15 Proxy Switchy Alternatives

2. ST Proxy Switcher

15 Proxy Switcher Alternatives
Proxy SwitchyOmega is an easy to use proxy switcher that is powerful, quick and simple. Thanks, I guess I will try this one out too. Most of the users use the proxy switcher and server in…. Get ST Proxy Switcher. Click on LAN Settings option.

Proxy SwitchySharp

Best Proxy Switcher

I am looking for a Google Chrome Extension that will allow me to simply, with a click of my mouse, switch between at least three or more chosen proxy servers with ease, without having to always change my system proxy settings from Internet Explorer all the time.

I would prefer one that is easy to use, can do as I have specified and when I move from school to home I can switch between my schools proxy server to another proxy server when I go home as my school laptop requires the use of a proxy server at home too otherwise I can't go on the internet. You can use Proxy SwitchySharp:. You can use FoxyProxy:. Ghost Proxy Control will let you assign a different proxy for each tab for maximum control at the tab level, which should meet your needs.

And if you use the Sessions setting, it takes zero clicks to launch it. When you open a new Session tab, it uses a pre-set proxy address. It's an add-on for Ghost Browser disc.: I'm the founder , which is Chromium based. Up to 4 proxies can be setup and the extension switch between them on its own. Click on the top right corner icon, which the extension puts there, will allow you to setup the proxies and tweak everything that needs to be tweaked.

By default the extension switches proxies every 60 seconds. Get Random Proxy Switcher. TunnelSwitch works with colors. It will allow you to create proxy profiles with colors assigned to them. This can be done from within the extension settings page. Once that proxies are setup, you just need to left click on the top right corner icon to switch between them. This addon combines proxy. It is also fully compatible with portable Firefox and it keeps logs of all the proxies that were used and when.

Currently you need to play with several screens to change proxy in Internet Explorer. There are lot of settings to reconfigure. Advance Proxy Manager allows you to make multiple proxy settings and you can easily switch them from tray icon menu. The only disadvantage is that it is still in beta phase and was last updated on December 30, Alternatively, you can try IE7Pro that also supports tabbed browsing capabilities.

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Step # 1: Open Google Chrome Browser

Use best proxy switcher with your proxy servers or let it download most recently checked list from our web site FREE for LIFETIME!/5(). Proxy SwitchySharp is a highly configurable proxy switcher extension for Chrome where you’ll be able to setup proxy profiles, numerous proxy profiles, and then switch between them from the top right corner drop down. It’s possible to setup HTTP, HTTPS (secure protocol), FTP and SOCKS proxies. FoxyProxy is a set of proxy and proxy switcher to reach the content of international market and easily switch between multiple proxies and proxy servers. FoxyProxy is the set of proxy servers that ensures the access towards .