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Tmobile will never compete with Att or Verizon as they currently stand. I am sure if T-Mobile continue to ignore the concerns of its customer they will be extinct in the near future. I can say that abusing employees is not a good way to do things. Well it sounds like the two are working to get their deal done in a hurry. I do not feel assisted in any way. Upon expressing my surprise for not having been notified ahead of time of this transaction I was told that an email had been sent to me, which I never received.

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Anyone else have same issue. My entire building tmobile users without service. I cancelled my T-mobile account after many years. Reason — their phones horrible! No service in lots of areas. They received my payment for July on and on August 16th I cancelled my service with Tmobile.

I spent almost 1 hour on the phone to confirm — why the hell i have to pay full month of service when I should be charged only for 6 days.

They said there is nothing they willing to do and I have to pay full amount. Charge me for what I actually owe you! S…it is ridiculous for what i have to go through just to get a replacement phone.. They have told me for 4 years I have to know when minutes are gonna expire otherwise my account will end!!

I guess someone in didnt established I had unlimited text and dataso these people stole and some from my checking account. My whole weekend is ruined. My car payment will be pending I will get overdraft fees!!!

I am really sad right now.. I have had service for over 5 years. Spent over 10,ooo dollars on bills. Have had a mytouch phone for over 3 years. It is now having problems and i need a new phone. I received text msg from you and said i get a full discount. Your discount is i pay That is no discount that is a freaking straight out lie.

I am very disapointed with your what you call service. If you cant keep me in a phone with a real discount not some bullshit lie. Then you can take your service and stick it up your ss. I will finish my contract and change service and never i mean NEVER use your service or send anyone your way. Take your money while you can because some other company will be glad to take my money. A customer service hotline assistance named Roger had an conversation with me at 11th October, 8: I told Roger that I need troubleshooting with Wi-Fi connection.

Since the phone signal is weak at the time, I asked him to repeat himself politely. When Roger is on duty, he represents T-mobile.

This employee ruins T-mobile reputation. I do not feel assisted in any way. Please ensure Roger is qualified to work in his position. Just wanted to find a comment section on their website to let them know the wonderful service I had from the sales rep named Dillan.

Unfortunately I could not find a place to do that. T-Mobile has no respect for active duty military families. My husband was relocated in May so we had to move.

I canceled my cell phone because after 4 months of paying for it and having absolutely ZERO service in or around our house, I got tired of it. I faxed them every piece of information they requested and they will not wave the early termination fee. I did not choose to move here, the government told us this is where we had to go and T-Mobile does not have service here. Now they said there is nothing they can do. T-Mobile has the worst policies and costumer care. Bye the way, your welcome for defending your freedom.

Jessica, I am having a very similar issue, but they provided me with a wrong fax number. Do you still have it? This morning at 9am PT, November 2, , I called the customer service , the lady I first talked to put me on hold for more than 15mins trying to find what the charges were for and she was unable to find anything; she transferred me to another lady, she too put me on hold for about 10 mins, and then she transferred me to another lady, she did the same thing—she put me on hold for about 6 mins, and finally told me they will call me back if they find any information about the bill.

Again at 9pm PT, I called the customer service , the lady I talked to put me on hold for 3 mins, transferred me to a guy, and then transferred me to another lady before she finally told me that her computer was unable to open my monthly charge. I told her how can her computer open a monthly charge if I only open the account 8 days ago? This account has been a headache since the first day I opened this account.

Something has to be done to my account immediately. I must not receive these harassing calls anymore, and the crazy bill charge must be rectified. Thanks for your attention to this absurd situation. I have been trying to cancel my service for 5 days after only having it for 5 days.

They keep stringing it along and stringing it along. I have been a customer for 8 years. It saddens me to see such a great cadillac co. The way I have been treated when we just wanted to upgrade. Well it all went down from there. To bad customers mean nothing to t mobile. As the result of such bad customer service I decided to cancel my contract w T mobile. We went to Verizon and got 3 Iphones for free, and got my wife, myself and my daughter new phones w them.

They were grateful to have our business and now we dont feel like our money is not valued by our phone company. You probably wont even read or care to reply, I just wanted to let you know that because of situations like this you may have more and more customers leave your company in the near future! Thank you and good Luck! I have been a customer with T-mobile for almost 9 years. I decided to switch carriers because I wanted a phone they did not offer.

I feel they are stealing from me. They are RUDE and do not look at anything from a a customers point of view. I will make sure everyone I know hears of this terrible service they are providing and make sure no one goes with them or lets this happen to them! I am very discourage with T-Mobile system. I had an important phone call from my work Scripps Green Hospital and my Suprvr could get hold of me because the system was down since yesterday. The Samsung Galaxy smart? Dropping calls, dumping calls right into voice mail etc.

New sim card, still not working. All I can say is avoid getting involved with TM. Not only does the customer service suck, so do their junk phones.

Shame on you T-Mobile. The T in their name stands for Terrible. T-Mobile T for Terrible. The list could go on and on. Shame on you for handling of problems. I have been T-mobile customer for 1.

I am born and raised in Sweden, but I was studying abroad in the US for 1. Which is stupid, because every time we wanted to ask something regarding our plan, pay our bills etc. Anyhow, I moved back to Sweden in June , and talked to the terrible customer service and told them that I am moving back to Sweden, may come back in August , or I may stay in Sweden.

If she had listened she would know that I am currently living in Sweden. I told her to cancel my account right away and I would never in my life again choose T-mobile. So my phone has to be replaced. Mobile and ask about the tracking number.

I am told they will text the phone with the shipping information. I explain that the phone does not work and therefore I can not receive texts, what about emailing me on the Google Account I had to open to get the android features on the phone. I have now wasted a day waiting for my phone since it was supposed going to be over nighted to me by Tuesday. Wow I needed help with my phone. I was a customer for a real long time and then they started messing wirh my service with losing calls no service my bill went from dollars to I want everyone to know how this company treats you.

I have talked to customer care several times. They tell you that they will be in contact with about your problems. You never hear from them until you call them back.

What a waste of time. I never heard from them again. T-mobile is the worse. Most of the time we have no service. All so the dropped calls and my samsung will just cut its self off.

My wife needs phone service all the time. Her mom has heart problems and i have a little thing called colon cancer. We also have grand children that have to be picked up from school. So if you need cell service try somewhere else. I have been with T-Mobile for 13 years and this is how they treat you. So think twice before you go with T-Mobile.

I am an exsisting customer with T-Mobile customer over the past 10yrs. I am having an ongoing issue with the Financial Care Department and it would seem nobody in that department seems to to know where there foot is or their head.

I would a be very grateful if I can have a telephone to make my complaint and have my issue resolve in an amicable and professional manner. I am contemplating changing my carrier due to this on going problem,which is beoming and nightmare and a dinosaur. We had T-mobile for 2 years. I have to tell you. It was to years of continual arguments with who they called customer service. We had the Samsung Galaxy. I am not sure if it was the phone or just the very poor service from T-Mobile!!

I am going with the latter. Half the time we could not make ANY calls. It kept saying emergency calls only. This happened from out of the house, car no matter where we went. Called many time to complain. They would not do anything for us. Not even credit the bill. They wanted to charge us for a device that might get us better service in the house only.

The billing date fell beyond the contract and they want us to pay for the remaining 4 weeks of a service that we no longer had or could use. I have not paid it. So they sent it to a collection agency. Real nice of them considering we had such rotten service for 2 years. They should have eating the difference for the credit they never gave or offered for 2 years of very POOR service all around!!

I have contacted the BBB to let them know what crappy service T-mobile is giving their paying customers!! WE since have went with another service.

I spent one hour trying to resolve this. First, while awaiting a supervisor, I was hung up on and not called back. Boy, am I ever glad I switched over to Verizon! You spend a long time on the phone trying to get help and when its all over you are left feeling more frustrated. You are told that your conversation is recorded for quality service and that they are putting notes in the system, unfortunately for the customers there usually is no records when you try to follow up.

I am sure if T-Mobile continue to ignore the concerns of its customer they will be extinct in the near future. I would never recommend my worst enemy to get T-Moile, it is nothing short of a death sentence. Unable to contact you by phones, onstar or email All phones are out, dead. I have lost total respect for T-mobile. T-mobile proceeded to send me a Refurbished Phone Twice with we both crap!

Run from this place. They are supposed to have these fast phones, breaking technology and their cash register server was down and I could not even get a receipt. They told me to come back 5 days later. I went back 5 days later and they told me to come back after the new year. Been a customer of t-moble for years,Was due for upgrade old phone had problems. Contacted t-moble told them which phone I was interested in and thought the upgrade was free.

They also said it would be easier if I went to local store. End results I got screwed big time. As you can see from comments service can be variable. However, sometimes it can be quite good as they were today. I got an unlock on my new phone quickly. However, they have a promotion that gives me a free month service. State Road7, suite o Royal Palm Beach, Fl and the two gentlemen that was in the store, one by the name Chris was very helpful as he tried to do everything he could do any time I have entered the store and the other guy that wears the pladed pants trieshis best to satisfy me by trying every direction suggestions that the ma manual said..

I walked outsiderag and noticethat the store manager was outside.. I just want to thank Mr Chou, and Jan from Idiho. You guys are fast becoming my most favorite Company. Thanks a costumer for life. I used be a very happy customer with my service. They consistently seem to screw up my bill etc.. Then somehow randomely make some bs excuse about adjustments bein made to my bill. Where and why it happened is still a mystery. After bein told my balance was zero after payin bill in the store.

I was then told i didnt pay for service 3 months prior. How thats possible i do not know. What i do kno is i cannot wait for my contract to be up bevause i dont want to give them extra for breaking contract.

To much random crap always occurs woth them.. Extremely disappointed with crappy service and wont reccomend tgem to anyon. Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with SEO? If you know of any please share. Had T Mobile pay as you go for more years than I care to remember. Our post code BS Durante el dia de ayer T-Mobile sus empleados jugaron con mi servicio desconectandome el mismo por error de ellos el cual pague yo los platos rotos. El error de uno de sus empleados me mantuvo un dia entero sin servicio.

Esto paso ayer a las Espero respuesta y una explicacion…. I tried to cancel T-moble service and in the process they screwed us so bad. I see they are one of the most hated companies in the country in the US and I know why. I hope the go under fast. My two year contract expires Phone service has been fair but the wireless internet has been poor. I can not check emails from my phone. I have been trying to contact t-mobile my email. No such thing exist. I called to have the phone service disconnected from my bank account.

I want to send an email to T-mobile. I can not check my pass word by phone because the phone is broke. My 2 year contract with t-mobile has ended. I am due for an up grade. I can afford that. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. So I am ripped off, I can not get a new phone or an upgrade and I can not send an email to have the services disconnected by January 23, I am very angry and frustrated.

T Mobile, used to be tolerable. Today, it is NOT. I terminated service with T-mobile at the end of December. They have since claimed I owe 98 dollars for two months of service. I paid this amount. They cashed the checks for which I have copies. They still call wanting money. Additionally, when they call, instead of reading my contact history they simply ask me is I would like to pay the outstanding balance. They never call back. T-Mobile is a circus all the way around.

I suggest they quit making expensive—stupid—prime time ads and start spending money on cell towers and people who know how to run a company. I told them that I needed the unlocking code and was advised that the code will come to my email in weeks. I am one disappointed customer. I feel I have been misled and taken advantage.

I am posting this hoping at least now some one can help me.!!! I am sorry to say that i have had so much problem with one phone on my acct. I understand how frustration it can be but we will put a tag out on this. Then you talk with anothher agent and they say you have excellent service in your area.

When i called and said to cancel the service they told me i had to pay a cancellation fee because i signed a contract. And yes you will tell me you sent new phones and guess what same thing happen with new and refurbished phone you send. What i would like to know is does it make sence to send a refurbished phone , when they probally had the same problem. So will i ever buy another phone from t-mobile no. My husband left the country for work and terminated his service with them. They were not supposed to charge the early termination fee, but did it anyway.

I tried again 2 days after that and was told that it had been processed right then , got a reference number, and was told that it would be business days, with a promised date of deposit. When he does, have him call T-Mobile and we can get it straightened out. I have been a customer for 8 yrs. I am comming up on an upgrade for my phone.

I have 5 lines. I saw they were charging new customers I will be canceling my contract with t-mobile after 8 yrs of service. I was sold a Windows phone with the promise that I could unlock for other service providers when I traveled abroad. After Googling I was able to reach a person and was tossed around the line until someone could help me.

The reception was bad and the lady on the other line had difficulties hearing the phone no. My experience is short but extremely negative so I will explore options with other providers once I return to the States. Hey, this is a great way to went my frustration on this matter!

Thanks and sorry for the long post. Por este medio deceo informar que ustedes me estan facturando una cantidad de dinero incorresta,porque cuando yo reporte m telefono robado yo havia madandado mi pago de ese mes,antes de consurtar con una ajencia de cobros verifiquen primero no sean pillos.

T-Mobile, you seem to go out of your way to make people hate you. After nearly a week of hassle, getting set up with your prepaid plan, I now get your infuriating texts reminding me that my Auto Pay will take place in 2 days and that I should verify that funds are available. Thanks for the wake-up! Every frigging month, you send me at least five of these irritating texts regarding my automatic credit card debit. That was the whole point of the automatic debit.

This is not just passive crappy service. This is deliberate customer irritation. I would never, ever renew my contract with Tmobile! Your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I made more than 25 phone calls to get a discount I am entitled to and no one can take care of this issue for me, including management, Ashley for instance. No more T mobile after being a customer for 12 years. And I will make sure I will advise my friends to never get a Tmobile plan.

Cancelled their service and did not use the phone and am still being billed. Found an attorney who will make sure they will pay a fine for constantly calling me. They keep breaking the law.

I ask to the costumer service to send me the telephone bill to my email addres up to now I have not received any. I have been a T-Mobil costomer for 13 years. My wife got a 4G phone and was not able to use the servive, becouse she was misled into believing we had coverage in our area.

We closed her account and later followed with one of our kids. My son and I stayed until my contract was done. I called to confirm this, it was one day early the rep. I guess thats what crooks do. Gave details, but still no further. Was told there was no e mail address to contact t mobile.

I went to Russia, used my phone only for SMS. But these were unique calls. Each call was made for exactly 1 minute, to a number that called me at the exact same minute. You read that right, two calls, one to me, one from me at the exact same minute, lasting one minute. When I called about the other calls? I was told that they had been erased when they were refunded.

My contract was up and I called to have it cancelled, you have to call in advance to do that, and a rep called me to ask why I would cancel. I asked her to call her friend, and have her friend call hr at the exact same time for exactly 1 minute.

He was a studet with no job. Can i get extra time to pay my cellphone bill. I need about 3 weeks top. But intell then can i get my cellphone back on. My number is February 2nd I called in too disconnect my service.

I believed everything was settled had no service on phone after 20th of February I received a bill for non payment of services. I would like this resolved I called again on march 9th again to settle this. I can not believe some people should not be working for you.

I will contact Walmart main headquarters and better business blog. Aloha and good evening. I am writing you this letter to inform you that my current cell phone number is not connected. Please, restore because I was not be able to use for business and personal use.

I dont know why they cancell this line while I been using this permanently. Please, let me know when this fixed ASAP. Wright now I cant call back at the U. S while I am currently assigned in Kuwait for duty. I am not in Hawaii to make this transaction to get this done while I am in Kuwait just arrive from vacation on 10 Mar TMobile has been charging me for 6 years for an extra phone account I never knew I had, so it was never used They continued to bill me for it, unfortunately I had auto bill pay so I never knew.

Now they continue to charge me for the bogus line in question. Very frustrating dealing w their customer service from some outsourced location! Unfortunately, none of them can solve any of our issues. We have been loyal customers since We have always had holes in our reception and dropped call issues and dealt with them because T-mobile was more affordable. Our situation has changed, however. We have never had service in that building, nor has my calls ever been able to get through.

I always had to plan ahead and use a land line. We were able to live with that until now though. This is a safety and health issue.

It is a must that my daughter can reach us if she is feeling dizzy. I need to reach her because of her multiple specialists that she sees. I have called customer service multiple times and wrote them a letter almost a month ago and have not heard from them. T-Mobiles customer service follow through is below standards! I should be able to speak to someone who can make a decision.

William went into your store to activate a hotspot for his Samsung Tablet and was really happy about your service. Thank You Guys soooo much for your exemplary service. Matthew, Tiffany and Lisa you guys did an excellent job we will be back at your store in the near future. Was a tmobile customer for 10 years!!!!!

Was charged 3 ETF fees due to cancellation because of horrible connection and also charged You have to fax or email and wait forever and still get no response. At the end of first month, I refilled 30 dollars for the next month from my account by internet, but at the first day of the next month it showed no money in my account. Now, the question is where the money went.

When I asked to the staff of T-mobile by the online chatting, he said no idea. When I want to make a phone call with the staff, the answer was always automatically by some robots.

When I want to write a mail to T-mobile, there is no E-mail address anymore! Why there is not an E-mail address of customer servise in such a big company! Worse service is impossible to find. I had a plan since They changed it without notification. Surprise when the bill came in. I have been trying to unlock a phone T mobile sold to me two years ago.

After a combined two hours on the phone. I am still waiting for instrctions or code to unlock. As I now spend most oof my time travelling in Asia, I have tried to get automatic debit. After six trial I gave up.

Finally I have unexplained charge on my bill and wanted to send an emailto enquire about this charge. There is nos such customer service emaiL. From China a great treat. I do not know about other providers, but this one stinks. But, being away makes it hard to change. My first priority next time I come home. Switching to T-Mobile has been a total nightmare since day one. I went to my local T-Mobile store and the guy explained how the plans worked and what the features I needed would cost.

Discussed phones and the methods of paying for the devices. After all of this we got to the register and everything the salesman had told us had completely changed. I then went to Bestbuy to check out ALL providers and still felt like T-Mobile was best for us after looking at them all side by side.

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