Part 2 Intro. The New Day Intro. Rock n Roll Express Profile. The Moment of Truth. The Champ Who Runs the Camp. A Matter of Respect. Holy Foley First Look: Jimmy Superfly Snuka Tribute.

UK Championship Tourney Part 2. UK Championship Tourney Part 1. Pain in the Neck. Destruction of The Shield Intro. UK Championship Tourney Preview. End Of The Line RAW Talk Roadblock End of the Line. Mother of the Groom. Trish and Lita Intro. Talking Smack TLC The Tables are Turned. Words of a Champion. True Story of the Royal Rumble. A Big Flippin Deal. Pre-Show to SmackDown A Point is Made.

Pre-Show to Raw Travelers Tales Part II. The Nature of a Boss. McMahon Part 2 Intro. Hell Hath No Fury. Talking Smack No Mercy The Cena House Rules. You Only Liv Once. The Faith of Foley. Clash Of Champions Kickoff. Best of Seven Series - Match 7. Friends and Role Models. Putting Pen to Paper. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Best of Seven Series - Match 6. Right Place, Right Time. The Reign of Becky Balboa. Best of Seven Series - Match 5. On the Fringe of Success. First SmackDown Womens Champion.

Best of Seven Series - Match 4. Best of Seven Series - Match 3. History of the Hardcore Champ. Best of Seven Series - Match 2. The Miz Talks Smack. A Clash of Styles. Best of Seven Series - Match 1. The First Universal Champion. No Feel Good Ending. A New Crown for The King. The Miracle of Sound. The Demon King Revealed. Three Faces of Foley Intro. A New Era Begins. The New Days New Member.

Standing Against an Empire. A Dream Come True. The Walls Come Down. Say Hello to The Bad Guy. The Scott Hall Story. The Underdog and The Architect.

Your Time is Up! Kofis Old Man Shoes. A Challenge Unlike Most. The End is Just The Beginning. The First and the Last. The American Dream Intro. Dont Have a Face for TV. Having Hair Looks Stupid. Cant Find Good Help. The Rise of John Cena Intro. Vince Isnt That Into U. An Extreme Fatal 4-Way. Not Without My Eyebrow. Becoming The Rock Intro. The WarGames Collection Intro.

Addicted To The Shindig. No Place Like Camp. An Offer of Payback. A Raw Sibling Rivalry. If It Tastes Like Sushi. Challenging the Roman Empire. The Rise of a Nation. Four Men, One Opportunity. Out of the Box. The Prodigal Son Returns. A Leap of Faith. Welcome to the Grand Stage. Like Father, Like Daughter. Charlotte vs Sasha vs Becky. The Revolution Steals the Show. The Dream Lives On. The Road to Dallas. S1 E06 Sports EntertainmentMania. Rocky Road to Recovery. An Ironic Turn of Events. Legacy of Shane McMahon Intro.

Everything You Need To Know. Hart of the Matter. A Legacy of Excellence. The New Day Reeks of Awesomeness. A Sign of the Times. Come Reign or Shine. The TakeOver pre-shows are typically minutes in length while some have been 1 hour, beginning with TakeOver: San Antonio in Each TakeOver Fallout included interviews and a panel of experts analyzing the event.

The Fallout post-shows varied in length. Many WWE Network events are thematic , centered around particular types of matches, or have an annually-recurring main-event. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 8, Retrieved June 16, Retrieved July 23, Retrieved September 17, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved November 16, Pro Wrestling Dot Net. Retrieved February 17, Retrieved January 24, Retrieved August 27, Total Bellas Total Divas.

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Alberto Del Rio vs. Tampa Bay Times Forum. Sumida, Tokyo , Japan. Live from Madison Square Garden. I fell in love with the promotion in the summer of '97, and I was lucky enough to attend one of the company's shows during its glory years. Every match on the card is extremely fun to watch, making the event one that holds up a decade and a half after it occurred.

It was the first old PPV I watched upon purchasing the network, and I don't at all regret that decision. In Your House '97 was the PPV that followed, and, while meant to be a transitional event, it's still a fun watch. The ending of the PPV offers a reminder of a great feud that was never given a proper chance to grow, which is a real shame considering events that occurred down the road.

I have no problem in admitting that I probably overrate this show. I watched it live, and I then rented the tape multiple times as a bright-eyed ten-year-old who just couldn't get enough of the event. My recommendation would be to stop streaming before the final match starts, but outside of that, the show produced plenty of good wrestling.

It was the mids and before the Attitude Era, so there's plenty of goofy stuff on the show, as well. Just as with the first event on the list, this episode of Raw is more known for its place in history than for any matches that occurred during the show.

McMahon gloating about beating and then buying his competition. This signaled the end of the Monday Night Wars, and the end of what was, for many fans my age, the best of American professional wrestling. It was an exciting time because we didn't know what was to come, and there were so many possibilities that were never realized. The Invasion Angle was as botched as it could have been, and some fans ditched the product for good because of it.

To this day, the first ever Souled Out remains one of the most bizarre events I've ever watched. Right from the very start, when the members of the nWo arrived to the arena via garbage trucks seriously , you knew that you were about to experience something different. A real-life rivalry that played out on the screen, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels changed the wrestling business in many ways.

19. WrestleMania 28 (April 1st, 2012)

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