What Are The Best Dedicated IP VPN Providers in 2018?

The Best VPNs for Dedicated IP Addresses

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November 23, at 6: Over and above, ultra economic plans and superior offerings make these services stand out among rest:. Considering this provider is the most expensive dedicated IP provider, I would recommend it only to those users who absolutely require either a French or Indian IP address. Shameer Baloch is a marketing professional-turned-tech writer who despite had a successful career at Evyap made a drastic change when his interest in technology and international cyber laws became evident. But believe me when I say that problems will rear their ugly heads. By deploying static IP address, you can improve the protection level of your personal blogs.

What’s the difference between Dedicated IP, Static IP and Personal IP?

Best VPNs that Sell Dedicated IP Addresses

Most VPNs like to use shared IP addresses that are shared by hundreds of users so that each user can remain anonymous. If you have a dedicated IP address, it is much easier to remain hidden and lessen the chance of a blacklist. Dedicated IP addresses are also useful for accessing web sites that get triggered when you have a different IP than normal. Sometimes Gmail or Banks require you to re-verify your account in some way which can be a hassle.

This is why some users will experience workability with some VPN providers without using a dedicated IP address. They even have a new dedicated IP address integration feature which makes switching back and forth from a shared IP quite intuitive.

They provide free shared dedicated IP addresses to access Netflix, as well as separate additional dedicated IP addresses that only you use.

Or just click here to get started now. TorGuard has updated their visual component to their app, and it now looks great! However, with that lower price point comes some caveats like glitchy software and poor speeds. We loved its high speeds, and we found their extra services, privacy policy, and servers very notable.

They are a great choice for torrenting since you can get such speeds, and they are also very fast with powerful servers. They also have a great mobile app, and their main app is easy to use. Do you have any questions about dedicated IP addresses? John August 22, , 8: OK I have done that and none of them work.

Oh well Give us a few days. You come back in two days and its the same story. Johan Greenhaus April 14, , 9: Greetings, and thanks for the info. You might be surprised by how few VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses as an option to their customers. Of my usual 10 suspects, only 3 offer dedicated IPs.

I have noted whether or not each provider offers dedicated IP addresses to their customers. However, the feature is not available with a normal VPN subscription. When deciding which VPN provider to subscribe to for a dedicated IP address, make sure you know the locations around the globe where the provider offers dedicated IPs. Make sure the IPs are available in the country in which you will use them the most.

While all of the VPN services on this list offer dedicated IPs in the United States, options vary when it comes to other parts of the world.

Also, make sure the provider offers a money-back guarantee or a free trial period. A fast and responsive VPN is always of importance. In addition, a fast connection always comes in handy for online shopping, using shared documents or file sharing. At the very least, any provider you consider should feature apps or support for the Windows, macOS, iOS and Android platforms. Additional support, like support for Linux, or wireless routers, is a definite bonus.

While how well a VPN service protects your privacy should be a top priority, many users fail to think about that when considering which provider to go with, as they get excited about connection speeds, global server coverage and other factors.

The feature disconnects your internet connection if your VPN-protected connection fails. The importance of the cost of a VPN subscription can vary from customer to customer. There are always those who believe that price is no object, while others need to watch their pennies. Most VPN providers do provide special deals on subscriptions from time to time, and this can significantly reduce your subscription costs.

Users willing to subscribe for an extended period of time may find the savings are even greater. No one wants to think about the times when something goes wrong. But believe me when I say that problems will rear their ugly heads. In the table below, I have ranked VPN providers according to the type and quality of their customer support options. Providers were rated according to what kinds of support they offer, the promptness of their replies to support questions and the quality of those answers.

Phone support is not provided by any of the VPN providers listed below. While it was true you would be the only person on a particular IP address, the address would be different each time you reconnected to the service.

This could pose a problem for users who could not stay connected to VyprVPN full-time, as they would lose some of the benefits of a dedicated IP. While only providing IPs in 4 countries, the 4 NordVPN has chosen to locate their servers in will likely provide you with enough flexibility to cover the main parts of the free world.

The provider also provides an additional layer of privacy protections by accepting the anonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a payment option. This makes it the second-cheapest provider of dedicated IPs. NordVPN provides excellent customer support through an online support chat option, online trouble ticket submission form and a searchable knowledge base.

When I submitted support questions to both the online chat and the trouble ticket form, I received prompt and helpful replies. Their connection speeds are competitive, and their multi-platform support will meet the needs of the users of most devices. Either way, the connection speeds should be up to whatever you throw at it. This provider is based in Hong Kong, which is currently a privacy-friendly locale.

PureVPN also offers another layer of privacy protection by its willingness to accept the anonymous Bitcoin payment service as payment for a subscription. PureVPN runs periodic sales, which brings their usual tariff down to a much more reasonable price.

The provider features live support chat, a trouble ticket submission form and a searchable knowledge base, matching many other providers.

However, I submitted a trouble ticket via the form, and have yet to receive a reply.

7 Best Dedicated IP VPN Service Providers 2018

Dedicated IP VPN: Reserve Your Own IP in Another Country! PureVPN offers the best dedicated IP VPN from various countries. You can enjoy optimum security and total online freedom with PureVPN’s dedicated IP. Users may consider buying a dedicated IP address together with a VPN service for many different reasons, but they are all mostly related to accessibility. For instance: For instance: Having a dedicated IP address can be especially valuable when using websites like Gmail, eBay or PayPal. TorGuard VPN is the best choice for getting a dedicated IP address ($ per month) if you want to stream Netflix, Hulu, or BBC. They even have a new dedicated IP address integration feature which makes switching back and forth from a shared IP quite intuitive.