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TunnelBear boasts some of the fastest speeds of all the VPNs on this list and has servers available in 20 countries worldwide. If you are only able to download the torrent and not upload, then it means that port forwarding is not supported. They can listen all they please. Perhaps it would be wise to not repeat that exact mistake. So basically, boycott Google now?

Q: Why doesn’t “Download This Video” work in Google’s Chrome browser?

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Have you tried entering the recovery mode or the bootloader? Safe Mode is something I would normally have suggested, since the phone appears to be mostly booting up on its own.

The Android boot process, depending on the version of the OS, tends to follow a basic formula:. It sounds like it's not properly compiling applications though. I would normally advise a factory reset, but this could be a fairly serious problem. For the last few days, every time I take my phone off charge, it makes an audible announcement saying how much battery life I have left. This is really annoying as I often take my phone off charge when I wake up and my wife is still sleeping.

I can't find a setting to switch this off. I have a Moto G running Android 5. Hi Alex, it might be an accessibility setting which is in the settings menu.

Do you remember making any changes to that particular part of the phone? That can be almost anything, but a good rule of thumb with smartphones is to never overload the eMMC module. The best fix is to clear out around a quarter of the capacity and let it sit for 24 hours in airplane mode. Or consider a factory reset. Hi, I have a problem with my lenovo vibe z2 phone.

Can I ask what root method you've used? It might be that your phone doesn't have enough RAM to run the program. I have heard about people getting it to run on 1GB, but I'm not sure if that's entirely true. Unfortunately, unless I've misread about your phone's specs, it appears you won't be able to play it until you upgrade.

I have a Samsung S6. I've never heard of this issue before. The "view of all open program" is sometimes referred to as the multi-tasking screen. It shouldn't open unless the user has opened it. If it's opening by default, there's a possibility that it's being caused by a rogue app. Have you tried booting the device in safe mode? I have problem with my Tablet HP 10 Plus. Always when i start my tablet it performs factory reset I installed root before. I dont know how to undo root procces.

When i perform factory reset everything got deleted just root didnt delete. A lot of potential problems can cause this issue. A damaged eMMC module can prevent you from installing apps. So can permission issues. Did you root or install a custom ROM on this device? Ah, installing apps to the SD card can cause serious problems for a lot of apps.

Glad you found the solution on your own. My android turbo video, snap video, and shazam will not work. They all say that the microphone is being used by a different app, but I have cleaned out all my apps.

I also made sure it was not okay google. Any idea on what could be happening? I had this happen on my old phone and eventually had to get a new one. If it happened on another phone, then the problem is more than likely related to an app you've installed. My best guess is that it's Shazam that's causing the problem. Here are some configuration tips:.

My screen gets weird when I wake the phone up from sleeping. The display looks pressed up towards the top of the screen and then there are stripes the rest of the way down the screen. I have done a factory reset - did not fix it. I have also tried taking a screen shot of the problem I'm talking about, but the screenshot just shows the normal display. Any idea what else I can do before sending it in?

I'm not sure what is causing that issue, but it sounds like a hardware problem. It might be that the GPU is faulty since it's not drawing the screen correctly. But basically if a factory reset doesn't fix the issue, the problem is most likely hardware related. And smartphones aren't totally user-serviceable. So it might have to be sent back. There are a few option that technicians use to attempt repair of problems like this, but I'm doubtful it would work.

I've heard of fresh factory images being pushed via USB to the phone. If the company that makes your phone offers factory images, you could try that -- but the safer options is to just return it. A factory reset will return all the stock apps. I can't think of another way other than to manually reenable all the apps that you disabled.

What phone do you have? I have similar problem with that. After i format it I cant use playstore because it needs account. What model of phone do you have? Performing a factory reset on an older model of phone might restore a version of the Play Store that may no longer work. I have to have the box checked for unknown sources and allow them because of my job app so can i effectively use a cleaner on my phone and or can you tell me what things I can delete from my misc storage area that will not harm my phone?

I have an android. That's a tough question. If you use a cache cleaner, like CCleaner, you might lose all your log-in credentials. For a proprietary application, you'd probably have to relog in. However, you can choose which apps get their cache wiped. Hi i have a galaxy note 4 and the problem is that sometimes when I'm at a office like court or dmv or anything that have to use cpu or printers if i get close to their cpu with my cellphone their cpu stop working and for them to start working again i have to or shut off my cell phone or live the premises can someone help this is happening for 3years with all cell phones android i get.

I've never heard of this happening. Have you tested it out by placing the phone near a computer? I have tried everything but it only happens when i go to this places i found it strange i just dont want for this people to see me as a hacker trying to get their info i dont go to places of law in case someone is trying to hack using my cell but i just want to see if someone has the same problem and fix thanks for replying. Sometimes the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile devices can impact improperly shielded devices.

A PC, though, is surrounded by metal and pretty much impervious to the radiation emitted by smartphones. The FCC should inspect all devices capable of emitting wireless frequencies for possible problems such as this. This is definitely not my field of expertise though. Electronics are really, really complicated and almost anything is possible.

There are also law enforcement agencies that use devices known as "Stingrays" which are portable cellular towers, which probably aren't vetted by the FCC and may cause the problems you've encountered.

But if you are really concerned, try picking up a cheap prepaid phone and see if it causes the same problems. I've never heard of this problem before. By "opening" do you mean it's popping up or is it automatically turning itself on? I am fairly new to android programming. I have Android Studio installed on Windows I built a small app and was able to run it on emulator and on a xperia phone.

I wanted to change the icon for the app. After seeing a few posts in different forums, I edited the AndroidManifest. After that, if I try to build the app, I get a errors most of them like.

I guess I have corrupted something and maybe edited some file that should not have been touched manually. Now, I can't figure out what I did wrong and how to recover. Can someone help me? I'm having this problem myself right now. I think that means you don't have the right SDK versions installed. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and it keeps freezing and crashing.

I have factory reset the phone 3 times and nothing is working. Does anyone know what to do? My android phone is opening applications and files by itself.. That sounds like malware. Have you tried entering Safe Mode and eliminating any apps that are possibly causing the issue? That could be any number of issues, although it probably has something to do with the GPU. Either there's a software issue or the hardware is bad.

Or what about wiping the cache? If all else fails, you can try downloading a factory image and flashing it? Hi, I have android version 5. It probably has something to do with the manufacturer of the tablet and not the OS itself. What kind of tablet are you using? I got a problem. I just formatted my SD card on m android phone, and most of my app's data was in there. Now, I looked at my RAM and I see that the same amount of space is still occupied even though those apps can't be seen anymore.

What should I do? You can try reinstalling the apps, but they should automatically copy their data into the SD card. However, if you moved those apps to SD and then reformatted the card, you'll need to reinstall each app.

Hi, i need help. If all else fails, try a factory reset. There's a few other things you can do as well. But a factory reset is the easiest method. I have installed now Kodi I need help, most of my apps especially the SD card apps have "stopped working".

I think you called it UI. I'm quite kak with androids, but I don't want to delete apps. They only stop working when I turn the phone on, and stay like that. I can't do anything without help with phones. I've scanned for Malware and nothing. If you need for info tell me. I brought new smart phone from China.

After came back in our country, i inserted a sim card in sim slot. After start the phone, Show a. Your phone might only be compatible with T-Mobile-related networks. Most Chinese phones only support very specific bands, which aren't compatible with some networks. Hi mysamsung galaxy s3mini stoped working about a week ago. I can't make a calls,send sms and when people call me they reach voicemail.

But my mobiles start working good when they reach 3g signal. DId you install any apps or make any changes just prior to when the device stopped working properly? Or have you tried adjusting your device's network settings? I have tried factory reset. The factory reset should have restored your original network settings. This problem sounds like it's caused by the carrier, and not by the phone. Your slow network speeds might be caused by having switched over to GSM only.

It it's disabled, I think it also causes you to lose those bands. What country are you in? I live in UK.

It sounds like you have an app called cat studio installed. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling that app? You can also try clearing cache and reboot as instructed here. Have you gotten any error codes? Is there enough space on your device to support the download size? Contents Of Downloads Folder: Zenphone UI itself -- Exist.

Pls help suggest on 1. Not sure how to proceed and is this phone rooted and then unrooted to cause the issue??

How do i resolve this Issue now I can be reached at samuraichetan yahoo. There shouldn't be any SDKs located in the download directory. Did you root the phone at any point? Vikrant, this is a simple issue to repair. I advocate a factory reset, as some malware on older Android handsets can alter your system directory. If you'd prefer not to factory reset, use the Safe Mode method. Search the internet for your particular handset, and include "Safe Mode".

You should find instructions on how to enter Safe Mode. When in Safe Mode you can remove the offending apps. I had tried to uninstall some apps from my android phone. But fails to do so they reappears even after factory reset. You can't uninstall system applications without root access, unfortunately. A factory reset will return those applications. Hi my name is sridhar in my device phicomm sim card are detecting but signals are not founding is there any solution for my problem if there please reply me Have you tried configuring the APN settings of the phone?

Is the device brand new? Did it ever work before with another SIM card installed? The issue might rest with the carrier and not with the phone. I think this a very informative post for smartphone user. I hope every smartphone user have to know how to hard reset a smartphone. Hi, i have MicromaxA90S android one, i have to try to open the any app and contacts or anything open it will be showing an ""Unfortunately the process android.

Please let me know any possible ways to fix the phone. This can occur for many reasons, but one of the most common is when you restore from a data backup. Can you describe what happened prior? Actually, i have to install the "earn talk time" app in that app so many app's are there.

If install the apps earn some money. So i have to install the all apps after that i have to earn some money after that i have to uninstall that apps after two days i have to get updates on my phone. Than i have to update my phone in that process my phone has suddenly stopped and display the "Unfortunately ,the process andorid. In that moment my phone was not working. So, if I understand correctly, it's a system update that causes the issue? What version of Android is it on and what version of Android is it upgrading to?

Did you root your device in any way? Did you use a custom ROM? Do you have a custom recovery installed? You might be able to resolve the issue with a factory reset, but if you've modified your OS in any way, that might not be the first option you should consider. The Acore process is related to a number of system functions. I've experienced it before and have resolved it by wiping data for my contacts.

The problem is when the device reboots it shows the normal android installation animations and an 'Erasing' notation underneath over and over again and in between the screen blinks. I have tried to go into the recovery mode by pressing the power button and volume up button. But it goes the same. I also tried to turn on the device after removing the battery and putting in again but didn't help either.

As I tried to put the charger on of my device it doesn't show the conventional battery charging animation rather the same animation.

Every Android phone is different. Some can have a recovery preboot environment or they can have a bootloader. Sometimes the bootloader is the same as a recovery. It's all dependent on your manufacturer's whims. I don't think any method will work, unfortunately. Did you try anything like rooting or installing a custom ROM before the device stopped working?

I recently had a factory data reset for my android phone a samsung gt-s model and since that day , my phone's keeps vibrating without obvious reason. The frequency is about times a minute. You can imagine how disturbing it is , not to mention the battery drain! I'm running an old android version 2.

I would appreciate any help. If this occurs following a factory reset, then it is a hardware issue. Any problems that persists through a factory reset is a hardware problem or firmware. You can try adjusting settings, but the phone is so old that you are better off upgrading. I have samsung galaxy note 2 gt n I try some of any apps to root my device but still all not working in my android device.. Samsung devices can be really tricky to root. The root process is determined by the hardware -- specifically the kind of system-on-a-chip SoC.

If you're using an international edition of the Galaxy Note 2, then you may have an Exynos chip, instead of a Qualcomm. There is no live chat option on the website and you can only contact them through email. There is, however, a very comprehensive FAQ on their website.

On this section, you will find some useful information related to the service. Most impressively, it contains guides and manual to help you configure the service on your device. Hola VPN does not use a tunneling protocol to encrypt your data.

Instead, it utilizes a peer-to-peer network to mask your online identity. Consequently, the lack of encryption means there is always a safety risk with Hola VPN. This service only hides your actual IP address without providing you a layer of an added security.

Hola privacy policy claims on collecting anonymous information from its users that helps them improve their service. This information includes hardware specification and browser type.

Just like any other VPN provider, Hola also collect personal information i. IP address, name, and email. However, this information is only collected to provide better service to its users. The main concern for Hola users is that Hola VPN is most likely to share information to the law authorities when court orders are presented.

Email addresses may also be shared with marketing partners of Hola to which a user can disable by choice. When connected to Hola VPN, it offers a great speed to which you can use for streaming and torrent downloads.

Speed largely depends upon the location of the servers. While using this service, we failed to experience any connection drops or a major speed drop. However, there were problems in speed when using Hola extension because it crashed a few times. Even the Hola extension for Chrome and Firefox works more than an app. However, there are several issues with the Windows client. Firstly, it is not very user-friendly and is somewhat confusing.

It shows servers the servers of the US and the UK as an option but they can only be accessed through a premium account. In addition, the smartphone app of the service comes with in-built browser. This provides you the convenient option of browsing through the app. Hola is easy to install for private internet, streaming video, and downloading torrents. You will be able to find a complete installation guide on their website, which has been explained in plain and simple words. Hola is not clear about online security of its users.

It does mentions that it keeps no logs, but still manages to share information to third-parties for promotional messages.

Our review may seem a bit biased to you and we do not blame you for that. We were also impressed with its services initially until we decided to dig deeper into it.

This review is solely based on thorough research and feedbacks from the Hola users only. Hopefully, this comparison will empower you in making an educated decision regarding the service.

As far as the alternatives are concerned, is there any other better online privacy tool than a VPN? In this Hola VPN review we checked different aspects about the service.

In addition to testing Hola, we also gather user feedback about the VPN service from different social media networks. Believe it or not, streaming is the last thing you would want to do with Hola Unblocker. The speed is slow, bandwidths are awful and the never ending buffering is too painful for a user to bear.

Imagine streaming a three minute video in 15 minutes. You can sign up for free and follow the instructions to install the unblocking extension in your browser. Have you ever questioned your choice of using Hola Proxy server?

If not, may be its time to do so now. If you think we are only blabbering about it, see the picture below taken from Android Google Play and read down all the comments. Imagine using a service that could potentially expose you to the cyber goons.

Tengo abiertos los puertos , y Eduardo, No te se dar respuesta sin poder investigar el equipo. Quizas quieras probar a cambiar el puerto RTSP de a otro distinto sugiero , hay proveedores de internet que el lo capan. Gracias por el tip. Tengo el mismo problema cual es el puerto del equipo es la parte que siempre me sale Receiving data from the device timed out. Juan, Si no estas usando HiDDNS; el puerto del equipo es el que sea que tengas configurado en el dispositivo como puerto de datos.

Excelente aplucacion visualizo las camras en tuempo real. Pero al pasar mas de 15 dias no entiendo porque ya no se visualizan las camaras? Es acaso la app gratis un tipo de demo que solo dura u tiempo corto de funcionalidad?. Christian, No hay limitaciones. Tengo un dvr hikvision pero al configurar en mi ipad en iVMS me aparece error 43…podrian ayudarme? Prueba a revisar que los redireccionamientos de puertos sean correctos. Yo he montado sin problema varios equipos en una misma IP, usando distintos puertos RTSP, y no tengo problema para verlos remotamente.

Recuerdo que habia firmwares antiguos de Hik que daban problemas con iPhone al usarlos con conexiones que no fueran de wifi. Puede que ese sea tu caso, y que tengas que actualizar el firmware del equipo a uno mas nuevo.

De todos modos te recomendaria que miraras de probarlo primero desde el celular de alguien que conozcas que use Android en remoto, no desde la propia red wifi donde esta el equipo. Mi proveedor de internet me ofrece dos puertos abiertos, y el htto no puede ser el 80, sino que uno cualquiera el por ejem, pero no se como configurar el ivms en otro puerto http que no sea el 80, si le pongo la ip publica: Gabriel, El iVMS no usa para nada el puerto de web.

El puerto de web solo se usa para conectar a un equipo desde navegador, si no se quiere usar navegador ni siquiera es necesario tenerlo abierto. Hola buen dia, resulta q sigo el paso a paso tal cual el tutorial pero cuando le doy guardar me dice conexion fallida, lo hago con mi plan de datos normal y tambn con wifi pero siempre me sale lo mismo.

Me podrias ayudar con esto muchas gracias. Hola tengo un problema explico, como ip local todo correcto funciona con el puerto tanto local como con la ip externa pro cuando entro al celular o tablet con android usando la app colocando los datos nada tengo los puertos abiertos desde la ip local para , y pero nada me sale con todos error.

Pero en dispositivos moviles si uso ese puerto me arroja error usando el y el pero cuando uso dice conection failed, espero su respuesta y dar solucion a esto. Verifica que tengas todos los puertos abiertos con http: El dia de hoy decidi conectar un segundo DVR de igual marca, ambos claro con la misma ip publica al mismo router…. Entiendo tiene que ver con los puertos de cada DVR: Poco puedo decirte a parte de que revises tu configuracion.

Puede que tengas algun puerto mal redireccionado al DVR que no corresponde. Tambien te recomiendo que si usas varios equipos les pongas puertos seguidos para que te sea mas facil recordarlos. Necisto verlas desde el celu que es un LG G2 con Android 4. Leo todos los pasos que figuran al comienzo de esta pagina pero no se de donde saco el Server address y Device domain.

Te comento que yo entro al DRV con su numero de ip desde una pc para ver las camaras y por ende tambien puedo ver la configuracion. Pero no se de donde saco esos datos. Desde ya muchas gracias. Dario, Esta guia es para configurar iVMS si estas usando hiddns o hik-online. Pero para ver el equipo por internet, previamente tienes que configurar el DDNS, y abrir los puertos necesarios en tu router. Si te suena a chino lo que te estoy diciendo, te va a tocar tirar de Google, o buscarte a alguien que entienda un poco de informatica y pueda hacertelo.

Gracias por tu pronta respuesta. Pero yo a mis camaras desde otro lugar las veo si uso otra PC porque yo tengo el numero de ip del DVR y tambien mi ip publico donde tengo el DVR eso siempre a traves de un navegador Google por ejemplo. Pasa que las quiero ver desde el celu con este soft iVMS No puedo hacer lo mismo configurandolo. A mi lo unico que me falta como te mencione anteriormente es el: Server address y Device domain. Aca solo van nombres, no pueden ir los numeros de ip que te mencione?

Excelente, Graciasssssss Muchas gracias. Ya esta funcionando perfecto. Hola, hace una meses me explicaste para configurar mi DVR en mi LG G2, pero no se porque me dejo de funcionar y no puedo ver mas mi camara, si veo las que trae como ejemplo que creo que son de China. A ver que me sugeris. No hay ningun password maestro, ni es posible resetear el equipo simplemente teniendo acceso fisico a la maquina.

Nosotros ofrecemos tambien el servicio, pero solo a nuestros a clientes. Buenos dias, Por favor, si me podrian ayudar. Ya configure el router, he abierto puertos 80,81, y , lo veo desde la web pero en el ivms me sale un error code 43, buffer is too small. Tengo ese problema desde hace mas de 2 semanas.

Quisiera que me ayuden por favor. Marco, Lo siento pero no puedo ayudarte, no se que es ese codigo de error. Prueba a acceder al equipo desde otro terminal. No encuentro en la app store el ivmx litem para ipad mini que alternativa tengo para ipad mini?? Si un modelo por ejemplo soporta a la vez stream de 20 canales, si tienes a alguien visualizando 12 camaras, y otra persona tambien intenta visualizar tambien 12 camaras, a la que abra 8 canales ya no le va a dejar abrir el noveno.

Si te funcionaron varios dias y han dejado de hacerlo, revisa toda la configuracion, algo ha de haber cambiado. Puedo utilizar el programa desde el IPhone; pero con Dyndns como servidor? Yo tengo la video configurada con Dyndns, la veo perfecto desde cualquier computadora, pero me es imposible conectarla con el Iphone con el iVMS Sergio, Puedes usarlo desde iPhone, claro.

Simplemente configura el equipo con la IP del equipo con el nombre que uses de Dyndns y el puerto de datos del equipo; ojo, el de datos, no el puerto web! Hola tengo problemas de conexion con Ivms en mi celular, para ver senal en vivo algunas veces aparece fluidez y se puede ver la senal. Si no es esa, vas a tener que preguntarsela a quien te haya instalado el equipo. Para resetear el equipo, te recomiendo que contactes con algun distribuidor de Hikvision de tu pais.

Hola Securame, soy Alejandro. Asegurate tambien que tengas la ultima version de iVMS Desconozco el significado de ese error. Para acceder por web se usa el puerto de web por defecto 80 , para acceder desde cliente IVMS se usa el puerto de datos por defecto Verifica que los tengas los dos correctamente configurados y accesibles desde el exterior. Daniel, Usa IP Server, y http: Asegurate que el equipo tenga configurados DNS validos para poder resolver el nombre. Y para mas info: Tengo abierto todos los puertos por defecto.

No es necesario abrir ningun puerto adicional; si te funciona con iVMS en Android, lo tienes bien configurado y deberia funcionarte con iPhone. Para cambiar el tercer puerto por defecto , hazlo con un mouse y pantalla conectado al equipo; o mediante iVMS Jaime, Concretame si quieres el mensaje de error exacto que te da. Si es eso, significa que aun no has configurado el equipo para conectar a hik-online. Mirate esta otra guia: Buenas tardes, existe alguna aplicacion ivms o similar para android y apple que se puedan ver mas camaras a la vez por ej 16 en vez de a 4 por vez en los dvr HIK?

Desconozco cual es el error 43, nunca me ha pasado. Prueba a acceder al equipo desde un ordenador para verificar que lo tengas configurado correctamente.

1. Google Play Store Crashing

Community powered VPN. Hola is the first community powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN, where users help each other to make the web accessible for . Introduction to Hola What is Hola? Hola's goal is to make the Internet faster, more open, and cheaper to operate. Hola is a collaborative () internet -- Hola works by sharing the idle resources of its users for the benefit of provides several products based on this resource sharing technology. Hola is a freemium web and mobile application which provides a form of virtual private network services to its users through a peer-to-peer network. It also uses peer-to-peer a user accesses certain domains that are known to use geo-blocking, the Hola application redirects the request to go through the computers and Internet .