Wi-Fi Security

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You'll be glad you did. Lastly, make sure your device's sharing settings are not making it easy to find and access it over a public network, especially if you share screens, printers or another type of access at work or home. You may rely on the firewall in your router at home, but it should be paired up with the software firewall on your desktop PC. Unblocking websites — Hotspot Shield enables you to access websites from anywhere, including popular sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and online gaming sites. Y ou can set them to update over Wi-Fi only, or using Wi-Fi or cellular connections. Usually if you see the lock icon , it means you can't get access.

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Tips for Staying Safe On Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

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Fake hotspots

Public wifi security in most public wifi hotspots that you find in cafes, coffee shops, airports, schools and hotels is non-existent. As they are lacking public wifi security encryption, they tend to be completely open and insecure. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are found in public places such as airports, coffee shops, malls, restaurants, and hotels — virtually anywhere, really. Public Wi-Fi is the least safe way to connect to the Internet, and it’s really a wildcard. Are public Wi-Fi hotspots a security risk? Two-factor authentication Using services with verification is a good idea for any computer user but it has added benefits for anyone using an open Wi-Fi hotspot.