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No Wi-Fi? No problem! Using Apple TV to Mirror Your Device Without WiFI
If your Apple device needs repairs, you can go to an Apple Store, visit an Authorized Service Provider, or mail in your device. Hook , author J. Tips It is not required to spend a great deal of money on cables for digital signals. Huang Feb 17, If you need a replacement adapter to charge your Apple device, we recommend getting an Apple power adapter.

Why Jailbreaking Your Apple TV It’s Good Idea

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The benefits are obvious. A jailbroken Apple TV is able to provide much more functionality than the standard one. It sure is worth a try to jailbreak your Apple TV as it will open a whole new world of entertainment to you like you may not have experienced before.

The jailbreak process is completely reversible by a simple restore in iTunes. The only real disadvantage can occur when you jailbreak your Apple TV, the process crashes and sometimes you are forced to resume it or do a restore. Jailbreak is totally legal. For very long time, jailbreak was considered illegal by the Federal Government according to copyright lawsuit. In summer of , the Federal Government passed a guide that made jailbreak legal.

Following the instructions below will make jailbreak on Apple TV 4, but you will need to install third party applications separately. The latest jailbreak tool from LiberTV 1. All you need is a Apple developer account free or paid and a bit of technical knowledge. But remember folks, this is just the beginning! Also, the 3rd gen Apple TV is not yet supported!

This type of jailbreak will be especially interesting for developers. How to install it? Before starting this process, you must login to Xcode using an Apple ID with sideloading privileges.

We fully believe that the jailbreak will still be successful using our free method, however please understand that if you use our method we will not be responsible should you experience any negative side-effects.

That being said, though, we know from personal experience that this method does work in-as-much-as we were able to SSH into our own Apple TV 4. At this point the program will download the latest version of iOS 5.

I am using Apple TV 4th gen. I turned on the wifi on the Apple TV and iPhone and they connect fine and the only problem I am facing is that you will need to keep the bluetooth turnon on your iPhone while connecting because otherwise it is not working. I wonder if theres any catch in the protocol which allows both devices to connect while wifi and bluetooth is on on iPhone but not on wifi only.

I caught your comment about leaving wifi on, even though it is not connected to a network critical! It does mirror, but only photos, not video. Have you been able to get this to work with video?

Jason, I have not had luck streaming video. However, I have found that now if I leave the Wi-Fi network on my phone or other mobile device on and just run Bluetooth on my AppleTV I am able to run applications that require you to be on the Internet. I am also able to stream from music services. It works great for what I need is a teacher. It will play video for me without using home internet with wifi, but only videos that i have locally stored on my device.

Nothing from you tube, netflix, or hbo now will play. Almost seems like some underhanded agreement with the wireless networks is at play here. Thanks for this article. There have been a few teething problems with it but I have had powerpoints using slideshark with embedded vids with sound running no problem. As always the old off and on again advice usually does the trick.

Thanks for sharing Darren! Trying to watch wrestle mania on my tv through my phone. Hey Carlos, I wanted to let you know that this is a teacher blog and not tech-support. However, to answer your question unfortunately you will be most likely be unable to stream the video you desire. Only videos stored on your device work, and streaming videos only work when streamed from apple tv app. Meaning apple tv need to be connected to the internet not as mirror to your device.

Plain english- if your internet is you phone, then you are out of luck!!! Is there anyway to secure the Apple TV from unauthorized people from projecting their iPad onto the Apple TV and hijacking my presentations. Any suggestions on how to secure it now? I tried to do this at home. I have an iPad2 and the right Appletv, I have tried with networks forgotten on both devices and also turned on on the iPad.

They both just say searching. I have related both and they are both updated. Does Bluetooth work in the country? I am using the playbox HD app and the process you describe. Does this require a certain version of apply TV. Example- in a classroom where the network becomes an issue? This DOES work, but will not allow video like stated. Even when watching the video in safari. The confusing part was the wifi and Bluetooth. Now for the Apple TV turn Bluetooth on. Mine kept searching but I just ignored it.

Now go to the wifi and it asked you to choose a network. Leave the Apple TV at thw screen asking you to choose a network and hit the air play button. It should come up with the Apple TV and then switch to mirror mode. I will be returning Apple TV and just getting the adapter to Hdmi cord.

All I wanted to do was to be able to watch Netflix on my tv or other videos without wifi. Thanks and hopes this helps. When I meant got to the air play I meant on your apple device for me iPhone 6 plus and turn on mirror mode. Video streaming does work without wifi, as long as you can use the hotspot on your iphone. I tried it at home by turning off my internet and using only my iphone and putting the bluetooth and wifi setting on both are essential and making sure I connected the hotspot wifi to the apple tv.

I was able to watch netflix and HBO, this is some really awesome stuff! Corina, using your iphone as a hotspot means you need to consider teethering limits imposed by your cell provider. After you reach your monthly allowance your connection will drop or depending on your carrier you may incur additional charges.

This discussion is very misleading… you do not lead a wifi connection but you still required a device iPhone, router to relay between the apple tv and your macbook iMac. I am doing it right now with my router disabled. So far i have not been able to do it. I can play videos that are locally stored on my phone, but nothing from the internet as of yet. Also, the data consumed via the hotspot by the AppleTV device when streaming would fall under a tethering data plan as carriers see that as a separate device, unless you can mask that more than native VPN support.

Apple did not design this device for the wire cutters like me. Under ordinary usage, your phone just becomes a fancy controller and not the source of the content, and perhaps in some cases it can show content directly via mirroring. I gave up long ago and just use the lighting HDMI adapter no fuss there.

Also, Raspberry Pi Arduino devices have come out with video Airplay support, and might be work checking out. I guess the most frustrating thing is that the technology clearly supports the ability, and the marketing makes it seems like it does, and sure works in SOME cases but is not implemented for an actual use-case without the additional home internet angle.

My wife can mirror everything from her phone to the tv now Note8. Apple does not want to use streaming from other sources then apple. Apple customers are screwed by apple me too. One quick fix using Keynote's microphone that improved student discourse. It did not work the way I wanted it to, as related in detail by Joetabla above. The TV really and truly mirrors whatever is on my phone. The Flying Dutchman- I did the same thing you did however for me unfortunately I bought the cheap version.

I tried Netflix to no avail also. Thats what i do too. Yes you can because it communicates via bluetooth to the apple tv and you can still stream it on the TV using the mirror after you swipe up on your screen.

This does not work, the Bluetooth is only for keyboard etc and your iPad iPhone will not recognise the Bluetooth nor will your Apple TV. I think maybe this worked on an old version but iOS updates have disabled the feature. I have a 2nd generation Apple TV and a newer Iphone. But I can stream on my phone without Wifi.

Thats the setup, aim using. Thats the only way i can mirror my streaming movies from iPhone to tv. I am watching Utube tv. Hey mate did you have any luck? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Founded in February , PHYSEDagogy serves as an avenue to engage in meaningful, relevant, and visibly public discussion about best practices in the modern physical education classroom.

Click here to read more about our values and mission. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Here is what you need. You can determine if you have the correct Apple TV by looking at the back. Close to the serial number you will see an EMC number. I think this may be do to new operating system updates. At this point I have not been able to access YouTube videos but this might be related to a district network issue. When writing this blog I had the intention of simply helping educators and fellow physical education teachers be able to use an Apple TV within there classroom without WiFI.

I had no idea this blog would generate so much traffic. I hope that this helps clarify. Only if you are streaming and that is your only source of internet Reply.

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