Microsoft makes Windows Defender anti-phishing plugin available for Chrome

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Make Chrome Fast Tip #1 : Enable Experimental Features

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Our ultimate goal is to provide chrome the space for browsing the web. You can keep the flash and java running. These plugins are not used often, so, you should disable them.

When you press disable the background of that section will turn gray indicating that its disabled. Extensions are the major thing that causes load on chrome. Things you should know to increase your Internet speed. Chrome extensions are programs that enhances your web experience.

By disabling some unnecessary extension can speed up chrome. They can be directly uninstalled by right-clicking on the icon and remove from chrome. You can also remove the extension from the settings tab. You can remove them by clicking on trash icon and if you want to disable it, dis select the enable box. Keeping enabled extension will be fine for chrome to run with ease. Every browser has the feature of caching data. The browser stores some of the data that you frequently while browsing.

Like login auto-fills for your username, store URLS, text, browsing history and cookies. But, too much of data storing can slow down the browser. The main purpose of caching is to increase speed. You can clear it for privacy purposes. To clear browsing data type chrome: Tick the options that are shown below in the image and select from what time you want to clear the data.

You may also want to clear only your history by each item. Hover over the link you want to remove and tick the box. After ticking your links, click on the remove selected items tab. Use shortcuts to work faster on chrome. You can navigate quickly and get your work done with these shortcuts. Here, resources means Javascript and any other scripts that a page might have will be stored locally on your PC and retrieved when needed.

Well these settings will surely speed up your Google chrome browser but that depends on you how you maintain it. Stay tuned and do share other tips you have for making chrome run faster. Make Chrome run faster on Android with a simple tweak. Make your fox run faster. He likes reading inspiring stories and to learn new scriptures.

In his spare time, you'll find him looking for different ways to automate his Tech. I am also facing problem with lazy chrome, it takes long time to load any website, Thanks for your suggestions, now it is working fine upto certain limits. Thanks for sharing such kind of posts. Your email address will not be published. The plugin seemingly doesn't disable Chrome's own built-in security protection, but is meant to supplement it, I guess. There's no Microsoft information beyond what's in the store, that I can find.

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Phishing attack uses an old trick to place potential victims under pressure. Leading data security firm leaves own server unsecured. Here's how one company figured it out.

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