How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently?

The Facebook Account Deletion Process

How to delete your Facebook account
Thanks for this info and place to vent my dissatisfaction with that squirrely service! Go to the account page and click the ellipses button next to "Message. Just add the phrase: You should be able to re-use the username however depending on how long it takes Facebook to purge the system you might need to wait longer than 14 days for that. You might try to contact privacy facebook. Was it a personal reason or Facebook's lack of care when it comes to using your private information? If you dont want these networking sites to know your details.


How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Since the whole Cambridge Analytica news broke, some users have had issues with deleting their accounts in regards to password issues. At the confirmation screen that appears after clicking "Delete My Account," the system tells them their passwords are incorrect. Users have reported entering the verified correct password over and over again without success.

Often, it is the password they used only moments before, to log into their accounts. Users have experienced the issue across different browsers, operating systems and devices. Many didn't even use password managers or their browsers' auto-fill-form feature, which could potentially trip up this system. There is a relatively simple fix to this though, and it's as easy as resetting your password.

Have any of you deleted a Facebook account? If so, what made you do it? Was it a personal reason or Facebook's lack of care when it comes to using your private information? Be sure to let us know in the comments! Added steps for troubleshooting not being able to delete your Facebook account.

Cella writes for iMore on social and photography. She's a true crime enthusiast, bestselling horror author, lipstick collector, buzzkill, and Sicilian. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: After this period it will be permanently deleted. Do not be fooled into switching to a deactivation request. Deactivation is not deletion. In theory, deleting your account immediately removes all Facebook data related to you.

In reality it's more complicated, taking about 90 days. Allegations of complicity with National Security Agency surveillance suggest that your data may never truly be deleted. As hard as you try, some personally identifiable information may remain.

This could be something as simple as your name on a message, unless you're Mark Zuckerberg. You have little control over this or what others share about you in future. The most you can realistically do is ask your friends to respect your privacy. If you dont want these networking sites to know your details. I mean come on, you dont have to smell a cake to eat it now do you? But never the less. What people should do. Richard — I think when people originally chose to join a site like Facebook, they were doing so because it was 1: They could keep in touch with friends 3: They could find new friends and 4: Now… Do I blame them?

Facebook probably never expected the level of growth they experienced. Shop around and find one that meets both your Privacy and Social requirements. I think this will make for a really good article!

Never did I give any data other than my email address, and just having that bit of data in the Facebook database became problematic over the last several months. I essentially gave the bad guys a line in to my inbox. Groove for the easy to follow steps to delete this security nightmare from my daily workflow. Did anyone read or see the following page link from yesterday? It is an article about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and he is explaining his intentions about Facebook privacy policy, plus there are videos also from news media.

Contrite Facebook CEO promises new privacy controls: However, another issue I have is that some of my friends post photos of me. And they never really listen when you request to have it removed! So how do I know if it is really gone? I deleted mine permanently 16 days ago. Are they going to send me an e-mail or do I have to try and log in to find out? I f-ing hate fake book and I just want it to be freakin gone! If it will let you just abort the new account creating if you can…?

Thanks for the help though: I just deleted everything, removed friends, changed a bunch of info into BS and deactivated the damn thing. Facebook is going to hell. You should be able to go through the password reset process which will send an email to your email address which is set on your facebook account. If that is your Yahoo! Hey man I was surfing for the same and i found a link which directly deleted my profile instantly.

And I was also able to make a brand new one. I just deleted my facebook account cause of old comments i wrote that i dont want people to see, i know i know i should have just deleted them but the wall stories were too long! I was wondering since i deleted it will all the wall posts, picture comments, emails i made be permanently deleted? Hi Maria — Yikes… that is a really good question… can you ask one of your friends if the comments on the wall are gone?

Hi Katie — Just go ahead and try to create a new user account with a bogus name but the same email address. If it allows you to create the account, abort the new user setup. If it does not, then you know you need to wait longer until the account it nuked. If i attempt to make a new account with the same email address then I will have a new account.. Use bogus information or try to abort the new user login before it completes..???

Or, perhaps create a new email address using GMAIL or hotmail then try to friend your old email address?? You might try trying to reset your Yahoo email password first and get into that account. If you can, then you should be able to also reset your Facebook account password. You should try it anyway as it might have changed since the last time I tried it. It might use other info now like Birth date and other things. I deactivated my account and of course it did nothing..

Have you read this about Zuck? I sure wish I had a million or two dollars…and that rich boy has billions! I could be his Friend…I could love him!!! On July 23, , I followed the instructions contained here to permanently delete my Facebook account. That same day, I received an email from Facebook, offering a link for me to use to undo that decision. Today is August 12, , some three weeks after asking that my account be canceled.

I attempted to sign in to my Facebook account, hoping that it would no longer be active or recognized, and was provided with a message box that informed me that my account was scheduled for deletion, and would I please either confirm the deletion or undo it. Now I was under the impression that after two weeks my account would be deleted, based on what I read within this blog.

I guess Facebook are dragging their feet, wanting to hold on to my personal info as long as possible. Thanks for this info and place to vent my dissatisfaction with that squirrely service!

The two-week timing was not from your blog, it was from the email Facebook sent me: We have received a request to permanently delete your account. Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days.

Oooooh, I wanna throttle someone! They lied to me! I am so mad I could chew nails and spit out tacks! Well… it is a private business and you never actually gave them any money either. You could try to email privacy facebook.

Some are saying that it actually works however I have yet to confirm that. Thnks groovypost-keep up da gud work lets not b the slave of social networking life was indeed much simpler before. A good friend of mine said she feels like a busy-body after catching up on Facebook in the morning since she feels like she knows what all her friends are doing etc….

I tried logging back on, however, the email I had used to make the account is no longer active and I could not remember my password. I found some instructions for accessing your account if your email is no longer valid. I did so hoping they would grant me access so I could once again go in and delete it properly. Once you submit your initial request, it is placed in a queue and responded to accordingly.

Who do I contact? It has been over three years since I have even looked at my account. I would really like to be done with this. You could send an email to Privacy facebook.

In regards to the time it takes for them to get back to you…. Just imagine how many people a day ask them for help to delete, change, update their account etc… With that many customers it is actually amazing that they will have a human respond to you in the first place.

So give it some time or send an email to the privacy facebook. Thank you so much for you article on removing a Facebook account permanently. However, I am finding that after two weeks went by, I went to try to login to make sure that my account was deleted — only to find it reset once again. This is very infuriating. One thing you can try is sending an email to privacy facebook. Apparently you can send them an email asking them to delete your account and they ill get back to you in a few days. Then again, I heard from a few people that although this worked for them, for others they just send you to the link to deactivate your account again….

So hopefully it will work for you. Thank you very much for showing me how to delete my account. At the time having facebook was just too much of a distraction and hassle for the particular work rate I was at, and I really should have temporality deactivated it.

Instead I referenced from here and thought I would be better off without facebook completely, and permanately removed my account.

Now I really regret this, and with free time and friends to catch up with living far away, facebook could be quite useful. I was just wondering if anyone knew how I could possibly bring back a permanetly removed account, and if so would they be nice enough to tell me: Deactivateing facebook has been a problem before i signed up? My account information, pass word, and E-address is not working? I like yahoo, only i will not use facebook due to faulty erroneous action.

Please Lapse this facebook account. I have exhausted all extra optison to enhance improvements. It has become to illicit??? Any different available courses of action will do. Sincerely Helen Theresa Grant. You will need to follow the steps in the article to delete you account. One would think that they would modify their practices so as to appear more accomodating, at least publically, by offering more flexible and responsive options to those who want to rethink their involvement.

No, MrGroove, Facebook ARE evil, because they lie and care nothing for their subscribers, except what those subscribers give them — personal, detailed information which they can then sell for money.

This opinion is personal, and may or may not reflect the views and opinions expressed by the owners or operators of GroovyPost. It is my personal opinion only, and is not shared by anyone else connected with this forum, unless they say so. Take the million members and call it good. Why screw around with these deceptive gymnastics to leave the service????

I deactivated my account and went to log in the following day, only to find that I have been permanently deleted. They could still see those comments in their album even though I had deactivated. Apparently those no longer exist. Even though it did the night before. Also, is there no way of actually speaking to someone from facebook?

Or is it all automated these days? Although I find this highly unlikely. Say hello to the Self-Help-Forums moderated by out of country support teams. I have several facebook accounts. One is the real me with my real name and photo, age, location, etc. I have a second account, using a fake name, address, photo, etc.

That account is used to admin pages and groups, and to participate in other pages and groups. Logging on with the first account, I found that everything I had created in the second account was gone. There were gaps on pages where I remembered posting. All the groups I admin were unaccessible and did not appear when I typed their names into the search box.

I wrote to disabled facebook. They actually responded and re-enabled the account, within 2 days. Everything came back — my pages and groups, previous posts in other groups, and all the other info. Then today, they disabled me again.

So I started looking into how to just shut everything down permanently and never use facebook again. And continuing to use my photos, and keeping my email on file. I insist upon destroying everything rather than letting facebook have them. There must be a way to do this. Would they do the same thing with a full deletion?

Does deletion just make you invisible? I have a much better understanding of what facebook is about than I did when I first signed up, and would like to remove permanently nearly everything I have ever posted in my personal account. Now to your question…. The Delete Account process will actually tell Facebook to go and delete all your posts, photos etc… There is an exception however as stated in the Terms of Service:.

This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it. You see, the terms say that your IP license ends when you delete the IP content or when your account is deleted UNLESS you have shared your content with other people and they have not deleted it…. Perhaps they are talking about messages you post on other peoples WALLS or perhaps they are talking about photos you have shared with other people.

My suggestion would be to try to get logged back in, delete everything possible on your account, un-friend all your friends, delete all your apps, then start the account deletion process. Someone used my email address for facebook I managed to deactivate it but can i make a new account with the same email address???

Wait 14 days then you should be able to use your email address to create a new user ID. If I want to reuse the username I used on an account I permanently deleted on another account, do I have to wait 14 days after request to delete account was made?

Is it still possible to reuse username? Yes, you can re-use usernames and passwords on facebook. You do however need to follow the steps above to deactivate and delete your account then wait the 14 days for the actual delete to take effect. Once that happens you should be able to re-use everything.

Thanks for the person who helped me to delete my facebook account permanently! By posting a procedure in this site.

I dont think so. You can try the email address mentioned here in the comments but, your mileage may vary…. Because I deleted it earlier in the year and 3 weeks later it was still there. I am not happy at all. Does anyone know the reason for this? Or have had the same problem? S Yes I have followed every instruction above and everything has happened except for the actual deletion!!! You could also try to send an email to them as I mentioned here: If we delete our facebook account, Do facebook still hold our database like photos, comments maybe for their internal research?

Then delete your account. Fingers crossed I am out — or will be in 14 days My question is on false Facebook profiles. My son got hit with a false profile. We notified Facebook and it eventually seemed to disappeared from the web. No email from Facebook — no word at all. What are the chances it has been permanently removed? Could it have been revived within the 14 day period?

Can you explain what you mean by a fake facebook account? Did someone setup the account as your son or? Sorry — false profile might be local term. Then accepted friends without my son knowing — including relatives who thought it was real. Later posted porn — racially offensive material.

I sent complaint but could not discuss with Facebook. The page disappeared after a week but despite attempts by his school to track, the person who created it was never revealed. I am wondering if it was likely to have permanently deleted or just disabled and could be revived again at a later date.

After many months of having followed the advice here to remove myself from facebook I received an unsolicited, unwanted, spam email from facebook. The email address is: This is the first time I have received an email from facebook or facebook related, but apparently they do not remove the information they collected and still make use of it.

I may be wrong, but it appears that facebook will never get rid of a persons info. I wanted to delete my account and just deactivated by mistake thank you I remember when I deleted a myspace account awhile ago that was easier then this. I had to read two to three articles before I found a link to permanently delete my account and this is the one of those articles i consulted. Even if I want to communicate with my best friend its not worth having this account to do so he has all my contact info already.

I need to delete what is in the system and start over. Do you remember your Password? You should be able to reset your password as long as you remember what email address you used when you created the account the first time.

I have permanently deleted my account. Anybody has the same experience and if so, were you able to eventually re-use your email address associated with the account you were trying to delete? I want to delete my Facebook. Or must I message the administrator s of these groups and ask them to delete them? She is still there. So I deleted her account; went through the entire rigmarole of the Deletion process much the same as you described above.

After many attempts including a call to Cust. This is not in reply to any particular post, but to everyone who has visited this discussion, or posted to it, or who may be having problems accomplishing the deletion process that it addresses.

Using the instructions provided above, I successfully deleted my FaceBook account. The information provided in this forum is sufficient to accomplish that task. Thanks to groovyPost and its FaceBook gurus for helping me do this!

As the experts in this matter have said, there are pitfalls that can cause your deletion process to fail, and I would like to offer a couple of things that might help prevent that failure. First, for Firefox users, there is an add-on for your browser that can prevent any connection to FaceBook, or any other service that you want to block. Find it at http: Check it out and see whether it might possibly help you. Second, you might want to consider installing an IP blocker.

IPs are the Internet numbers that belong to the web sites you connect to. Think of them as phone numbers for the Internet. Some sites are malicious, and will harm your computer. So it would be really good if you had a program for your computer that would simply block the numbers that are known to be bad, right? And how does this relate to deleting your FaceBook account? The best way to do that is to block any and all attempts by FaceBook to access your computer. Try the email address as I explained here: Another option is to use the password reset option at facebook.

Reset your password, which will send an email to your email address then login, delete all your friends, messages, everything etc…. Would you mind taking a screenshot of what you see and post it in my forum? I have a new fb account now but show 2 accounts. Can I ever get rid of the old account??? I tryed everything to get back my old Yahoo email account back —someone must have put someone elses answer.

That is why I can into my old FB acount. Getting an email to a human at facebook support is a VERY problematic task. Yes, believe it or not I actually got a meaningful reply from this email address! My problem is , is that I lost my password for my old Yahoo email. I just want to get rid of the old FB account. My old FB account is connected to my old Email account. Will I ever be able to get rid of the old Fb account??

Hey thanks for the link your awesome! I do not have access to email listed on facebook and I cannot log in to facebook because i forgot my password. You should try to get that email address re-enabled. Call the IT department from your old university and see if they will help. If not, you could try to email privacy facebook. My guess is your out of luck. Either-way, please post back here and let us know what happens. Ok, I know this is a stupidly long shot.

I created a separate facebook account for myself about a year ago because I thought you had to do this to make a group ha. You might try to reset the password by going through that process then check all your email addresses. You might get lucky. Does that make sense? I would really appreciate any help! Once that is all done, follow the steps in this tutorial to deactivate then delete your account.

It has been about a year since I deleted my Facebook account using the instructions provided here. After patiently going through the recommended process, my account was totally removed. The proof of that success at eradicating my Facebook account came when I tried to log back in, and Facebook had no idea who I was. I even tried to remind them of my identity using my email address, password, and other clues, but they had completely forgotten me.

The farther I can get away from Facebook, the better! Sorry if this is not the right venue for it. Just follow the instructions and use the help provided here, and you, too, can be free of this member-groping voyeur service. Ah, your account may be innaccessible, but do they still hold the data about you on their computers?

Do they actually delete the data or not? And if not, do they sell that data on? I just deleted my account, and it never felt so good. America has been taken over by Facebook and reality TV, and it is a very sad, scary situation. Please have mercy on our pathetic souls. Ian — Lol tell me about it. Just re-emphasizes the need to unplug and get back into nature from time to time.

Well, I honestly did nothing more than point out their published policies and business practices. Life may be too complicated for you without it. You are proof Darwin was right. Ian has you pegged. My account has been hacked…and when I try and sign in…it keeps telling me that my account has been temporarily deactivated…I cant even find my own account name on facebook when im searching anymore…does this mean that it is temporarily or permanently deactivated?

You should try to reset your password then. Even though I just found this it is still great info. Do they just put peoples names in there and wait for them to open account? Or did someone else open it? Any help is cool. Or it could just be a clever marketing ploy, the search results create a phantom account for you and all you have to do is sign up.

Hi man, thank you for this post it was a great way of clearing doubts. I think i got it figured it out now, but I decided to comment anyway to at least show you some gratitude.

I have a band and we messed up by creating 2 different pages in the same account, one profile and one as artist, we tried to delete it all and start it over with different emails etc, but all we did was mess it up even harder, now we even got the links all wrong.

But this was before i found your tutorial lol. I tried to set up an official fan page which I think I successfully did. Then apparently I also set up a personal page using the same email. Is it my understanding I messed up and have to delete and start over to get just a fan page?

I started a business account. I already had a personal account. I now have 2 accounts of fb which is illegal — to them. I read in previous posts that in two weeks the email address will be free — but what about the business name?

Are you able to change your Yahoo account to authenticate you using standard username and PW and not your FB account? Thank You for saving me a lot of precious time I lost usinf FB. I am just curious does FB stores user data somewhere else so even I have deleted all stuff they own some kind of copies.

If you read the terms of service on the Facebook website here: If you take a look at Section 2. I personally think that is pretty rare however. That being said, we really need someone from facebook to help us define the use cases or scenerios it is referring to in order to properly translate exactly what they are saying in Sections 2.

There is a Firefox add-on that blocks connections between your computer and Facebook while you browse the Internet. I have both NoFace and Ghostery installed in Firefox and they work just fine. I find it much easier to use. One word of caution, though: Use common sense when this happens!

Whats more worrying is that if you decide to delete your email address after deactivating facebook and the address gets reallocated then the new owner has full control over that the account linked to that email.

I also noticed my self being sucked into arguments on certain groups I would join, by the trolls that joined for that reason only! I am sure I can spend my time in a much better way, and in a much better place, ie. What ever the day brings, it has to be more productive, than the last 13 months wasted on face-book! The platform that our website is built on requires email entries for comments. This is for 3 reasons: There is a database of spammer email addresses that automatically have comments deleted.

So you can be emailed if someone replies to your comment. If you have a gravatar set up it will display next to your comment as your icon. What about just deleting Pages? Some websites makes it really easier. I just used a very good one: Wow, never thought of it till I read this but I think I have a subconscious facebook addiction! But anyway my question, can your friends or just people that like to bug still message you during the 14 days it takes to permanately delete your facebook?

Friends can send you messages and all sorts of stuff however it will not impact your permanent facebook account delete. One personal suggestion however…. Just a quick question. You see i was just recently hacked and now i have no control over my gmail and facebook. I made a new email and password. So once my account gets unlocked i will be able to log in. Me or a different me? Or would i log on to me, but none of my posts and comments and other things and friends not be saved.

Well and which ever one it is how will i know that they arent going to do it again. I mean i dont want to keep getting hacked when the only thing i do on facebook is a game. Well, you really are not in a good place. Getting hacked online has to be one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person. Hopefully you are able to get access back into your gmail account and your facebook account asap before more damage is done. You might try to contact privacy facebook.

If you want more tips or questions about security, try to post your question in my security section of the forum here: Many thanks for this vast amount of work you had to do. This issue is by no means confined to Facebook, where at least there is a way to extirpate its clutches.

Derek — It was my pleasure! Thanks for the great feedback and all the great comments on the blog recently. And your right, Facebook is just one of many sites you need to think twice about sharing personal information. Take a read at another groovyPost here where I talk about a few other services: My husband thinks I did this on purpose so I could get back on FB, so I would really like some help here. Many thanks for your post!

Facebook Account Deletion Lawsuit Blog information — http: Or will those emails be deleted from their inbox because my account no longer exists? My question is, how do you actually check to see if your account was in fact deleted? That is, without trying to log on. He is livid that they would do that.

You should always check the termination policies of sites like Facebook first. For a nice blacklist I usually check http: Facebook, with its ever changing policies, is greylisted at the moment. It worked but I lost all my contacts. Could you please tel me what I have to do. Hard for mi to open facebook aplication ME never sain in my mail and password i try many times and never access please wats happen.

I had changed the email address associated with my account, but it looks like Facebook keeps the old emai address also. Does anyone know anything about this, and how I can remove the old email accounts from my FB account? Do you owe her money or did you steal her cat or something? No, I just dont want people finding me on FaceBook by seaching for me using an old email address.

I thought I signed my soul away with them. Pheww…wiping sweat off forehead: Is that suppose to happen because I want my facebook account totally gone but it keeps showing up.


Click Your Facebook Information in the left column. Click Delete Your Account and Information, then click Delete My Account. To delete your Facebook account, you have to submit a form to Facebook. From there, you'll acknowledge that Facebook is deleting your account on your behalf, and you will not be able to reactivate. But you can also delete your Facebook account permanently if you want to leave Facebook for the rest of your life. Also Read: How To Auto Delete Your Facebook Account After You Die Backup your.