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Marco David am Configuring deferred message delivery FD - Technical Note: How to use debug flow to filter traffic - Technical Note: Index Display the profile number that you can configure. Or use the IP Object drop down list to choose the object that you want. For Wan5 Cancel Click it to give up the quick start wizard. Ipv6 Group To set a new profile, please do the steps listed below:

Draytek Vigor 130 als Modem

DrayTek Vigor 130 als VDSL Modem einrichten

Edit link of that one. After you click the Edit link, you will see the following page. Now you can define the name for that Class. It can also be edited. You can choose the predefined service type from the Service Type drop down list. Those types are predefined in factory. Simply choose the one that you want for using by current QoS. Edit to open the rule edit page for modification. To add a new service type, edit or delete an existed service type, please click the Edit link under Service Type field.

By the way, you can set up to 10 service types. Enable Dynamic Check this box to enable the current account. If you did DNS Account check the box, you will see a check mark appeared on the Active column of the previous web page in step 2. Click OK button to activate the settings. You will see your setting has been saved. With such feature, the user can configure some services such as ftp, www or database with domain name which is easy to be accessed.

The detailed settings with index 1 are shown below. Item Description Enable Check this box to enable such profile. Profile Type a name for such profile. Domain Name Type the domain name for such profile. Delete — Click it to remove an existed IP address on the list. Click OK button to save the settings. You can set up to 15 schedules.

To add a schedule: Click any index, say Index No. The detailed settings of the call schedule with index 1 are shown below.

Other time the Internet access connection should be disconnected Force Down. Both sides must be configured to use the same shared secret. The maximum length of the shared secret you can set is 36 characters. LDAP to search or list the directory object, inquire or manage the active directory. This page allows you to enable the function and specify general settings for LDAP server.

Type this setting if Regular Mode is selected as Bind Type. After finished the above settings, click OK button to save the settings. Type a name for such profile. The length of the use name is limited to 19 characters. After finished the above settings, click OK to save and exit this page. A new profile has been created. For detailed information about LDAP application, refer to section 4. This has to manually set up port mappings or use other similar methods.

The screenshots below show examples of this facility. Some Microsoft operating systems have found out the UPnP weaknesses and hence you need to ensure that you have applied the latest service packs and patches. This field displays the ID port for the multicast group. The available range for IGMP starts from Wake Up Click this button to wake up the selected IP. The result will be shown on the box. Item Description Index Check the box to enable such profile.

Use the drop down list to choose a message profile. The recipient will get the content stated in the message profile. You can click the Notify Profile link to define the content of the mail message. Below shows an example for applying the bonjour feature that Vigor router can be used as the FTP server.

DNSSD and see the following results. Type a name e. Check the service that you want to use via Bonjour. Now, any page or document can be printed out through Vigor router installed with a printer. In addition, the remote dial-in user will use bit to perform encryption prior to using bit for encryption. It can just apply to local packet, e.

Click each index to edit one peer digital certificate. There are three security levels of digital signature authentication: Fill each necessary field to authenticate the remote peer. The following explanation will guide you to fill all the necessary fields. Check the box to activate such profile. Active Status Display the access state of the specific dial-in user.

The symbol V and X represent the specific dial-in user to be active and inactive, respectively. L2TP alone or with IPsec.

The only exception is Digital Signature X. L2TP by itself or over IPsec and corresponding security methods, etc. The router supports up to 32 VPN tunnels simultaneously. The following figure shows the summary table. If there is no profile joined yet, this page will be shown as follows: If the fields gray out, it means you may leave it untouched.

The following explanations will guide you to fill all the necessary fields. For the web page is too long, we divide the page into several sections for explanation. Pass — Click this button to let multicast packets pass through the router.

Click this button to let multicast packets be blocked by the router. The length of the name is limited to 49 characters. MD5 or SHA-1 authentication algorithm. Index - Set the wireless LAN to work at certain time interval only. The default setting of this field is blank and the function will always work. By default, this option is active.

This is usually used when you find there are several subnets behind the remote VPN router. Member2 - Display the dial-out profile selected from the Member2 drop down list below. Advanced — This button is only available when there is one or more profiles created in this page. Enable radio button; type a name for such profile e. See the following graphic for an example. Later, on peer side as VPN Client: If the transmission rate for packets on both sides of the tunnels is the same, the value of Auto Weighted should be 5.

Port also fits the number here, such binding tunnel table can be established. Detailed Settings for Advanced Backup Available settings are explained as follows: Remember to adjust the time of Vigor router before using the certificate so that you can get the correct valid period of certificate.

Below shows the menu items for Certificate Management. Upload Local Certificate It allows users to import the certificate which is generated by vigor router and signed by CA server. Click this button to view the detailed settings for certificate request.

You have to copy the certificate request information from above window. For viewing each trusted CA certificate, click View to open the certificate detail information window. If you want to delete a CA certificate, choose the one and click Delete to remove all the certificate information.

Backup on the following screen to save them. If you want to set encryption password for these certificates, please type characters in both fields of Encrypt password and Retype password. Also, you can use Restore to retrieve these two settings to the router whenever you want.

This page is used to configure settings which will be used by the clients to register to such Vigor router. Type the password for the user. Password Polling Interval Type the time value unit is second.

Encryption Type Choose one of the selections as the encryption type. Local Subnet Type the IP address and subnet mask of local host. All the CPEs managed by Vigor series can be seen with icons from this page Before using such feature, make sure the CVM port has been enabled and configured properly.

This page allows you to manage the CPEs connected to Vigor series. Only eight remote devices can be managed by Vigor at one time. Therefore, other remote devices detected by Vigor series might be displayed in such field. Follow the steps below to create a new maintenance profile.

Click any index number link, e. The Maintenance dialog appears. Available parameters are listed as follows: Item Description Profile Name Type the name of the maintenance profile. Check it to enable such profile. Choose the one which will be applied with such new created profile. Action Type There are three actions for you to choose for such profile. Display the number of the received rate. Message Display the information for each event. But, now no one connects to the access point.

The number displayed on the left side means 2. Display the security mode selected by such wireless profile. Disable means only SSID1 is active.

Simply choose the device you want from Existing Device field. The selected WLAN profile will be applied to the selected access point immediately. Later the access point will reboot.

Check the box on the left side of the selected profile. Click the Edit button to display the following page. After finished the general settings configuration, click Next to open the following page for 2. After finished the above web page configuration, click Next to open the following page for 5G wireless security settings. When you finished the above web page configuration, click Finish to exit and return to the first page.

The modified WLAN profile will be shown on the web page. Display the access points that will be applied by such function Selected Device after clicking OK. After finishing all the settings here, please click OK to perform the action. The horizontal axis represents time; the vertical axis represents the transmission rate in kbps.

It displays the access point scanned by Vigor router. Below shows the detected APs by clicking OK. Use the drop down list to specify the time to refresh the web page. Refresh Click such link to refresh the web page immediately. Display the channel used by the detected access point. Display the SSID specified for the detected access point. AP is friendly and which one is Rogue respectively. Follow the steps below to perform the classification of access points.

Click the radio button on one of the access points. Later, some options will appear on the bottom of the page. AP, simply choose the one and click Delete. Later, the page will refresh and the one will be classified as Unknown. Click OK to save the settings. The following figure shows the APs classified and displayed in different colors. The purpose is to prevent lots of stations connecting to access point at the same time and causing traffic unbalanced.

By Traffic — The operation of load balance will executed according to the traffic configuration in this page. Click the Client tab to list the AP management functions that the Access Points support under different firmware versions. Click the Server tab to list the AP management functions that Vigor router supports under different firmware versions. If you both register to the same SIP Registrar, then it will be illustrated as below: QoS Assurance assists to assign high priority to voice traffic via Internet.

You will always have the required inbound and outbound bandwidth that is prioritized exclusively for Voice traffic over Internet but you just get your data a little slower and it is tolerable for data traffic. If the incoming or outgoing calls do not match any entry on the phonebook, the router will try to make the call "being protected". But, if the call ends up "unprotected" e. Click any index number to display the dial plan setup page. Item Description Enable Click this to enable this entry.

Phone Number The speed-dial number of this index. Replace - When you choose this mode, the OP number will be replaced by the prefix number for calling out through the specific VoIP interface.

Click the link to move the selected entry up or down. Call barring is used to block phone calls coming from the one that is not welcomed. Simply click the relational links to open the web page. For Block Anonymous — this function can block the incoming calls without caller ID on the interface Phone port specified in the following window.

Such control also can be done based on preconfigured schedules. Dial the number typed in this field to forward all the incoming calls to the specified place while the phone is busy. PSTN number for dialing without passing through Internet. Selection items for Ring Port will differ according to the router you have. Type in the gateway IP address.

For such server, please check the box of Call without Registration. Choosing Auto is recommended. The system will select a proper way for your VoIP call. Nortel — If the soft-switch that you use supports Nortel solution, you can choose this option. Single Codec — If the box is checked, only the selected Codec will be applied. Packet Size The amount of data contained in a single packet. The default value is 20 ms, which means the data packet will contain 20 ms voice information.

The default value is Use the drop down list to choose any one of them. Check this box to hide the caller ID on the display panel of the phone set. Call Waiting Check this box to invoke this function. Item Description Region Select the proper region which you are located. The information will update immediately when the Refresh button is clicked.

Port It shows current connection status for Phone s ports. Accumulation for the times of in call. Out Calls Accumulation for the times of out call. Miss Calls Accumulation for the times of missing call. The volume of present call. SSID as identification, located channel etc. Vigor router supports four SSID settings for wireless connections. The following sections explain setting for wireless LAN. Here we take menu items under Wireless LAN 2.

The differences for the settings between 2. Check the box to enable wireless function. At present, the router can connect to 11g Only, 11n Only 2. Item Description Mode There are several modes provided for you to choose. It will return to normal condition after two minutes. To meet the above requirement, two WDS modes are implemented in Vigor router. One is Bridge, the other is Repeater. Below shows the function of WDS-bridge interface: The application for the WDS-Repeater mode is depicted as below: Bridge 2 through WDS links.

The following page will be shown. Disable to cancel this function. Yet, it is Status valid only when the peer also supports this function. If you choose auto as guard interval, the AP router will choose short guard interval increasing the wireless performance or long guard interval for data transmit based on the station capability.

Both values will influence the time delay for WMM accessing categories. It will have better performance with lower reliability. Next, click Add to. Item Description Refresh Click this button to refresh the status of station list. Or, type the Reconnection Time duration manually when you choose User defined. In general, the default setting is Item Description Name Display the name of the profile that you create.

Display current status active or inactive of such profile. Active Click number link under Index filed to set detailed configuration. Active Display current status active or inactive of the selected profile. To create a new SSL application profile: Click number link under Index filed to set detailed configuration. Samba Path If you choose Samba, you have to specify the path of the Samba service. Enter the required information.

After finished the above settings, click OK to save the configuration. The teleworkers do not need to install any VPN software manually.

From regular web browser, you can establish VPN connection back to your main office even in a guest network or web cafe. You should set the User Name and Password of remote dial-in user below. IPSec tunnel either with or without specify the IP address of the remote node. This item is optional and can be used only in IKE aggressive mode. Display the number of the client which connecting to FTP server.

Name Display the name of the group profile. Click any index number link to open the following page for detailed configuration. If the above three options are enabled, the system will do the authentication based on them in sequence.

USB storage disk must type the same username and password configured in this page. Before adding or modifying settings in this page, please insert a USB storage disk first. Otherwise, an error message will appear to warn you. When write protect status for the USB storage disk is ON, you cannot type any new folder name in this field. File Explorer offers an easy way for users to view and manage the content of USB storage disk connected on Vigor router.

Item Description Click this icon to refresh files list. Refresh Click this icon to return to the upper directory. Username It displays the username that user uses to login to the FTP server. When you insert USB storage disk into the Vigor router, the system will start to find out such device within several seconds. A USB Thermometer is now available that complements your installed DrayTek router installations that will help you monitor the server or data communications room environment and notify you if the server room or data communications room is overheating.

During summer in particular, it is important to ensure that your server or data communications equipment are not overheating due to cooling system failures. Enable Syslog Alarm - The temperature log will be recorded on Syslog if it is enabled. Below shows an example of temperature graph: Such page provides the information about the brand name and model name of the USB modems which are supported by Vigor router. Below shows the menu items for System Maintenance.

The System Status provides basic network settings of Vigor router. Also, you could get the current running firmware version or firmware related information from this presentation.

Link Status - Display current connection status. Scope - Display the scope of IPv6 address. It can't be used for IPv6 internet. Internet Access Mode — Display the connection mode chosen for accessing into Internet. Port — Sometimes, port conflict might be occurred. To solve such problem, you might change port number for CPE. Periodic Inform Settings The default setting is Enable. Please set interval time or schedule time for the router to send notification to CPE.

CPE must send binding request to the server for the purpose of maintaining the binding in the Gateway. Please type a number as the maximum period. This feature allows other user in LAN who can access into the web user interface with the same privilege of the administrator.

Local User — Check the box to enable the local user configuration. Local User List — It displays the username of the local user. When you click OK, the login window will appear. Please use the new password to access into the web user interface again. Below shows an example for accessing into User Operation with User Password. Check the box of Enable User Mode for simple web configuration to enable user mode operation.

Type a new password in the field of New Password and click OK. Log out Vigor router web user interface by clicking the Logout button. The following window will be open to ask for username and password. Type the new user password in the filed of Password and click Login. At that moment, the background of the web page is blank and no heading will be displayed on the Login window. This page allows you to specify login URL and the heading on the Login window if you have such requirement.

Enable Check this box to enable the login customization function. Login Page Title Type a brief description e. Welcome Message and Type words or sentences here. It will be displayed for bulletin message. Click Backup button to get into the following dialog. Click Save button to open another dialog for saving configuration as a file. In Save As dialog, the default filename is config. You could give it another name by yourself. Click Browse button to choose the correct configuration file for uploading to the router.

Click Restore button and wait for few seconds, the following picture will tell you that the restoration procedure is successful. Mail Syslog — Check the box to recode the mail event on Syslog.

From the Syslog screen, select the router you want to monitor. Be reminded that in Network Information, select the network adapter used to connect to the router. Enable Daylight Saving Check the box to enable the daylight saving. Such feature is available for certain area.

Interval Click OK to save these settings. Set trap community by typing a proper name. The default setting is public. The maximum length of the text is limited to 23 characters. Privacy Algorithm Choose one of the methods listed below as the privacy algorithm. Privacy Password Type a password for privacy. Click OK to save these settings.

Disable If it is enabled, the function of auto-logout for web user Auto-Logout interface will be disabled. When the system pops up Reboot System web page after you configure web settings, please click Reboot Now to reboot your router for ensuring normal operation and preventing unexpected errors of the router in the future. The DrayTek web site is www. Below shows the successful activation of Web Content Filter: Diagnostic Tools provide a useful way to view or diagnose the status of your Vigor router.

Below shows the menu items for Diagnostics. Refresh Click it to reload the page. Click Diagnostics and click Routing Table to open the web page. Item Description Refresh Click it to reload the page. This information is helpful in diagnosing network problems, such as IP address conflicts, etc. It displays the connection item number.

It indicates the temporary port of the router used for NAT. Port It indicates the destination IP address and port of remote host. Interface It displays the representing number for different interface. Use the drop down list to choose the destination that you want to ping. If not, a notification dialog box will appear to remind you enabling it. Click Diagnostics and click Data Flow Monitor to open the web page. Peak means the highest peak value detected by the router in data transmission.

If you do not specify any rate at that page, here will display Auto for instead. For Sessions chart, the numbers displayed on vertical axis represent the numbers of the NAT sessions during the past.

The result of route trace will be shown on the screen. Click this link to save the data as a file. Refresh Click this link to refresh this page manually. Clear Click this link to clear information on this page. Display Mode There are two modes for you to choose.

Display the information for each event. If TSPC has configured properly, the router will display the following page when the user connects to tunnel broker successfully. You can change the device name if required or remove the information for off-line device whenever you want. When you finished the configuration, click OK to save it. Only DrayTek products can be detected by this function. Access into the web user interface of Viogr Access into the setting page for IPv6 service, it is not necessary for you to configure anything.

Click OK and open Online Status. In the following figure, the TSPC information is obtained from http: If the connection is successful, the physical connection will be shows as follows: Click one of the identity associations and type the IAID number. Choose 6in4 Static Tunnel. When both mechanisms are enabled, the client can determine which mechanism to be used e.

Its IPv6 address is seen with a format of After getting the above message, it means the IPv6 service has been activated successfully. If not, only a steady turtle will be seen. If you can see a turtle dancing on the screen, that means IPv6 service is ready for you to access and utilize. Make sure Disk Connected appears on the Connection Status as the figure shown below: Click OK to save the configuration.

Make sure the FTP service is running properly. Please open a browser and type ftp: Use the account "user1" to login. For Vigor router will be set as a server, the call direction shall be set as Dial-in and set 0 as Idle Timeout. For such Vigor router will be set as a client, the call direction shall be set as Dial-out. Check the box of Always on for a permanent VPN connection.

The advanced bandwidth management technology-QoS Quality of Service helps you to well allocate the bandwidth upon your demand of Voice, Video, or Data transferring.

Let's see how to get the optimum bandwidth per your request by using DrayTek Vigor router as below. Check the box of ACT.

Click Edit to specify the local address. Click OK to save the settings and exit the window. Click OK again to save the settings. The class rule for VoIP has been set. Click OK to return to previous page. The class rules for WAN1 are defined as shown below. Skype in the restroom. Make sure the QoS Control on the left corner is checked. Click the Setup link for WAN2. The user can set reserved bandwidth e.

Return to previous page. Enter the Name of Index Class 2 by clicking Edit link. Click Setup link for WAN2. Class Name of Index 3. In this index, he will set reserved bandwidth for 1 VPN tunnel. Click Edit for Class 3 to open a new window. In this index, the user will set reserved bandwidth for VPN. Click Add to open the following window. Check the ACT box, first.

Leave other fields and click OK. Create LDAP server profiles. Click OK to save the settings above. Select User-Based as the Mode option. Landing Page is a special feature configured under User Management.

It can specify the message, content to be seen or specify which website to be accessed into when users try to access into the Internet by passing the authentication. Here, we take Vigor series router as an example. Open any browser e. The logging page will appear and asks for username and password.

Please type the correct username and password. If the logging is successful, you will see the message of Login Success from the browser you use. Next, enable the Landing Page function. In the following page, check the box of Landing page and click OK to save the settings.

If the logging is successful, you will be directed into the website of www. Choose any index number e. In the following page, type the username and password and set the quota that the router can send the message out. In the following page, type the name of the profile and check the Disconnected and Reconnected boxes for WAN to work in concert with the topic of this paper. Later, if one of the WAN connections fails in your router, the system will send out SMS to the phone number specified.

The website of MyVigor a server located on http: To access into MyVigor for getting more information, please create an account for MyVigor. Click the Activate link. A login page for MyVigor web site will pop up automatically. Click the link of Create an account now. Check to confirm that you accept the Agreement and click Accept. Type your personal information in this page and then click Continue.

Choose proper selection for your computer and click Continue. Check to see the confirmation email with the title of Letter from myvigor. Click the Activate my Account link to enable the account that you created. The following screen will be shown to verify the register process is finished.

Your account has been activated. You can access into MyVigor server to activate the service e. Find the line of Not registered yet?. Then, click the link Click here! Then type the code in the box of Auth Code according to the value displayed on the right side of it. We will take an example to introduce how to make use of this feature.

Log into the web user interface of Vigor WAN IP address as Click Index number 1 and 2 to configure the details. After finished the settings, click OK to save the settings respectively. Upon completing the above configuration, you have specified the outgoing IP address es for some specific computers. Access into the web user interface of Vigor router. Click the Set 2 link and choose the Filter Rule 2 button.

Next, set another rule. Click the Set 2 link and choose the Filter Rule 3 button. Check the box of Check to enable the Filter Rule. Type the comments e. Click the Edit button for Source IP. Then, click OK to save the settings. The computers within the range can access into the Internet. Now, check the content of Source IP is correct or not. The action for Filter shall be set with Pass Immediately.

Both filter rules have been created. Now, all the settings are configured well. Only the computers with the IP addresses within Check Social Networking with Action, Block. Next time when someone accesses facebook via this router, the web page would be blocked and the following message would be displayed instead.

In the field of Contents, please type facebook. Configure the settings as the following figure. Click an index number to open the setting page. When you finished the above steps, click OK. In the field of Contents, please type apps.

Click the Default Rule tab. Edit button being available. Then, click the Edit button. When the following configuration page appears, make the changes you want and check Apply to All APs. Then, click Next to access into the next page. The following page allows you to modify related settings for 2. Make the changes you want for 2. Click Next for next page. Continue to make any changes you want.

After finished all of the changes, simply click Finish. For this section, we use Vigor series as the example. All the CPE configuration will be done through Vigor series. Then, click Details Page. Click Specify an IP address. Reboot the CPE device and re-log into Vigor series.

Return to the web user interface of Vigor series. When a remote device is managed by Vigor series, it is easy to build VPN between these two devices. Access into the web user interface of Vigor series.

The profile name is created automatically by the system. Do not modify any value in such page to avoid VPN error. Vigor, as an example, is chosen for Vigor to perform the CPE firmware upgrade remotely in this case. Make sure the USB disk has been installed correctly, otherwise, the firmware upgrade will not be successful.

Select to locate it. Specify the Schedule profile. At last, click Now, a new maintenance profile has been created. Click Now to perform the firmware upgrade immediately for Vigor Wait for several minutes for firmware upgrade.

Click Managed Devices List. Click the icon of Vigor and click Edit and view the software version. Access into web user interface of Vigor series. From the following web page, simply click index number 1.

Now, the packets sent to the remote PC IP address: With User Management authentication function, before a valid username and password have been correctly supplied, a particular client will not be allowed to access Internet through the router.

There are three ways for authentication: Web, Telnet and Alert Tool. Web authentication interface first. Then, the client is trying to access http: Since this is an SSL connection, some web browsers will display warning messages.

With Crome browser, you may get the following warning. After that, the web authentication window will appear. Input the user name and the password for your account defined in User Management and click Login.

If the authentication is successful, the client will be redirected to the original web site that he tried to access. In this example, it is http: Furthermore, you will get a popped up window as the following. Then you can access the Internet.

You may change it if you want. For example, you will get the following welcome message if you enter Login Successful in the Welcome Message table. However, we recommend you to use different usernames for different user profiles in User Management and VPN profiles. After login, this account will not be expired until it is logout. In the Web interface of router, the configuration page of Time Quota is shown as below.

You will get the following message. The expired time is shown after you login. Any modification to the Firewall policy will break down the connections of all current users. They all have to authenticate again for Internet access.

Turn on the router. If not, it means that there is something wrong with the hardware status. And then, try again. Go to Control Panel and then double-click on Network Connections.

Right-click on Local Area Connection and click on Properties. Double click on the current used Mac OS on the desktop. Open the Application folder and get into Network. Open the Application folder and get into Utilities. The Terminal window will appear. PIN code and try again.

If it still fails, it might be the compliance problem of system. Go to System Maintenance and choose Reboot System on the web page. The following screen will appear. Choose Using factory default configuration and click Reboot Now. After few seconds, the router will return all the settings to the factory settings.

After restore the factory default setting, you can configure the settings for the router again to fit your personal request. If the router still cannot work correctly after trying many efforts, please contact your dealer for further help right away. For any questions, please feel free to send e-mail to support DrayTek. It uses a matrix table of the physical ports to define the traffics how to exchange between each port, and the traffics will be isolated from the ports are not being ticked in the same line.

So far, there are two kinds of open system on Vigor router. DrayOS system is going to be introduced to you because it is the most stable and superfast booting system in DrayTek products. If the UI style of yours is different from the following. It may not DrayOS system with new web style or maybe the Linux-like model.

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How to allow one website while blocking all others FD - Technical Note: Upgrading the FortiGate from 5. Customizing quarantine report sender email id FD - Technical Note: Using an auto hairpin to browse a webpage FD - Troubleshooting Tip: Explanation of certificate warnings when using web filtering FD - Technical Note: Pre quasi lost and found messages in station log FD - Technical Note: How to clone a policy as the reverse of an existing policy in FortiOS 5. How to quarantine specific sender domain emails FD - Technical Note: Resolve the FortiCloud message 'Activation Pending.

Please view confirmation email' FD - Technical Note: Blocking email messages with empty or blank senders FD - Technical Note: Policy routes for SIP traffic. Destination being replaced by Gateway.

How to enable automatic backup on logout FD - Technical Note: First steps to troubleshoot connectivity problems to or through a FortiGate with sniffer, debug flow, session list, routing table - Troubleshooting Tool: How to check cluster checksums on v5. How to avoid 'email spoofing' using a forged sender address or fake emails accounts associated to the real domain FD - Technical Note: How to enable debug log in FortiClient v4. How to enable debug log in FortiClient v5.

How to disable Internal Switch on v5. How to permit temporary access to a site during a particular time slot FD - Technical Note: Use of wan-link-load balancing with outbound traffic using wrong interface FD - Technical Note: Blocking large files FD - Technical Note: Import FortiToken license error: How to configure web page authentication instead of browser pop-up authentication FD - Troubleshooting Tip: Registration Issue for Forticlient 5. FortiGate D does not boot in v4.

FD - Meru Technical Note - What happens if an evaluation license that is installed on a controller expires? FD - Meru Technical Note - How does the keep-alive between the AP and controller work, and what is the port on which the keep-alives are sent? FD - Meru Technical Note - To delete the old customized files from the controller and to upload the new webauth screen Captive Portal screen FD - Meru Technical Note - Can we run capture-packets exclusively for the guest network connecting to G2 interface?

Unable to load wav music files on Fortivoice or Talkswitch systems from 6. Identifying a user 'authenticated' in web filter logs FD - Technical Note: IPsec Auto Discovery feature in v5.

When a client is blocked by FortiClient Enforcement, where does the client download the installer? Could not power on VM. How to verify downloaded firmware checksum FD - Technical Note: Limiting concurrent user authentication FD - Technical Note: How to find the interface's mac address FD - Technical Note: How to set up application control on v5.

Packet capture buffer limit FD - Technical Note: Exporting firewall policies to a. How do I stage a new AP? Use of web-auth-cookie feature to reduce authentication requests FD - Technical Note: How to avoid certificate error when using web filter override to control website access FD - Technical Note: Connection of unknown modems FD - Technical Note: How to block UltraSurf How to bypass antivirus and content filter check for specific senders FD - Technical Note: How to update the hardware id.

How different FortiOS 5. ACL drop graph is not drawing from data collected before the upgrade to 4. Explanation of the session clash message FD - Technical Note: Steps to extract FortiAnalyzer configuration system. Customs declaration information for returning defective products FD - Technical Note: How to suspend radio for a specific time FD - Technical Note: Setting bandwidth control for only one specific application category FD - Technical Note: Distributed denial of service attacks FD - Technical Note: Cipher suites offered by FortiGate v5.

Invalid argument' FD - Technical Note: Hardware failure and replacement with a spare unit on-site support procedure FD - Technical Note: FortiAnalyzer Event log message fazcfgd download app logo files: Changing country setting on a wireless controller FD - Technical Note: Managing the disk usage of email users mailboxes FD - Technical Note: How to change the password of multiple email user accounts FD - Technical Note: Error message 'slave and master have different hdisk status.

Cannot work with HA master. The system is halted. Cannot log in after upgrading to FortiWeb 4. How to configure local ID in FortiClient version 5. How to shutdown all nodes of a cluster FD - Technical Note: Applications requiring resume cannot download content FD - Technical Note: Using policy based IPSec in version 5. How to access natted server internally with Public IP address: How to check the web filtering categories corresponding to the category id FD - Technical Note: Geography based addressing FD - Technical Note: Blocking the email of a known threat FD - Technical Note: FortiClient with user certificate stored in local machine certification store FD - Technical Note: No memory logs seen in FortiOS 5.

How to create an admin User and assign privileges to access specific object types FD - Technical Note: SSL inspection is enabled by default in 5. How anti-replay works and sniffer usage for testing FD - Technical Note: Forward traffic log not showing FD - Technical Note: How to detect fragmented packets in a sniffer FD - Technical Note: Use of the service 'ALL' in a firewall policy with v5.

AV engine version reported as Version: How to obtain an extension of services while waiting for a contract renewal FD - Customer Service Note: Where can we find an AV archived file on a FortiAnalyzer? FortiCloud remote management and dashboard monitor widgets use TLS v1.

Mail server must be defined before user accounts 5. Connection refused' FD - Troubleshooting Note: FD - Troubleshooting Note: Why is the FortiExtender Link Status down? How to de-authenticate a specific authenticated user FD - Technical Note: What does revision-image-auto-backup do?

Steps to add a per-ip bandwidth widget on the dashboard on FortiOS 5. What is the meaning of Interface [interface name] is brought [up down] in crashlog? Memory usage insights in FortiOS v5. Tracking physical interface status of an aggregate link FD - Technical Note: Internet connectivity issue resolution on a FortiGate unit - Technical Note: How to configure logging to memory in FortiOS v4. How to configure logging to memory in FortiOS v5.

Autoupdate override change from v4. Creating a customized resource profile disk quota for any group of users or for any particular user FD - Technical Note: When and how to use the option "Stop policy based routing" in FortiOS 5. Link monitor feature in 5. Data to be captured for wifi performance issue troubleshooting FD - Technical Note: How to get log messages for packets dropped due to anti-spoofing FD - Troubleshooting tip: Service and ports in log messages FD - Technical Note: Maximum oversize threshold FD - Technical Note: Botnet prevention testing FD - Technical Note: Logons per second rate calculation with dcagentlog.

Sessions synchronization FD - Technical Note:

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