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London has the worst broadband in Britain, government statistics show
FortySixAnd2 2, forum posts. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Hotels for a family of 4? I also need to find a way of connecting my phone up so I have access to a mobile phone when I first get there, it will be my main means of communication with people when Iinitially arrive and need to arrange accommodation etc. So why is there a warrant for my arrest? More internet cafes can be found at London Online.

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When you compare broadband in London be sure to use our postcode search feature. Simply tap in your postcode and our system will automatically filter out the options according to the availability at your exchange. In a rush or not quite ready to switch? Don't worry, just enter your email address and we'll send you a copy of these results. Read our privacy policy OK.

Compare broadband deals in London Enter your postcode. Why do we need your postcode? What is a sponsored deal? Extras 1Mb average upload speed. Pricing calculation Normal monthly price: Find the best broadband package for you Call us: Pricing calculation Monthly price: Exclusive Genie offer Ends 24 Sep: Extras 17Mb average upload speed. Phone Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines 01, 02 and 03 numbers and and numbers, from Friday 6pm to Monday 6am.

Extras Free wireless router free postage and packaging and Bullguard security. Exclusive Genie offer Ends 28 Sep: Send me these deals! Sign me up for promotional offers and competitions by email! Sponsored result What is a sponsored deal? Go The inbuilt map provides the official TFL map of the city underground services with the ability to switch to an online street map view when an internet connection is available.

This way the user can view the online map feature when above ground and the transport map and route planning is still fully functional underground or anywhere there is no internet connection.

This provides the best of both worlds, the transport map and route planning anytime, anywhere and online street maps and search when a connection is available.

Provides the fastest route calculations of any mobile routing application virtually instantaneous using actual published journey times with the ability to select the quickest route or the route with the least changes. Comprehensive details of your planned route are provided, including changes, directions of travel, number of stops, predicted journey times, etc.

Also given are alternatives for each leg of the journey. This also means the application runs perfectly underground, on an aeroplane, etc. Can't complain with a price like that.

AAISP actually know what they are talking about. Their customer service, however, is awful. Make sure it is a fiber zone. The fastest broadband in the land With speeds of up to Mb, no-one else comes close Amazing TV With your much loved Sky channels and HD as standard Great value phone plans to suit the way you like to chat Including calls to Virgin mobile numbers and UK landlines. Plus enjoy exclusive mobile deals Our lowest tariffs are just for Virgin Media customers.

If you go with them, call em up and double check it is fibre optic, not phone lines or whatever, but I suspect this message proves it.

They've done most of London but left odd spots like Fulham?? Things to bear in mind with Virgin - they are very hostile to torrenting and so on. Also, we had been complaining about our speeds floundering around mbps on a 60mbit connection for a very long time before they hooked us up with what we were paying for.

I'm not impressed by their excuses on the matter either. I'd never recommend Virgin, but there are two people in here that do, so I dunno. That's my contribution anyway. I just want to share the state of my evening with you, not only as a cautionary tale, but as a way of denying Virgin another customer.. And I'm lucky this week, not a single housemate using any bandwidth. This is the general state of our connection on weekends, although it might be an area thing. Check carefully before you lock yourself into a contract buddy.

I have Virgin fibre MB and it's pretty reliable. Speedtest right now shows I'm getting 55MB but it's regularly up around Torrents fly down though and you get around 5MB upload speed.

Just go with bt. They're as good as any and have good customer service in my experience. Avoid the low cost alternatives that promise the earth. They are cheaper for a good reason. Can't tell you who is good but I can tell you that I've had non-stop problems with Sky. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

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If you're hunting for broadband in London, let Broadband Genie help. Just enter your postcode to compare the best deals in the capital from all the UK's top internet providers - plus we have a host of plain English and independent expert guides. Oct 13,  · Re: Internet connection in UK Oct 14, , AM FON and Openzone access are available a very great many locations all across London, . Best Internet Service Providers in London, ON - Odynet, Start, Rogers Wireless - Prime Communications, AC Technologies, TELUS Store, Liquid Dynamiks Web, Bell, Execulink Telecom, TELUS Store, Quick Cash Cheque Cashing.