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For doing so they have to report to Check-In counter. We are in other words committing suicide on a daily basis as a nation. On Sunday night, a warning letter about the application of the Pakistan Essential Services Maintenance Act, , was delivered to striking employees to make them aware that their strike was illegal , the PIA spokesman said. We are expecting a smooth transition. Irtiza We want him on a bigger level and scale.

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However, if there are any problems affecting your travel, please contact our hotline. Any inconvenience is regretted. Book your Flight Return Oneway Multicity. Infant 0 - 23 Months. Please enter your PNR: You can use more convenient way to check booking status. Latest flight deals London Round Trip from Lahore. Paris Round Trip from Islamabad. Passenger's Baggage cannot be Checked-In online. For doing so they have to report to Check-In counter. Exit row seats cannot be selected via online Check-In.

Currently this facility is available on selective domestic routes Flights between Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Time criteria for Web Check-In starts 24 hours before flight departure and closes three hours before departure. Passengers have to get their boarding passes issued at the airport web Check-In counter before flight closure time.

Reporting time for passengers with baggage is at least 1 hour and 20 minutes and for passengers without baggage is 45 minutes. All refund upon approval will be settled to the original mode of payment.

In case of equipment change, PK will try its best to re-accommodate passengers on the same seats but allocation of same seats are not guaranteed. Kudos to the government for not bowing to the illegal demands and still managing to get the planes back in air. Later PPP govt has hired more incompetent,uneducated political based ppl. This saga continues till Now Only way out is to privatized this airlines so those white elephants can be terminated ,otherwise somehow even if this govt able to terminate those ppl which I dont think they will be able to do but once PPP Govt will come they will re-hire the same ppl again with benefits given starting from the termination date.

This union is strong which u will not be able to find in private organization. PIA is being privatized since ppp-led group is not letting this govt make some money. They is the government.

They've broken it, now they can't figure out a way to mend it! It is very common in other countries that an entity is owned by one organization and operated by another.

Why doesn't Nawaz government float an international contract to operate PIA. No need to sell anything. Get a competent operating company and create a contract that is financially feasible for them with a percentage of profits and turn it over to them for 10 years with no intervention from government. That will take care of the nepotism and favoritism killing the organization now and put it on a healthy track without losing any ownership. PIA also need competent employees who are NON partisan and will add value to the airline to get value in their own career.

Anyone been on a PIA flight recently? Absolutely atrocious - terrible planes, terrible service and expensive fares compared to some other carriers. If it was any other company, in any other industry, in any other country, it would have been out of business long ago.

Is privatization the answer, I dont know. But having a company fighting for investment, profit and passengers is surely better than the zombie we have at the moment. Pakistani's in general and its greedy and cheap political leaders are to be blamed for institutional abuse of power and destruction of basic government controlled establishments. We are playing"Russian roulette,"have we lost our basic senses.

Where are the routine Standard Operating Procedures. Be it PIA or any other government sector enterprise it is being politically run and and is being mismanaged for filling pockets of the rich political leaders by illegal means,and its senior management are being used.

Sarmad Observation is incorrect. As per plane no of people handling is highest in world and hence the total amount spent on salaries per plane is highest. At Ittifaq foundary Sharif's can fire protesting employees. The private organizations are much more leaner than their public counterparts. And you can take many decisions there, which you can not imagine ti take in public organizations. I don't support the idea of privatization because it's will probably be bought out by UAE or some other country.

No Pakistani individual has the money to buy the organization. First of all, Government should announce Golden Handshake to the employee who are very much ready for the same and then you will find few employee with the JACPIA, and later give three departments to a private farm which include Account department to a chartered company like Emirates did after couple of years, Catering, and Traffic including TGS, then all is well for the government and for those employee who are really the working hand there you will find PIA will fly up in the sky.

Is it again a step to devalue Karachi? There are already activities by the present Government to shift the Main Airport of the country from Karachi to Lahore. Qaem Ali Shah has never liked Karachi thus it makes no difference for him whether the importance of Karachi is nullified or not.

The Federal Government which is strongly influenced by one province should always keep in mind that one of the reasons of the formation of Bangladesh was also the devaluation of Karachi by shifting the country's capital to today's Islamabad. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.

Comments 54 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Feb 08, Irtiza We want him on a bigger level and scale. Why Airblue and Nawaz Ittifaq and Poultry are running perfectly while public institutions not.

Ponder and consider it! PIA- An organization of goons and thugs!!! Irtiza Running a corporation is not being a cricket team captain. Seems Pakistani nation has very weaker memory than weak in Nawaz-Zardari's love! KHI92 they are in private hand,that is the reason.

Cyrus Who is they? We are in other words committing suicide on a daily basis as a nation. Feb 09,


PIA Head Office, Karachi, Pakistan. 4K likes. We Fly At The Right Attitude. Great People To Fly With. Come Fly With Us/5(14). PIA Head Office, Komga, Eastern Cape, South Africa. 3, likes ยท 10, were here. Airline Industry Service/5(97). Dear Valued PIA Traveler, After 17 years, in order to provide you with a better service, we are switching to a new modern system. We are expecting a smooth transition.