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Tweaking the command will affect which results Google ends up showing you. You can then keep it in sterilized jars, or in the refrigerator. The author suggests finding a high class Konbu, like Rashiri, that has been aged properly, and comes from a reputable beach in the northern Hokkaido region. Anyone who ventured onto YouTube in will likely be familiar with this notoriously catchy and ridiculous song by Ylvis. Hmm, interesting idea, and very pretty. I am in a pretty rural area

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I recently discovered your site and have had my printer working away printing many of your recipes. I'm having a hard time trying to decide which one to try first, but have thoroughly enjoyed just reading through them.

I love the way you really go into the details of why and how - so educational. As long as you don't keep it in the freezer for too long a couple of months max , and also have it very well wrapped it should be fine.

I'm glad you find the site useful! Just wanted to say thanks for your brilliant food sites. I've made loads of your recipes and they're all spot-on and permanently added to my repertoire. I particularly like your experimental and irreverent approach: It's also inspired me to mix and match, which sometimes actually works. SO useful for using up vegbox peppers.

Heavenly with olives on pasta. I just got back from a 2 week stay in Japan. I plan to return I had some rice at a tea house in Kyoto that sprinkled a purple powder on top of the rice. It was delish, and I want to get some. If it was sour-salty, it was yukari, a furikake made from red shiso leaves that were used to making umeboshi pickled plum. Any decent size Japanese grocery should have it. Alas, I will have to mail order it since we really don't have a great store around here I made the cream puff custand recipe: I realize now that I probably should have kept cooking the custard until it was thickened enough.

I just did it for a little longer than the time suggested and it didn't taste flourly, so I removed it and put in the fridge overnight. It is still very runny. You can try heating up the custard again over a low heat so it doesn't burn , and adding cornstarch that has been dissolved in a little milk - start with 1 Tbs.

If that doesn't thicken it up enough, keep adding more. The custard should be thick enough that it coats the back of a wooden spoon or spatula, and you can draw your finger through it and the line stays there. I've been following Just Hungry and Just Bento for a while now and am very grateful for all of the wonderful recipes you've given us! Most of the focus seems to be on lunch and dinner foods, so I was wondering whether or not you were a fan of breakfast and, if so, what kinds of food you usually have in the morning.

I am a fairly regular breakfast eater, but I don't do anything really special mostly. Sometimes I do make something like this green tea and rice porridge. Right now, I am mostly having smoothies with tons of fresh berries and other fruit, to take advantage of what's in-season.

Maki, I also would love to order the big stainless steel tofu mold. Do you have any clue where I might get one? Great article on Tofu making. That is one of the most-asked questions around here. Unfortunately I have no idea where to get it now - I got it years and years ago in Japan. But the suggested alternative containers will work just as well. Thank you for two very inspiring sites! I was wondering which you use the most for typical bento preparations such as reheating before putting food into the box - a toaster oven or a microwave?

I'm thinking of buying one or the other, but although you can buy them toaster ovens are rare here in Norway, and so I don't have any personal experience in using one.

Can you get the same crispiness from a micro with a grill function that you apparently get from a toaster oven? Any other pros or cons you have experienced with either choice? You can't get anything cooked in a microwave to get crisp, unless you use specialized cooking sheets or containers. However if you had to choose either a microwave or a toaster oven I would choose a microwave, because it has a lot more uses.

A toaster oven is handy for quick oven-cooking, but there are other ways of cooking things. A microwave is good for defrosting, steam-cooking, etc etc.

I'm not sure if the Japanese supermarkets around here San Francisco have it, I haven't really checked. But just in case they don't carry it, could you tell me of possible alternatives to the sauce? In French it is spelled americaine.

It's a fish stock based rich sauce with tomato presumably the tomato makes it 'americaine' somehow. Try googling for that term! Heinz makes all sort of region-specific sauces I believe. Unfortunately you're out of luck I think Guiness Marmite was a limited edition, and if you do manage to buy any jars they'd be past their expiry date though Marmite is edible past the date I've managed to buy a couple of frozen 'logs' of kamaboko, which are sitting in my freezer.

Before I use them, I was wondering if you could tell me how long one would keep for once it's been defrosted - would I need to use it up all in one go, or would it keep for a few days in the fridge? Many thanks in advance!

Once kamaboko is defrosted, it's as perishable as sausages or ham, so you should try to use it up ASAP. So try to defrost as little as you will use at a time. I'm a 4th year college student from the Philippines. I would like to thank you for the information regarding tofu making. I'm in a research study regarding soybeans specifically soycheese making. I found your site very useful for my study.

I would like to ask what is the proportion of the other coagulants if use for tofu making? I saw the "nigari" proportion but I think I can't afford to get a source of where can I get it so I think the other coagulants are available here in the philippines. Thank you very much and I will be very glad if you will reply as soon as possible.. I really don't know the proportions for other coagulants, since I don't like tofu made with them so I've never tried. I have been enjoying your food sites, Just Bento and Just Hungry for the last several months!

I discovered them while drinking mugicha and wondering what the internet had to say about it! I would like to know if you have any recipe recommendations for shishito peppers? This year, I bought a seedling from Mitsuwa, and he is finally, to my great delight, bearing fruit!!

His Yes, I decided it was a male and even named him first batch of peppers will be ready this week, so it's time to cook them! Looking around for recipes online, I keep seeing repeats of advice to broil, grill, lightly stir-fry or even tempura fry them whole, but not many dishes which include them. I know what they taste like, and they are delicious cooked in a simple way like broiling, but I was hoping for a recipe which includes them. I don't tempura fry at home delicous It's an occasional restaurant treat for health reasons , so that leaves only broiling and snacking as my lone serving option.

I used the search field to check your website, but only found the recommendation to grow shishito in a home garden of japanese herbs. You mention that they are good for many recipies, but what are they? My boyfriend has suggested including them in my next batch of mabo tofu, but I'm not sure that it would be suitable--the flavor of the shishito may be overpowered.

Thanks in advance for your time and any advice or recommendations you might have! Shishito are mildly spicy peppers, so they can be used in all kinds of ways. Stir frying is one way. I think they are too mild for ma-bo-dofu where you need a spicier chili pepper.

You could also use them as you would jalapenos though shishito are a bit milder than jalapenos. Have a question about umeboshi. I had it when I was younger but didn't appreciate its taste. Am wanting to try it again now. I was at the store the other day and got confused with the umeboshi offerings. They had the plums in different color like more red and a brownish color.

Some are labeled "Aka umeboshi" I think it means red plum and the other labeled "shiro umeboshi". Could you please tell me what are the differences between the two? Is it just the color? Or is there a taste difference? If I were to try them, which one would you recommend Another question, I bought a bag of what is labeled as "dried seaweed" at the Japanese grocery store the other day. It is nice bright green color, but in flake form. I used it to sprinkle on the rice and such.

It has a bit of bitter taste to it, and does not taste like nori that I know color is much brighter. Could it be mis-translated and actually be dried shiso leaves flakes instead?

Is dried shiso leaves flakes sold? I'm guessing since I haven't seen the actual packages: The bright green seaweed is probably aonori, which is a form of nori but used mostly to sprinkle on top of things that are a bit sweet already like yakisoba panfried noodles or okonomiyaki. You may have actually over rinsed the fresh noodles, so you ended up washing out almost everything but the gluten! People in Japan often even save the cooking liquid that fresh soba has been cooked in because it's so flavorful.

Try rinsing it a lot less next time, just to cool it down this differs from the way dried noodles are treated. Someone told me that the Japanese didn't eat white rice until the English introduced it to Asia.

This sounds incredible to me. Do you know any sources for learning about the food history of Japan? Whoever said that has no clue I would say The idea of the English introducing white rice to Asia is pretty funny too!

I don't really know of any English language sources for learning the food history of Japan, though any decent general history book would have plenty about Japan and rice most peasant uprisings throughout history had something to do with rice, the lack of it or overtaxation of it etc.

It may not be as ridiculous as it sounds. This person said white rice, not rice. Sure, refined grains were always only available historically to the upper classes As a matter of fact, the ruling samurai classes in Japan often suffered from beri-beri, an illness caused by nutritional deficiency attributed to the eating of white, refined rice. This was a problem in Korea, China etc. The English only made full contact with Japan in the s - their arrival actually was the trigger for the downfall of the Tokugawa shogunate - so it's rather unlikely they introduced white rice before then!

Until that time Japan was closed to any foreign contact except from China, Korea and the Dutch in a very limited way for about years. Fish or seafood is usually a main ingredient in Japanese cuisine, right? But, personally I dont like any kind of fish or seafood.

So, is there any way that I can enjoy Japanese food even though I don't like any kind of seafood? There are lots and lots of vegetarian or vegan recipes in the archives I don't actually feature a lot of fish dishes since, living in a landlocked country where seafood is rather expensive, we don't use it as much as I'd like to. Love the flexibility offered by dishes, and the clarity of presentation -- thanks especially for making tsubuan recipe easy!!! Basically anything that can be made into a temaki hand roll can be made into a regular maki and vice versa, except for the multi-ingredient futomaki fat roll.

I have seen a dish in one of your recommended blog, and was wondering if you knew the recipe as I can't seem to get a hold of it either in my multitude of japanese cooking book or either on the net. It's a braised wintery we are having one cold summer in Canada!

I don't think that is a standard recipe could be regional You could try braising the beef in the same way as braised pork belly until it falls apart, and then adding tofu near the end of the cooking process.

Hi Maki, Thank you so much for creating such wonderful and informative blogs! This is the first place I turn to when I cook anything Japanese. I was wondering what the shelf life of pickled daikon? I made a simple pickled carrot and daikon recipe a few days ago, after noticing a couple of neglected fresh daikon radishes in my fridge that still seemed fine about a week old. It's been a couple of days since I made this recipe and it's smell has completely overtaken my fridge and half my kitchen and it tastes vaguely like cheese.

I can't seem to find any indication anywhere as to how long pickled daikon keeps. You didn't say how you pickled the daikon, but if it's just pickled in some brine or similar, or salt, you should eat it fairly soon I think - the sulfuric compounds in it would make it quite smelly.

The exception is takuan pickles the yellow ones but those are made from thorougly dried daikon, so keep far longer. Generally with homemade pickles, unless they are vacuum-sealed I treat them like a marinated salad and use them up within a couple of days. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. The recipe called for salt, a tiny bit of sugar, and a lot of vinegar.

I made the recipe once before, and it was pretty much gone within a day. So I didn't really have anything to compare it to. Daikon is little difficult to find in my city. Thanks for answering my question. Maki, there's a chance somebody asked already but: I love your blogs lots but there's no much place on my kitchen worktop to keep a laptop: I'd love to have a book with color photos with all the tips and recommendations you give - you know the most important are these tips!

Hope one day you do it, Anna. Try substituting ground chicken for ground pork if you grind your own, use the dark meat. I think this is a better substitute for pork than beef. Instead of roast pork, try some roasted chicken thighs. I have a question about Mirin. My religion's dietary laws do not allow me to use any kind of alcoholic substance whatsoever in cooking.

So, is there any kind of substitute for Mirin? I forgot to reply directly but there really is no substitute for sake or mirin, so you will have to omit them if they go against your religion's dietary laws I'm afraid. Alcohol when it's used in Chinese, Japanese and other Asian cooking serves a specific purpose beyond flavor: You might want to be aware that many Chinese or Japanese dishes are likely to have some form of alcohol in the form of mirin, sake and so on, though just about all of the alcohol will have evaporated in the cooking process.

I don't know if that is your religion but it should be useful nevertheless. Rice vinegar is just like other vinegars I don't know if vinegar is forbidden by your religion, but if not it should be fine!

I'm already copying and pasting like a fool. I can't wait to share it with my friends. Hi Maki what kind of bread based items are served in japan for breakfast if any and would they be available in england? For breakfast, Japanese people love white toast - and it's made from loaves that are just like the ones you get in England big square loaves , either pain de mie or Pullman loaf type where it's square and all soft crust, or with a slightly crust or buttery top.

The latter type is actually called "English bread"! Other types of bread are rarely eaten at breakfast time, though you might occasionally have small butter rolls or croissants. Hi Maki, I've been reading along with you for a little bit, both here and JustBento.

Thank you for all the great explainations, you really make it easy to follow the recipes! I know you must get tired of people asking about the food that they get in restaurants, but I have another I have been served a small salad-like dish here in europe. I can't remember eating it state-side, but it's possible! It is served in small quantities, and is made with long, thin, green crunchy veggies of some sort.

There are usually sesame seeds as well, and the overall taste is semi-sweet. Do you have any idea how to make this? It is one of my favorites, and I'd love to make it at home, or even know the name to ask for it when we move back to the US.

Thank yoy for your time! I'm really not sure unless I saw it and probably tasted it too.. I know you said it's ok to add this blog to my blogroll in the "About" section but I just want to let you know that I did. I've been reading your blog on and off for about 2 years, captivated firstly by the catchy title and then by the content. The fact that you're also in Switzerland is a big bonus because I can count on finding the ingredients esp.

I cant believe now then i found this place.. When i enter, the fight impression to me is nice and cute.. Not sure why though.. I hope you continue writing about it for many years!!

Our family loves Japanese culture and food, particularly my eight-year-old son. After enjoying a packed lunch of Miso Soup and Inarizushi at school today, he came home and asked, "Mom, why don't we try to eat like Japanese people all day long - you know, breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

I did do a search, I know you have all these meals separately, including the afternoon snack, but I was hoping for a little direct information about how you piece all of them together - what might a typical or a couple typical Japanese day be, as it relates to food?

I really enjoy your blog, both as reference, and for pure enjoyment - and have been borrowing ideas like your excellent method for Onigiri right and left. Since you're resourceful when it comes to kitchenware or lack thereof maybe you can help me solve a problem? Sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it? With baking powder for extra fluffiness! The steamer I can work around, but do you have an idea as to what I can steam them in instead of ramikins to get the same effect?

My nephew was showing slides of his trip to Switzerland. He showed a picture of a green, I think kind of half round, dessert, with I think some kind of chocolate round shape on top.

He said it is his favorite dessert. He said it is called carack. They bought it from a bakery or store. Google did nothing to help me find anything at all. Have you heard of this? I'm looking for a recipe to surprise him with. The name 'carack' for a dessert draws a blank, but from your description could it be a cassata? It's a sponge layer cake with a green pistachio icing sort fo a fondant really , and is supposed to have originated in Sicily.

It can have chocolate on top sometimes, but the main feature is that green pistachio icing. It's a favorite cake in Switzerland. Hmm, now I want one! Unfortunately it is not a cassata that my nephew had in Switzerland, but I did get more information from him about it.

It should be a small round chocolate filled tart, with green frosting on top. Other countries other than Switzerland don't have it, and the only place I have found them is at the store called Migros.

The Migros website did not have caraque either. It seems that Migros is a grocery store chain in Switzerland? Perhaps if you ever shop there you could investigate. Hi, My shiso plants have many flowering stalks shiso nomi.

I've been told that the flowers can be pickled to be eaten over the winter. You can preserve them in salt. Basically, take the stalks that have formed seedpods, wash them, take the seedpods off the stalks, and salt them fairly lightly with kosher or coarse salt non-iodine.

Leave under a weight in a bowl for a day or so, then drain and rinse this gets rid of the bitterness , add more salt this time salting a bit more and if you have it, add a little ume vinegar ume-su.

After a few days start tasting - it should be salty-sour but still fragrant. You can then keep it in sterilized jars, or in the refrigerator. I haven't tried it myself yet. I hope this is not a silly question: Can ochazuke be made with dashi the bonito type? I've sometimes felt confused by the various tastes present in ochazuke and now I'm begining to think that the dashi tastes may come from whatever is put on top of the rice.

Still, are there versions with dashi? Incidentally,it's interesting how Japanese food can be quite playful and addictive It becomes like a sort of lego-game, things to build upon, in intuitive ways, creative,etc.

Commercial ochazuke powder usually has some MSG in it, which is what you may taste as dashi. You can add some dashi granules, or an umami-rich ingredient to your ochazuke bowl such as bonito flakes, nori, kobucha, dried fish of some kind, soy sauce and so on, if you need that shot of umami or if can even add MSG Ajinomoto if you like! Japanese ingredients are readily available in London if you know where to look, but none of the online stores seem to stock the recipe books recommended on this site.

Has anyone had any joy finding them anywhere? If you are talking about the Japanese bento books listed on Just Bento, you can try asking at Japan Centre whether they stock them or know of a bookstore that may in London. Otherwise you may have to get them from Amazon Japan. It's not hard to do - just follow the links you can turn the shopping parts of the site to English. Though of course, the books themselves are in Japanese. I love your site, it makes me homesick of Asian food in general with all the different ingredients you put in your recipes that are special in Asia.

I'm wondering, have you ever had guest speakers or columnists write in recipes and articles? Let me know please because I have all sorts of recipes and experiences that I would love to tell about. I've never had a guest writer per se, but I may consider it in the future.

I do occasionally have reader-contributed recipes, and I'm always happy to get them but no guarantee of course that they will be featured Thanks for the great site! My family is now addicted to Japanese food, and I'm now addicted to cooking it.

My wife practially begs me to make onigiri. I just tried the Tamagoyaki recipe. I had to skip on the mirin though, since I didn't have any on hand, but it still turned out great! Hi Maki, I've subscribed to your site for about a year now, and really am enjoying your blogs!

I always really look forward to getting your latest posts in the e-mail, and enjoy commenting as well as reading the comments too! My favorite one was your top Japanese dishes. I had so much fun! I've lived in Japan, and it brought back great memories My question is this.

I have a little propane powered table top cooker that I adore. It really gets a work-out with my Nabe cooking in the cooler months, and has witnessed many wonderful parties gathered around the table over the years.

I've seen table top cookers that have a mesh grill attached to the top that are used to grill fish, I saw it used for "shio-yaki". Do you know of what I'm speaking of? Is the mesh grill part a separate attachment to the cooker that I already have or a totally different appliance?

I live in Los Angeles and have been to all the major Japanese super markets to no avail. I've been on-line also. Can you help me? I'm afraid I've never seen a tabletop grill like the one you speak of So I'm guessing the one you saw is a special grill. Sorry I can't help you more: First of all, let me say that your site is a pleasure to read when you're food-curious like me. I've tried quite a few of your recipes, and I've never been disapointed Keep up the good work ;.

There picture of bite-sized pieces of cucumber, chinese cabbage and daikon but I could't figure out how long you need to let the vegetables rest before eating them. Do you have any idea of how long it should take? Also, since I've eaten some in England, I can't forget the taste of bagels And I can't find any decent bagel here in south france.

But I had a little problem with your recipe, since it calls for a special kind of flour. Bread and brioche flour I've found in stores already have baking powder and the like in them. Could T45 or T55 flour be suitable for making bagels? Then it just takes an hour or so For bagels, you need to get a high gluten or 'strong' flour bread flour is 'strong' flour - which means getting one with the highest percentage of protein.

If you look at the ingredients, it should say the percentage of protein her grams Well, most of the time the percentage isn't on the package, but after some research I found that's because the french classification of flour already includes that, so I'll need at least a T80 flour. Wich comes only with additives or other cereals in regular stores. I think I'll check at organic stores, or the local mill If it works, I think I'm going to try putting some cheese and bagel sandwiches in my bentos!

Thank you, you've been very helpfull. So this is a odd question; probably stupid too, but If I cook tamagoyaki and place it in a bento, how long can it be stored at room temperature safely? Or am I doomed to all veggie lunches until I graduate?

It's not odd or stupid at all - safety is very important for bento. Have you taken a look at the bento safety article? Also Summer bento safety. If a tamagoyaki is cooked through properly and cooled down before the bento box is closed to reduce condensation, which can lead to spoilage it will keep fine in most circumstances at room temperature for a few hours.

If you have to make your bento in the morning to eat in the evening, if you want to be extra-cautious or the weather is very hot, you may want to pack it in an insulated bento bag with an ice pack. Thank you for the articles! I love Just Hungry and Just Bento they are great resources for making bento or just any boxed lunch.

I get compliments on my lunches which I pretty much copy straight from your site! Hi Maki, I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying all the Japanese recipes on your site! I've always wanted to learn to cook some homestyle Japanese dishes and have found your recipes and directions very helpful. Hi Maki, I'm new to the site and would like to say that it's really great to be able to find so many Japanese recipes with an added amount of insight.

I lived in Japan for a few months while doing a study of Japanese history and I took to buying sandwiches from the convenience stores before hopping on the train to Nagoya. I'm wondering, do you have any recipes for the sandwiches that are typical to a Japanese convenience store? I don't have any konbini sandwich recipes here simply because Hi maki First of all thanks for your two wonderful sites.

I check both Just Bento and Just Hungry on a regular basis to see your new yummy recipes. Can I ask a question about bento no 12? In it you talk about konnyaku no tosani - a salty-sweet konnyaku with bonito flakes.

I'd like to try this as I recently bought some konnyaku, but although you mention that the recipe is to follow, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction please? Dare I say how gracious you're to offer up this one of a kind resource for Japanese food on the web. I'm reading Elizabeth Andoh's, Washoku cookbook, and more. She has a section on Konbu, which I'm very hard pressed to find here in Washington State.

Yes, even Uwajimaya doesn't carry high quality konbu. I came across this article http: The author suggests finding a high class Konbu, like Rashiri, that has been aged properly, and comes from a reputable beach in the northern Hokkaido region. I've resorted to emailing the site: I'm guessing that's a no. What should I do next? Bribe my friends in Japan to go to a small store in some suburb of Tokyou to find it?

Well, with all due respect to Elizabeth Andoh, that's a main problem I see with many cookbooks and such about Japanese cooking - they want you to get esoteric products or types of products that may be easy to get in Japan, but simply are not elsewhere.

It makes Japanese cooking seem more daunting and out of reach than it needs to be! These authors should be forced to spend time in an area where their readers might actually live, and see what they can do with the ingredients on hand there. Ranting aside, in regards to konbu, just get the best quality you can get a hold of easily. It should be as thick and leathery as possible, and have a white bloom on the surface.

Don't get hung up on where it comes from or the region or whatever, but just trust your eyes and when possible what the store people might recommend. Uwajimaya is a store with a long history and great reputation, and I'm sure they know what works for their customers. It seems that my days in Japan have caught up with me — and now I understand your point of view more than ever. Andou's book is quite a mystery, because she does not mess around with the Japanese pantry items. In fact, she may be writing the most uncookable Japanese book for non-Japanese geographies.

You may be her arch nemesis! I shall take the two hour journey to Uwajimaya and come out with some decent konbu if it's the last thing I do! I'm grateful that this urge for good Konbu hasn't been while living in some distant farm country. If there's any farm folks out there reading this, reply and I'll see what can be done to get you your fair share of some decent seaweed love. I get so many wonderful ideas from these sites, so thank you for all the inspiration and mouthwatering recipes!

I hope you haven't covered this elsewhere; I was reading an old thread on onigiri, and as a vegetarian remember enjoying one filled with what seemed to be a sort of salad of seaweed and chilli. Many local japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurants also sell it as a salad. Do you have any idea what this could be? I thought it may be something called sukikonbu, but I may be wrong I would love to be able to make it myself to put in onigiri, as umeboshi are so expensive!

Thanks again for all the delicious recipes. This includes butternut squash and so on. Kabocha squash is in this group.

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