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Torrents often expose personal information, like your IP address, to other people. While they are very safe, their speeds are slower. BolehVPN is pretty solid. This coalition of five countries dates back to the second world war but it has gained new relevance in the era of the war on terror. Therefore even though selection is slim as a whip, we do not view it as a direct disadvantage.

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BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN seem to provide a good level of customer service. However, when I wanted to contact their customer support team over a basic query, it appeared that I was trying to do so at a time that their offices were closed. Being Malaysian based, should not prevent them with being able to provide hour support, especially if they want to be competing with the very best providers on the global stage. I did get an automated response to say that my query will be dealt with as soon as possible and I was given a reference number for my enquiry, but it was a simple question that needed a simple answer right away.

Within an hour I had received an email reply to my enquiry, but if I was looking to pay for the service, not having an immediate answer to my issue may well have put me off doing so and moving on to the next possible offering.

A simple speed test proved interesting. However, my download speed was significantly lower. My home Wi-Fi, which is not particularly great at the time of testing, gave me a download speed of Personally, it was fine for what I was doing at the time and, as I mentioned above, I actually found it more than sufficient for watching television online. Like many of the top brands offering this type of software, it works smoothly and efficiently and does what you need it to do. Any small complaints about the aesthetics of the download instructions and complicated configurations tools are quickly forgotten once the service is up and running.

Taking out a 7-day trial allows you to experience how comfortable it is to use this product. It looks good, feels good and works beautifully behind the scenes, allowing you to get on with what you need to do. So probably the best thing to do is to decide on what you need a VPN to do for you and then find the one that best meets those needs. The need to use a VPN usually breaks down into two categories. The first is security and privacy. This means that you want to be anonymous on the Internet, or as anonymous as you possibly can be.

You want to be confident that your computer and Internet activity are not being watched or tracked by unknown third parties, whether they be governmental, commercial or something more unsavoury. I did not delve deeper into what that actually meant! Needless to say, what Boleh, like many others offer, or claim to offer, is a safe, secure and private service and is right up there with some of the best providers around, including the likes of NordVPN , ExpressVPN and Vyrpvpn.

For example, Boleh state clearly that they do not keep logs of your activities. What this means, in theory, is that should a legal body in one country demand, and even gain the right to, access to their servers and databases, your activities will not show up on any of their records.

You will still be anonymous. The second use of a VPN is much more straightforward. A VPN can allow you access to video streaming and television services that are country restricted. So if you live abroad or are on holiday and still want access to your favourite TVs shows then a VPN will do the trick.

This is one of the main reasons someone will want to use a VPN and basic products like Tunnelbear are usually sufficient. It is simple to install and run and rarely lets you down. Access was so much quicker and streaming just felt so much faster. I wasn't worried that my picture could freeze at any moment. Using Boleh also didn't significantly slow down my laptop, as many other VPN software services are prone to do. Ultimately, it did what I needed, quickly, easily and seamlessly.

But where Boleh did let me down was when trying to download torrents. I tried a few different configurations, but none of them gave me anywhere near the download speed that I achieve when not using a VPN at all. This may not be an issue for you, but if it is, then I would suggest using the 7-day trial and spend some time playing around with the settings to see what works best for you.

That meant that I could quite happily switch from watching the BBC one minute to logging on and using my subscription for SKY without any problems. It also provides a strong and secure level of privacy for all your Internet usage and identity protection. For me, I want simplicity and that is what Boleh gave me.

If you feel they provide a good solution, please add your review as a user, and we'll follow with a detailed expert review. Unfortunately, this VPN is no longer active. Their review, however, will stay up on our site as an archive for the benefit of online communities who would like to learn more about them. In the meantime, do you want to see which VPNs we like the best?

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Please type an email. Please type a Name. BolehVPN Review by our expert. Ranked 91st from VPNs. The interface connects you to the range of server locations, encryption protocols, and connection types. These are mostly bundled together rather than being things you can easily select and combine as you can with ExpressVPN. This is because the unique selling point of BolehVPN is that it offers different bundles for different types of user.

If VPN security is your priority it will encrypt you but you may have slower speeds on that server. Although this makes it a bit more technical than most other of the top players, the different options are useful if you use BolehVPN for a variety of purposes. The interface shows you a log of your recent activity, and has an easy-to-use copying feature so you can send it to the tech support staff.

In an adjacent tab it offers two different proxy settings: You can do a ping test from the desktop client. This measures the reaction time of the server when you send out a request from your computer. BolehVPN is on balance quite competitively priced. Both are better services in our opinion, read our CyberGhost review for more details. See our StrongVPN review if you want to make a point by point comparison. It has more pricing options than most. You can pay for it by credit card or by bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Monero, Zcash and Zcoin.

Downloading BolehVPN is simple. It opens an install screen on your computer and you drag and drop the icon into the applications folder. If you download it before signing up, however, you have to manually update your client using a button on the interface before you will be able to connect to any of its servers. You can also turn the sounds on or off. Currently, it only supports up to three simultaneous connections. This VPN service is unusual in that as well as having servers in the U.

This poor geographical spread is disguised by the long list of server choices in the menu on its interface. This means that you can have UK servers with different protocols or connection types at different places in the list, which makes them quite hard to find, and there are no options for organizing them by country or region such as one finds in many other VPN services.

BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN is committed to complete privacy without sacrificing speeds or breaking the bank. Check out this BolehVPN review to see if they might be the right fit. BolehVPN Review BolehVPN is a Malaysia-based service that does certain things well, but suffers from mediocre security and a limited server network as well as some interface issues. On the upside, it does get into Netflix most of the time. BolehVPN is a competent service but not one for novice users or those who want a simplified experience. The service's user interface has a lot of options and in many ways is overly complex. Still, it works well, and has a good number of payment options including a wide variety of ways to pay with cryptocurrencies.3/5.