View IP Addresses of LAN Devices from Command Line in Mac OS

How to Find the IP Address on a Mac

Find your IP Address on a Mac
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Find your IP Address via the Mac OS X Terminal

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How to Find IP Addresses of Devices on a Local Network with ping & arp

Sep 26,  · Go to the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences. Click on "Network" in the System Preferences panel. Under "Show:", select the network interface that you want the IP/MAC address for. Generally, this will either be Built-In Ethernet or Airport. To find the IP address, click on the TCP/IP tab. Nov 21,  · Knowing your Mac’s IP address is important for setting up a network or sharing files, here’s two different ways to find your IP address in Mac OS X; an easy way through the GUI and a more technical approach with the command line. These methods will be the same whether you are connected via. You will need to know your IP address to set up printers and other devices on a network. Here are 3 way to find your IP address and MAC address in OS X.