'HMRC want my £4k tax refund for dodgy investments back'

Denied? Escalate!

Now You Can Pick Up Your Tax Refund at Walmart
I had a billpay at Bank of America go through twice at 9: You are right to a degree. So how does that even cost them anything? I was furious privately and was about to close the account. It would be nice if our industries were interested in increasing human welfare over the long term, rather than maximizing profit in the short term. While this may sound like a good idea, they make fantastic interest rates when customers take cash advances. April 18, at 7:

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How Australians spend their tax refunds

Index funds or ETFs may be a good choice for you, especially if you are not interested in actively managing your stock portfolio. They offer instant diversification and very low expenses.

Donate to Charitable Causes On a tight budget, making charitable donations can unfortunately slip down on your list of priorities. Your refund gives you a chance to give a little back.

Contributing to charity is an excellent use of capital, and provides a huge societal benefit. Although the returns on your investment may not be as immediate or measurable as investing in the financial markets, giving to charity will benefit your community in a major way, and you can claim the tax deduction too. Get a New Business Up and Running Have you been looking for seed money to take your business to the next level?

Do you have a venture that you want to start? You can use your refund to move in the right direction. Pat S is an active duty military officer. On his off time he enjoys working out, reading, writing and spending time with his dog. Pat became interested in personal finance after several costly mistakes early in his military career that could have been avoided by a basic understanding of personal finance.

Top Priorities for Your Tax Refund 1. Some found parcels supposedly delivered to a 'safe place' were not there, leaving them suspecting neighbours — or opportunists — of theft. Other packages have been sent to the wrong address and never returned. Customers end up forced into lengthy battles with retailers to prove their package never arrived. Many retailers then side with the delivery firm. Experts say shops that refuse refunds or replacements could be breaking the law if they fail to provide evidence that the parcel arrived, as the onus is on them to show it did, rather than the customer to prove it did not.

The scanners, which will be available later this year, will enable drivers' movements to be tracked with 'pinpoint accuracy', says Hermes. It is unclear whether the cameras could be used by delivery firms to photograph the person signing for a parcel. Resolver, a free complaints website, says it received 3, complaints about missing parcels last year — an 80 per cent rise on the previous year.

And it thinks this may just be the tip of the iceberg, with 'hundreds of thousands' of people affected each year. A few days after she placed the order, she received an email from delivery firm Yodel claiming she had signed for the parcel. But she was miles away teaching a class of schoolchildren. The eBay seller refused to refund her and the eBay resolution centre took the seller's side. It said tracking technology showed the driver had been outside her home. It also sent her a picture of an unidentifiable 'squiggle' as evidence, which she says did not resemble her signature.

Jo, 43, of Cannock, Staffordshire, persisted with the seller and finally received a refund. It turns out they can just forge a signature and flout the law. Experts say shops that refuse refunds or replacements could be breaking the law if they fail to provide evidence that the parcel arrived.

The retail merchandiser, 29, from North London, was at work when she received a message from Yodel to say her parcel had been delivered. She contacted Yodel, which said the courier remembered the parcel being signed for by a white man in his 40s with two children. Mothercare eventually refunded the money.

She believes the driver went to the wrong address or forged her signature himself and then dumped or kept the package. Francesca Found had to fight for a refund when a Mothercare parcel failed to arrive. In some cases, couriers claim to have left packages in a safe place that does not exist. Would be cracking if I had a shed. If it goes missing or is damaged, it is their responsibility to investigate. If it is dumped in a garden, a front porch or with a nasty neighbour, they are also liable.

James Walker, of Resolver, says: This even applies with companies such as Amazon, where you are allowed to designate a so-called 'safe place' as your preferred delivery option, experts say.

James Daley, of Fairer Finance, says: A spokesman for Yodel says: Like Hermes, it says it is also using technology that allows it to track exactly where parcels are with pinpoint accuracy. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Notify me of new posts by email. Sorry,i speak onlie german. Can take moeny from freelancer. Basically in short they cheated. So is there is change to get money?? So if they removethst then also good.

But as per review on google and youtube freelancer. I was charged twice, once from Buzzplaz. Please, I need a refund and I need this to stop before it gets worse. I had made a purchase on JustFab. Thank you for your recent purchase at iPage! Your order charge has been processed successfully. Supuesta mente era para comprar un samsum s9 en este sitio playproz. I know that writing posts is time consuming and boring.

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We are a service that helps you get money back from subscription membership websites. Use the search function to see if we work together with a site you subscribe to. Popular searches relate to: How to get money back from hawaiianlion.gq Guide: Get a refund from Netflix Did hawaiianlion.gq take money from your bank account? . More and more Americans are finding that someone has taken over their identity to file a fraudulent tax return and collect the refund. If you believe your identity has been used fraudulently, here. Are you getting a big tax refund from the IRS this year? Read these 10 steps you should take in spending the money wisely, without blowing it all at once.