Best Wireless Routers for 2018

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The Best Wireless Routers of 2018
For example, if one device is streaming Netflix video, and another device is downloading files or running a print job, you can give priority to the streaming device to avoid choppy, out-of-sync video. Owners rave about the long range. Much like the Netgear Orbi mentioned earlier in this guide, the Orbi Pro is a modular Wi-Fi mesh system, but it makes some design and performance changes that specifically cater to the business user. Disney Circle parental controls, smartphone setup, Tri-Band networking, modular. Many wireless routers include parental controls to help kids stay safe while surfing the web.

Single- or Dual-Band?

Shopping guide for best wireless routers

If you're concerned about internet security or keep a lot of sensitive data on your devices, consider a wireless router with multi-stage protection. The average wireless router covers about 2, square feet. If your home is larger than that, extend the range with additional access points or a WiFi extender.

If you want to connect computers or other devices directly to the router using an ethernet cable, make sure your chosen model has sufficient LAN ports. Some wireless routers allow you to change the settings via a dedicated app — perfect if you want to be able to control every aspect of your wireless connection. If your router has two external antennae, you'll get the best signal if one is pointed vertically and the other horizontally. Consider a home mesh system, instead of a conventional wireless router, if you have a very large home.

Quite a few owners like this approach! Most owners find that this router offers more than they need. Security and parental controls are all industry standard, and you can create a guest network. If you want a cheap router and you're not too concerned about speed, an The price of a high-end These models should have a range of extra features, like a boosted signal range, multi-stage protection, game acceleration, and more.

Tri-band wireless routers are rare, mainly because they're overkill for most folks. The main benefit of tri-band routers is that they can handle a large number of connected devices at once. Even a large family will find a dual-band router more than sufficient, but tri-band models would be useful for offices or dorms.

It's natural to want the best product out there, but realistically, the average home user is never going to need a router that can handle speeds of 1. However, if you're an avid online gamer or you regularly stream movies, the faster the better.

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The term "WiFi" can be used interchangeably with "wireless internet" or "wireless connection. What is a wireless router, anyway? A note on frequency bands and network standards. Many wireless routers include parental controls to help kids stay safe while surfing the web. Considerations for selecting a wireless router. Average price of a wireless router. The cost of a wireless router depends on the features and network standard.

Unless your internet connection exceeds Mbps, you're unlikely to push the limits of an average router, so speed shouldn't be your main concern when selecting which model to buy. Do I need a tri-band wireless router? Is it important that my wireless router is the fastest possible?

How can I boost my WiFi signal? If you find your WiFi signal lacking, try these solutions: Set your wireless router to the 5 GHz frequency band, if it supports this frequency. Try changing the router channel.

Make sure your wireless router has the latest firmware updates. If you're having trouble getting signal upstairs and your router is located downstairs, try placing it on a high shelf. Think about where your wireless router is located in comparison to where in your home you most often use the internet.

The further your device is from the router, the weaker the signal will be. Consider using a wireless range extender. Mesh Wi-Fi Systems Read more. Routers have different frequencies that they operate on, the most common being either 2. If you remember from high school science class, frequencies are waves. The higher the frequency, the closer together those waves are. So, a router using 2. What this means for you is that longer range applications should be using a 2.

The same is true when you need to send the signal through walls or other obstacles. On the flip side, the shorter the wavelength, the more data can be compressed in that wave. In general, any time when you want to get the most bandwidth possible, you should be using 5 GHz bands at short range.

One additional factor to consider is congestion — not only on the network, but other devices around your home. All those devices contribute to interference in your home. The more interference you have, the harder it is for the signal to punch through congestion to get where it needs to go.

The term frequency and band can be used interchangeably. Think about it this way: It just has to display a static page until you move to the next one, but your TV is streaming 4K content.

Whenever you see the One important thing to remember is that if your network is only as fast as its weakest link. You may need to upgrade the adapters on your devices in order to get the full effect of your new router.

Make that a HUGE spaceship. This think is massive — sitting at just under 12 inches across by 8 inches deep. Two of them have link aggregation capability. In English that means you can plug a single device like a NAS with two network adapters into those ports and double your network throughput all the way up to 2 Gbps. If you instead want to hook up a smaller external drive to the router directly, you can do that too using the rear USB 3.

But getting back to speed, it boasts a theoretical maximum wireless speed of Mbps on the 5 Ghz band and up to Mbps on the 2.

A note on frequency bands and network standards

Best Wireless Routers; Best Wireless Speakers Routers/ The Best Wireless Routers of making it ideal for video streaming and gaming duty. Dual-band routers allow you to assign a band. 5 Best Routers for Streaming. In our expert opinion, the following five routers are your best options when it comes to 4K streaming. Best Wireless Routers for The best router with tons of features. Among home routers, the Asus RT-AC88U has by far the most to offer. Linksys EA Max Stream AC Router. Eero.