Is NAT only acceptable as a firewall setting

What is NAT Firewall?

How Network Address Translation Works
If you truly do need to go to this extent, you may want to look into some of the Application Virtualization options out there, as that can limit the exposure of breaches should they occur. Many games need lots of ports open to the Internet to function. In a nutshell, you must to find a way to prevent these viruses and spam tools managing to connect directly from the infected machine through the NAT. So do not consider NAT for security. A DMZ is not normally required, provided you know your software. Outbound traffic triggered permission for inbound traffic.

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What is a Firewall?

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Why should you use NAT Firewall?

However, not only is a NAT hardware firewall an extra line of defense, but it filters out a lot of potential threats before a more processor intensive firewall has to deal with them, and possibly throw up another annoying ‘Do you want to allow this connection?’ dialogue for you to deal with. I have a newly setup Actiontec M ADSL modem for use with DSL service. The default firewall setting is NAT only. Is that acceptable for security purposes? Would configuring it with both a high Reviews: 8. Network Address Translation (NAT) is the process where a network device, usually a firewall, assigns a public address to a computer (or group of computers) inside a private network. The main use of NAT is to limit the number of public IP addresses an organization or company must use, for both.