Daily Q & A: My iPad can’t connect to iTunes Store / App Store? How do I resolve this?

5 ways to connect iPad won’t connect to the App Store

I Can't Connect to the App Store
I have been trying to figure this out for over a week now! Please try again later. If you are accessing the App Store over your 3G or 4G connection, that may be the root of your issue. If it is incorrect, tap the ID and select "Sign Out. I have tried changing the date, hard reset, logging out then logging back in, and still nothing! Also I touched one app in the App Store and it opened up the one above it as if I were clicking the one above it when I didn't I can connect but cannot download even the free apps.

Troubleshoot the Internet Connection

5 Ways To Fix IPad Won’t Connect To The App Store

Changed the DNS settings on wifi on iPad and it worked. Here the link from which I got the solution. I have the app Store out of my IPad. Can you fix it? Can you bring me a new restrictions passcode and a sheet of paper that has the 4 number code? How the hell do apple sell so many of these iPads Can not connect to iTunes. Where is my Samsung. I can get on the Internet, download new apps and play my apps.

I just cannot update applications. I have tried everything on this website. Any more clever ideas.? Please get out of the appstore. Tap these with your finger. They will finish downloading. Then you will have access to your appstore once again. Everything else does not work. I have the same problems. My ipad has been stuck for 5 days.

I want to return mine since I have only had it a few months. Has anyone had any luck exchanging one under warranty? Apple ID out then in again or sign up Download!

It only gives me podcasts and ituneU as options in itunes app. Can someone please help me? No success with methods 1 to 6 on link from Len. I have tried the suggestion above with no results. If not, restart your device, check for software updates. Also, try to play another movie or a TV show. If it works fine, report a problem for a specific video to Netflix. To do this, you need to open Viewing activity. Yeah…not a one of those fixes worked for my iPad.

Ive been unable to connect for 4 months…? How to fix app store error cannot connect to iTunes store. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Nothing worked, still cannot connect. You might need to sign in. Check your credit card information, and if it has expired then update it with valid credit card information or change it to None.

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Check your connection

The iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store may also not load anything at all, or unexpectedly stop in the middle of downloading content. If you have a separate issue where iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when you connect the device to your computer using a USB cable, get help. You can try to login to the App Store to see if it works. Thanks Robert for the tip! Check if Mobile Data Has been Enabled. Some of our readers were facing this issue because they had disabled mobile data for the App Store. One of the most annoying errors users encounter they cannot connect to App Store on iPhone and iPad. Here we will guide on how to resolve the issue on your iDevice.