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AVG Antivirus

They knew they could not do over a hundred charge on PayPal so they did two separate transactions at 2: I tried to refund thru PayPal. But they stated it was auto payment and could not.

I send an email to AVG, received nonsense of sorry to see you go if I wanted to stay they would give me this for free blah blah. No, I never gave consent nor did I get a notification of intent of withdrawal. I replied stating, "No, I need my money refunded. Called my bank, found out they is not block or dispute and they stated they thought the email was odd. Found a number to AVG to call and this person was saying he can help me, asking me not for the case numbers but what software. I told him what does that matter.

When I stated I wanted the refund he then asked my computer information to gain access!! I couldn't believe I heard correctly, I asked him to repeat it and sure enough, "madam I'm going to give you a few steps to help me gain access to your computer to get your refund.

Give you access to my personal computer?!! Now I have a dispute and the bank is involved. People do not do any until you read the reviews, there's more bad than good. We assure you we would never charge you without your consent and would like to resolve this very unusual issue for you. Please contact us privately with where you purchased our software from, the details that appeared on your PayPal and bank accounts name, amount, etc , and the phone number you called so we can ensure you were dealing with a genuine AVG retailer and genuine AVG support.

AVG emailed me to inform me my anti-virus renewal could not be processed because my credit card expired. I did not want to renew my subscription, therefore, did nothing since they couldn't process the renewal anyway. Today, the renewal amount was taken out of my bank account. My credit card number is the same, only the expiration date changed. Apparently, AVG took it upon themselves to try out new expiration numbers to see if they could automatically renew.

I spent over 45 minutes on the phone with foreigners no offense intended , to be told that my renewal was not yet processed!!!

Um, but the money is already debited to my account??? I will have to call back in a day or two to try to process a refund!! I would, now, never use this company if they were the last ones on earth.

Please contact us directly with the information that appeared in your bank account as well as your AVG account information so we can look into this for you and get the issue resolved. The charge may have been made prior to the card's expiration. I use the free AVG Antivirus service and it works for me, no problems, it gives me updates as well as giving me the ability to upgrade the service. I paid for full Internet protection, including Anti-Hacking protection. I called their number on the first day, the person I spoke to could not provide a link to restore the Anti-Hacking protection.

Then a person called Bincy keeps sending me emails telling me that they are aware of the problem, and keeps telling me that I should not mention it on their Community Support page. So nearly a week later I still do not have Anti-Hacking protection, even though I paid for it. The ACCC in Australia should investigate software companies that promise protection, accept payment to provide full Internet protection and are unable to do so, should not be allowed to continue their business.

It is stealing and they should be dealt with like any other thief. The discounted price was a sale price for new customers. Renewals are done at the full listed price.

Hacking protection refers to the firewall. We assure you your firewall, if enabled, is working properly. There is a known bug in the interface that incorrectly states the firewall is not running when it's enabled. This issue should be resolved. We recommend updating your software to the latest version and rebooting your PC. Please let us know if this resolves your issue! As a small business I strive to keep cost down and buy good products.

I immediately found an issue I never had before. I can see my desktop PC from my laptop and access files as I have always done. However, any desktop PC cannot access the laptop. I fumbled around with the AVG interface for half an hour I am not a novice with PCs or software, I consider myself at least competent if not a power user and finally found the "Enhanced Firewall" on the laptop AVG install. Trying to change or edit permissions is a yeoman task!

You click on the router IP and no provision for rules, unblock, block etc come up! AVG used to be a moderately simple to use product for me with experience in IT work and network security. However, this new version requires a degree in effective mind reading to use! Performance is great but if the firewall is a stone wall with difficult or unclear instructions or options "make a new rule" for example, a new rule for what?? You should be able to click on the IP of your router in their hi tech screen and say "Block or Unblock" end of complexity.

I loved AVG because it was light, nimble and pretty effective but now I am not so sure. Evaluate the options and as I am, a business guy who hung up his RJ45 cables to do training find a product that is effective, easy to configure and cost effective.

I don't know if AVG is or will continue to be that product! Thanks for your feedback. We're always interested in how our customers feel we can make our software even better. If you have any other thoughts about how we can further improve, please contact us privately and let us know! I ignored warnings when I was told that AUG steal your documents. So this morning I downloaded their free antivirus to try it out on my computer.

I then went to work on my manuscript. I worked on it all day and then again in the evening and then the next thing I know the whole manuscript disappears and a message comes up saying 'fatal error'. So I did a search but, no, the file had completely disappeared from my USB stick. So now I am without my work - yes, I do have a backup file but it's old and has none of the work that I completed over the last few weeks.

This is not only amoral it's despicable also and the sooner governments put a stop to this kind of practice by multinationals the better. Thank you for reaching out. Our software won't delete anything without your permission. The file was likely transferred to your virus vault. Open the User Interface and click Options, Virus Vault, and select the appropriate file s to restore.

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please contact us privately and we'll be happy to help. I recently was charged The best part is they charged this to a brand new credit card number which is one day old and has never been used!!!

I will repost once I contact my credit card company and dispute this charge. I think they might be thieves. We assure you we would never charge you for anything without your specific approval and do not install spyware on our customer's devices.

Please contact us privately with more information so we can investigate further. Please include the link to where you downloaded the software from, the name listed on the charge, etc. I recently called AVG because I upgraded from the free anti-virus to internet security. I downloaded the new add-on and everything worked fine until a few days later. It said I only had basic protection and I could not get it to update.

I called AVG and was told by a Filipino agent that I needed "special tools" that would get rid of Avast on my computer and that it would cost me extra money. I was then transferred to her manager who tried telling me the same thing! First off, Avast has free removal tools on their website along with every other company. I used this to take it off and went to the my subscription tab in AVG, clicked my subscription and inserted the info needed. This completely corrected the issue.

I'm also very upset that there are no American reps to speak with and all call center agents are outsourced to the Philippines.

I have no problems with Filipinos, but our cultures clash. They are NOT friendly and seem untrustworthy. I'll finish my year since they have a no refund policy and switch to another company that values their customers!!

Please contact us privately with the number you dialed as it does not sound like you were speaking with genuine AVG support and we would like to investigate further. I recently purchased AVG Internet Security with the name Ultimate on the end but it doesn't say that on the software title, was told by customer service it is?

This AVG is for more than one computer and so I removed a free version of another brand of antivirus on my other computer, which is a desktop, that was working just fine and installed my purchased version of AVG, after removing the other free version of course. As normal it required the usual reboot only to just get to the desktop and then. It soon was apparent the software wasn't going to run and I then returned computer to an earlier time with the restore point.

Again to try and make a long story short, they were trying to run me down that same rabbit hole and soon would've been wanting to sell me tech support again for second time. This reminds me of Norton Internet Security, I used their software for maybe 4 years and it later became buggy and wanted to sell tech support to me and reap profits.

My hibernate mode never worked after that. I am done with these dummies, they permanently lost a customer just like Norton did. Don't waste your money.

They are not the same company. Support is included on our paid products, so we would like to ensure you were speaking with genuine AVG support. Please contact us privately with more information so we can investigate further and help get your issues resolved. AVG may have been a credible company in the past, but downloading their latest software on my desktop computer, I had the biggest nightmare I have ever experienced, and I hope nobody ever has to deal with it.

After downloading their "antivirus" software directly from their site, I executed the installation and was prompted to restart my computer. Following the restart, I logged in as usual, and when my desktop image loaded up, it suddenly backed out and went back to the login screen, saying my "login credentials had expired" and I needed to "use an admin account".

I immediately looked up AVG's number and called them and explained what happened, and was directed through their customer service to create another "User" account using the command line and fancy coding, and eventually they were able to create a new Admin user which showed the software which was downloaded on the computer for all users, but my desktop image and all personal files tied to my personal account were obviously still not accessible.

They transferred me to a supervisor after I asked for one, and she tried to tell me that my computer was fixed and that any additional issues I was experiencing were due to "other problems on my computer which previously existed". She even had the audacity to say to me "My technician tells me that he was able to get an Admin account created and says that you were able to log in, were you not?

I don't understand how AVG is responsible for you not being able to get into your personal files when you just told me you were able to log in I reset my computer every night and this problem was directly tied with the installation of their software. I mentioned this to the lady when she was insisting that the problem wasn't caused by their software and that I had to pay, and she said that the computer technician never told me it "was a common issue" and that the problem I was experiencing was a unique one which she had "never seen before" and which her "trusted software" never created.

I figured she was just getting rid of me with another automated line or something, but it did eventually pick up with a human who simply instructed me to restore to a system restore point inside the Admin account they created for me to a time before the software was installed. So after about 3 or 4 hours I finally had my computer back. Towards the end I even got to the point where I told her that I would have to file a lawsuit against the company if I was forced to pay money to recover my data from a corporate entity which hijacked the use of my computer in the first place.

There was a long pause after that where both her and I didn't say anything but mutually understood each other; that there was no chance that I could legally sue scammers located in these parts of the world. And now it makes perfect sense to me why they are not a US-regulated enterprise. Regardless, I told her that if I could not sue, that I would leave scathing reviews of my experience in any location I could possibly find, so that nobody else falls into the trap and has their personal computer hijacked like I did.

After telling her this, she said "Oh yea? Oh so you are going to make a serious accusation against me like that?

Well then if you are going to accuse us of something like that, that's a really serious type of thing, and we won't help you in that case. I basically had to lie to her and apologize saying that I was just really frustrated and I wanted her to see how important this was to me, but I reassured her that I wouldn't leave bad reviews. They hid this in 27 pages of legalese and stand by it.

This is a total scam. I had no idea I would be billed for something I did not order but they sneak in under the fine print. If you're dumb enough to try it I was you will only get conned again!

These guys are a ripoff and their program is mediocre. When my service expires, I will definitely find a better, less expensive security program, and there are lots out there, I just found out after the fact. Until recently when problems started with staff communications and programs. This has been listed as a scam. As a result my bank has now closed my account and are investigating.

Not to mention the inconvenience this has caused. This is unsatisfactory when requested for an email address to forward information the answer was it is company policy not to give out email address. Once again very unsatisfactory, it appears this company is not interested in customer feedback. The chat person when I attempted to draw their attention to this problem, I was not treated as a customer should be and the comment constantly throughout the chat was and I quote "Digital River Ireland is a payment gateway company in partnership with AVG.

Being a Internet Security company one would have thought due to any critical changes to Direct Debit Paying customers would have been notified in person. Not a happy Camper. I downloaded their sad CCleaner ripoff for a free trial to stop the pop ups that happened every time I tried to use their product. As it was a ripoff of a superior product. I canceled the service the same day.

One month later, AVG removed I take time out of my day to call AVG, again, to cancel my service. AVG returns the money. I check my account 5 days later and see AVG has deducted Another call and 2 online chats with AVG get me nothing. They admit that yes I have canceled service, but they are going to have to "investigate" to see why they can't stop taking my money.

AVG says I will have to be in the negative with my PayPal account until they figure out where they have messed up. I purchased this software last year and was happy to use it and I believe it served me well. What I hate about AVG are the constant ads to buy more and more products. I find their harassing techniques to be aggravating, annoying and downright unprofessional. If you decide not to renew for another year, the ads increase to three a day with enticements and threats.

When I chatted with their representative to complain about all these ads, he stated that "No one is forcing you to buy our software. Not worth the hassle or loss of peace-of-mind. They have chased away this previously satisfied customer. I've been using AVG for well over 10 years. Over the weekend, my computer caught a virus that's blocking internet connection and preventing AVG from launching.

I've spoken to AVG via chat. Of course you're getting reps from India. And I don't have an issue with that. But because they're outsourced staff, they really don't listen to what your problem is. Apparently AVG can no longer fix problems if you cannot connect online. There are plenty of antivirus companies that can. Last night I finally decided to uninstall it Granted, I'm running with 2. A few years ago it was barely mb.

Windows Defender picked up Trojan. Poweliks that AVG had been missing on its full scan every week, on a quick scan. Run Malwarebytes and it spots roughly 41 instances of where this trojan has replicated itself. I would recommend skipping AVG. It's essentially adware at this point. I had AVG antivirus protection yrs ago and had cancelled my subscription back in I just noticed a charge of I don't notice it last year so they have been billing me for 2 years.

They said they had send me an email informing me of the auto renewal to an email that I no longer even had which gives no choice to stop them. I have made over 10 calls to them and they emailed me back with one employee refusing to refund any money and another email says they will only refund this year's charge.

So who do I believe. I believe this is a great injustice and should be stopped. Streaming bursa announcement , check our all the bursa announcement now! See all the bursa announcements under one single page for your portfolio or watchlist? Register Now to access our Portfolio Manager. Free to access for more than 10 years stock data in our Advanced technical chart.

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While this is expected given the recent upward movement, it also gives a warning that the current movement may be over-extended. The recent upward movement has pushed the price to be quite far from the support level of 3.

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VB% award in Virus Bulletin tests. % detection rate of AVG Anti-Virus System is continuously certified by independent ICSA laboratories. Checkmark is a system which tests and certifies information security products, which certifies information security products to real-world standards. AVG Technologies AVG Internet Security , Unlimited Devices, 2 Years [Key Card]. Original review: Aug. 5, I had purchased an AVG tuneup in Dec. for two years. After 18 months of using the program which I thought was not all that great IG constant reminders every day.